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To ask, if anyone has a sideline they earn a second income from?

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SpankTheMonkey · 12/10/2018 20:27

Really struggling at the minute

Like really bad

We are on basic/cheapest packages for everything / Don't have holidays...and have some family circumstances that aren't changeable

Any ideas?

OP posts:

LesLavandes · 13/10/2018 01:19

Yes! I am interested in the 'mystery shopper' also


RedPandaMama · 13/10/2018 01:27

@LOL7 bit of a mix, some were my daughter's so originally bought from brands like Jojo, Frugi, Duns etc as these are the ones that sell on best and can be sold individually from £4-20 per item. Supermarket clothes do okay too but generally in bundles and for maybe £10 for a bundle of 8-15 items so these aren't really worth it.
I scour charity shops (generally when I go down to visit family who live in a fancy area near London!), buy bundles from Facebook selling sites, collect on Gumtree or bid on eBay for single items if they're cheap, badly photographed or don't have much interest.


Zoosie · 13/10/2018 01:29

Got side tracked!

Matched betting is not gambling!

I’ve just recently started and I’ve made £200 tonight from it. I’m totally wired! It’s tax free.

Join Team Profit on Facebook



Theonlywayisscotland · 13/10/2018 02:57

@anothernameagain000 please can u pm me too x


OnePotato2Potato · 13/10/2018 05:43


Were there any particular books that sold well? These days ebay/amazon seem very cheap for used books, doesnt seem like there is much profit in it.


speakout · 13/10/2018 06:32

Recent non fiction sells well. Psychology, CBT etc occult, martial arts.Any good quality information. Nothing too popular.

Popular fiction has no profit.

You can pick up 4 books for a pound at jumble sales. My average selling price is £9.50.


Bovneydazzlers · 13/10/2018 06:39

Some great ideas here.

Only advice is to stay away from MLMs/legal pyramid schemes (forever living/younique etc) - over 99% get back less than they put into these schemes. Ignore any PMs you may receive from this message encouraging you to join their team and promising riches.


Lovethetimeyouhave · 13/10/2018 06:40

Are you native English? You could search indeed for online English tutor and sign up to one of the companies for the weekend! You can train in the first 3 months that you start and it's a simple way to earn money from home, they do the lesson plans too


Justtheoneplease · 13/10/2018 06:58

@LOL7 what mystery shopper company do you work for? Sounds interesting ☺☺☺


AlmaGeddon · 13/10/2018 06:59

There are 3 dots on the bottom right of the post on my iPhone , tap that and PM is an option.


isitfridayyet1 · 13/10/2018 07:01

Maybe try signing up for a market research group agency. The work is sporadic but you can earn £40 -£80 for a couple hours if your time, just for giving your opinion on future ad campaign or new products.

Probably easier if you live near a big city though as you'd need to attend focus groups which are held face to face.


sazzle27 · 13/10/2018 07:05


Cannot pm from my app! Very interested in both of these - used to proofread when at school and in the years after, and then worked in the marketing department for a small company!


niceupthedance · 13/10/2018 07:07

Whoever said Viewber that sounds great, I love nosing around other people's houses! 😂


bigfootfred · 13/10/2018 07:25

Just signed up for Viewber Smile


GreenTurtle1 · 13/10/2018 11:55

@Juststopit please can you also PM me? I will PM you once I can get to a desktop. I am an assessor in my current job so marking short courses sounds interesting to me. Thanks


lottiebear69 · 13/10/2018 19:01

Yes niceup viewer is varied and easy money if you’re in a busy town ! You have to be quick though to accept bookings !
Take part in research is a good focus group one and code 3


Princessmushroom · 13/10/2018 20:06

I do matched betting from following Emma Drew


itsbritneybiatches · 13/10/2018 20:18


Would you pm me too please?


Lou222 · 13/10/2018 20:28

How much do you get paid from Viewber?


lottiebear69 · 13/10/2018 21:02

In london between £18- £20 per job. Plus mileage most jobs take less than 30 mins


isitfridayyet1 · 13/10/2018 21:42

@Juststopit I'd be very grateful for more info too please Smile


Lou222 · 13/10/2018 21:43

Thanks Lottie


amymoom · 13/10/2018 21:50

@Juststopit another one here who can't pm from the app but please can you send me the info too



YoloThankfully · 13/10/2018 22:49

My Dp delivers for a burger place from 5 -9 And makes about 40 pounds a shift. He does 3 or 4 shifts. They always need drivers.

Unfortunately the money he makes just covers fuel to get to his main job Sad


LOL7 · 14/10/2018 13:58

For those who asked for information about mystery shopping-
So the biggest tip I can give you is to join the ‘mystery shoppers U.K. forum’ Facebook group, and sign up to all the companies listed on there. My favourite companies to do shops for are Proinsight, Mystery shopping LTD, Amber Arch, Marketforce, ESA, Retail Active.
Most of them are easy to sign up for, and the shops are self Assign so you just choose which you want to do! Each assignment will give you a brief of what to do- e.g go to the store, take a photo of the front and ask for help with choosing a product. You then have a report to write about how everything was in the store and how the customer service you received was, which take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the assignment. The money won’t get you rich, but is definitely a good way of getting a second income or extra money for saving/spending.
I highly recommend joining Mystery shopping LTD as they have a lot of phone call assignments at the moment which I’ve been doing at home still in my pyjamas and have earned almost £50 from about 45 minutes of my time.

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