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To get cross at airport baggage carousels

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faeriequeen · 07/10/2018 14:35

Why is it that some men think it's ok to completely take over at the carousel? They completely ignore the line you're supposed to wait behind and insist on getting as close to the belt as possible, obstructing anyone else's view.

Heaven forbid someone else might spot their case and want to reach it.

I've had men tell me to get my husband to fetch the cases (travelling alone so I'd have had a long wait) and almost hit me swinging their cases off the carousel, so poor was their estimation of personal space.

Why do they do it?

OP posts:

buscaution · 07/10/2018 16:05

Just men Hmm


Todamhottoday · 07/10/2018 16:12

Some airports have lines some dont, some people take notice of the lines some dont. Some male passengers are the only ones tussling for a spot, some are female.

Part and parcel of travel, I as a female I travel a lot on my own for both business and pleasure and tend to get my trolley and dont budge, but will not stand at the beginning where the luggage comes out first, too much of a bun fight. But I do usually travel in a class where my baggage is first off (but not always). Different parts of the world have their own erm, challenges

I have helped other passengers male and female who could not lift their luggage off the belt for whatever reason, as well as myself being helped by others so its not just men who dominate the luggage belts.

A little politeness and helpfulness to fellow passengers go along way


DubaiismyBlackpool · 07/10/2018 16:20

Some have the lines, some don't. I'm Hmm now with the people standing too close and the people who seem to think if they stand closer to the part where the bags appear, they'll get home sooner.
What drives me insane are the people who plonk themselves right in front of me when I'm stood at the belt! It happens every single time, male and female, like I'm invisible. The only 'satisfaction' is when my bag appears before theirs and I have to do the loud 'excuse me, that's my bag' as I go to grab it.


NicoAndTheNiners · 07/10/2018 16:21

I’ve noticed the line but if other people are already over the line you have to join in with the line disregarding behaviour or you can’t get to the bags.


PillowOfSociety · 07/10/2018 16:21

I’ve always noticed a line.

And people’s behaviour does irritate me. Kids, standing by the carousel, trolley by carousel. Everything!


NicoAndTheNiners · 07/10/2018 16:22

And I make dh wait with the trolley and I get the bags. He faffs around too much and drives me mad. I’m much quicker.


LeticiaDejeuner · 07/10/2018 16:26

I almost spoke in my 'teacher' voice last time I was there to say, 'If everyone stands back, we can all see our cases', but refrained.

Almostfifty I love you! Smile Smile Smile


Aragog · 07/10/2018 16:29

Most, though not all, carousels have a line, like this one at Manchester.

Some have darker piece of flooring round the carousel you're supposed to stand behind.

IME most people ignore them, meaning it blocks the views for others.

And why do some people have the whole family stand waiting so close? Why not just sending person to do the grabbing of cases, and the rest stand a little further back, watching and ready to take possession.

To get cross at airport baggage carousels

Pickupthephone · 07/10/2018 16:32

YANBU - it’s incredibly irritating. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t stand just two or three feet back - standing right next to the carousel won’t make your bag appear any faster.


MrsPinkCock · 07/10/2018 16:33

Ugh this happened to us this morning!

Long night flight. It took the airport an hour to even start unloading bags. First class bags come off first. Economy passengers pushing to the front and letting toddlers and kids walk around next to the carousel.

Then when I got my suitcase it was damaged

And of course there are no staff around to police it!


donquixotedelamancha · 07/10/2018 16:33

I've only ever seen men do this.

Yep, this is actually the primary way men maintain the patriarchy. Keeping women focused on side issues like equal pay and domestic violence just stops you from unravelling the nexus our evil plan. Phase 2 involves the ability to self-ID as a suitcase. Mwhah-ha ha ha.


PillowOfSociety · 07/10/2018 16:35

They should have staff with cattle prods. Or volunteers. —I would do it—


Todamhottoday · 07/10/2018 16:36

Just chill a little your luggage will arrive (hopefully) and you can be on your merry way, its a luggage belt not an endurance test of patience.

More things to stress about while travelling, you got to your destination safe and sound.


PastaRedWine · 07/10/2018 16:40

I travel a lot for work, and I find it's generally the "once a year" type holiday people who are the main offenders. Maybe it's slightly more the men than the women, but the women are annoying as well.

Frankly, I do think there should be two queues for the quick passport check as well. 1) for those who can put their passport in right the first (or, I will be fair, the second) time and 2) those who faff around for ages and haven't a clue how the machine works because they don't pay attention to those in front while queuing, or read the signs.

Ditto those who wait until the reach the END of the security line after check in before taking off their belts and extricating their laptops from bags. I do this stuff weekly and am watching all the time and trying to gauge from different queues the seasoned sensible travellers from the once a year "here for a jolly" travellers. Why stand there for twenty chuffing minutes chatting about breakfast, and only when you reach the end and you are holding everyone else up, do you start putting toiletries in bags? 😆


PillowOfSociety · 07/10/2018 16:40

Nope, after a 15 hour overnight flight my chill capacity has expired and I am ready to let loose with a cattle prod!


PastaRedWine · 07/10/2018 16:43

@MrsPinkCock BA were excellent with me when they bashed a case of mine recently. They couriered a replacement suitcase to my door.

Which airline were you with? It's worth a complaint and a follow up.


PastaRedWine · 07/10/2018 16:44

@PillowOfSociety I want to be on a flight with you! My kind of woman!


KurriKurri · 07/10/2018 16:56

Airports are full of rude people, - probably because they are tired, hot and sweaty (or freezing if you've been living in a hot country and just arrived in UK !) I generally find no differencec between men and women when it comes to selfish behaviour. - I've been pushed and shove by both, I've alos been helped by both when I can't reach or lift something.
I've never seen anyone stand sensibly behond the line - it is always a total bunfight at the carousel.

I'mm curious about the people who say they solve the problem by only taking a pair of knickers and a toothbrush in their handbag. Do you never go anywhere where you need to stay longer than a couple of nights? Or are you so wealthy you buy a new wardrobe of clothes on arrival and dispose of them before you return?
Oviously if I am going away for a weekend, I only take hand luggage, but if I am going away for a few months (or even a few weeks), spare pants isn't going to cut it.

I have made sure my suitcases are so lurid and bad taste, no one would want to take them or would pick them up by mistake.


FruitofAutumn · 07/10/2018 17:03

I think it's annoying when the whole family stand at the carousel instead of just one person with a trolley.It makes it very crowded and dangerous when people pull their suitcases off


aneres · 07/10/2018 17:10

YANBU - it gives me the rage.


Nanna50 · 07/10/2018 17:15

I once witnessed a particularly eager man launch himself at his suitcase, grab the handle of his bag and land on the carousel which kept moving. No alarm went off and no one pressed the emergency stop, is it wrong that everyone thought it was totally hilarious watching him trying to get off?


RibbonAurora · 07/10/2018 17:20

I travel by plane a lot, looking at my fifth trip in as many months this coming week. I've learned that de-planing and collecting luggage takes as long as it takes; there's nothing I can do to make it happen faster also, weirdly, the time it takes seems to get exponentially longer the more in a hurry I am.

These days I try and just relax and wait in my seat until the 'gotta get off the plane first or the world will end' crowd, who generally form the initial flurry of belt-hoggers, disembark, then I stroll leisurely down the miles of airport corridor to reach the luggage collection area. I might buy myself a coffee on the way or go to the bathroom to freshen up.

If the belt hasn't started by the time I get there, I wait until the crowd thins out furthest away from the chute aperture. If it means my bag going around the circuit one more time then so be it, it's a matter of minutes - no point in getting involved in elbow-jostling and hit by swinging suitcases or getting worked up about it.


OftenHangry · 07/10/2018 17:29

Most of my bruises (bruise quite easily) I had from airport were from womenBlush
I have no idea what happens to people there, but ffs, they should cool it down. Last time I was rammed by a buggy from behind. This was her version of "Excuse me, could you please move?" even though there was meters of free space on both sides around me? No idea why she needed to walk right through that particular space Hmm
Never had problem with men with the exception of rude and extremely drunk stag do once.


Cachailleacha · 07/10/2018 18:10

I find it annoying when people stand with a trolley close to the belt, they just get in the way. Have one person standing back with the trolley and others lifting the bags off the belt and taking them to the trolley.


faeriequeen · 07/10/2018 18:24

I think this is where the problem lies. Lots of people think that one person should get the party's luggage while the other should stand at a distance with a trolley supervising children etc. Like buying rounds at the pub.

The men (in my case it has always been men) who have pushed/shouted at me probably assume I'm getting in their way, while my partner does the same, and that I should stand back while he does the lifting.

But as I'm usually travelling alone, I have to get my suitcase myself. And everyone can see better when we all stand behind the line (if there is one) and remain polite.

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