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To get cross at airport baggage carousels

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faeriequeen · 07/10/2018 14:35

Why is it that some men think it's ok to completely take over at the carousel? They completely ignore the line you're supposed to wait behind and insist on getting as close to the belt as possible, obstructing anyone else's view.

Heaven forbid someone else might spot their case and want to reach it.

I've had men tell me to get my husband to fetch the cases (travelling alone so I'd have had a long wait) and almost hit me swinging their cases off the carousel, so poor was their estimation of personal space.

Why do they do it?

OP posts:

Topseyt · 07/10/2018 15:29

This used to annoy me, until this year.

This year our baggage didn't come out at all on the baggage reclaim carousel. Ryanair had for some unknown reason decided we hadn't boarded the aircraft at Stansted. We had. They didn't check. Our boarding passes were scanned and checked through at every point and our names were on all the relevant passenger and hold baggage lists. So without asking us to make ourselves known to cabin crew, they just offloaded it and left it behind.

We were without it for 5 days in our destination resort until they could courier it out to us. I'll take clumsy passengers and nosy kids any day over that.

That said, I guess that better manners from some people around the baggage carousels wouldn't go amiss.


faeriequeen · 07/10/2018 15:29

Also, people who don't check they have the right bag. I've had to chase after my bag before as someone (mistakenly) swiped it before I could get to the carousel. It's a plain black wheeled case but I have a distinctive tag on it that I can see from miles awaym

OP posts:

RoomOfRequirement · 07/10/2018 15:30

The people asking if theres a line are the ones ignoring it 😂 - The line snakes around the whole carousel, leaving a couple of feet for people to go over to get their bags, then stand back. When everyone stands in front of the line - literally next to the carousel - most other people cannot see their bags!


blueskiesandforests · 07/10/2018 15:31

Linoleum you are right, it is an "I'm an important and superior person" thing. On the last flight we were on, one such person pushed past us actually inside the aeroplane, trying to get to the not yet open doors first. It was indeed very pleasing that he'd elbowed his way to the doors at the front, but for whatever reason we all ended up having to disembark at the rear of the plane :o


BendydickCuminsnatch · 07/10/2018 15:33

I shall look out for this when we land back in the UK on Friday. I didn’t notice it on our way out on holiday. DH was sorting the kids/getting the pushchair so I got both big bags when I saw them (with the baby strapped to my front). I just went over to the carousel when I saw our bags, said excuse me if necessary and got them. I don’t see the need to wait up close personally. It is odd and not going to make the bags come quickerConfused


HateIsNotGood · 07/10/2018 15:33

If there's a painted line it's some sort of H&S thing - similar to a line on a railway platform, but obvs less necessary.

Baggage Carousels only annoy me when they aren't working. I've never been pushed out of the way in one (decades of air travel) but maybe I give a vibe (or smell?).

If I was to get irritated it would be by people who also need to take a baggage trolley into the carousel 'bagfest area' - needlessly taking up space that the bag collection 'athletes' could be in - poised to retrieve their bags. Clipping ankles as they rotate their laden trollies out.

Kids do not annoy me - it's fun for them.


lovetherisingsun · 07/10/2018 15:34

Never experienced this at all in all the years I've been flying frequently (worked in travel).


BrokenWing · 07/10/2018 15:35

Not all the airports I've been to have a yellow line. The few that have lines, some lines say no trolleys beyond this line, or do not cross the line until the carousel is moving. So unless the line specifically says do not cross this line until you are picking up your bag then YABU.


Bearbehind · 07/10/2018 15:35

Any reason only over 18s are allowed to do this?

There's a big difference between a teenager and a small child.

If the teen is there to get the bags then fine.

If the bags are bigger than the kids are and they're only there to mess around then they are just in everyone's way.


maddiemookins16mum · 07/10/2018 15:36

I always wait until the football shirt adorned, sunburnt crew have collected their mahoosive cases. I can spot my case from 50 yards and let it go around until I get a space. I usually pass the same blokes in the car park 15 minutes later who really haven’t got that far ahead of me.


Bearbehind · 07/10/2018 15:37

On the last flight we were on, one such person pushed past us actually inside the aeroplane, trying to get to the not yet open doors first. It was indeed very pleasing that he'd elbowed his way to the doors at the front, but for whatever reason we all ended up having to disembark at the rear of the plane

I'd love it if the crew did that on purpose! 😂


blueskiesandforests · 07/10/2018 15:37

Hatels I've not been pushed out of the way in decades but it happens to my kids, including the one who is adult sized but clearly still a child. I do think it is about a vibe. Some idiots who think they're all important do push the young or the timid or the too polite out of the way.


blueskiesandforests · 07/10/2018 15:39

Bearbehind perhaps they did :o


Myimaginarycathasfleas · 07/10/2018 15:44

Haven’t done the carousel for years but this year have had to several times. It’s an eyeopener. You don’t think about manners until you’re confronted with a herd of people who have none.

Kids should be nowhere near the carousel unless they are actually lifting the bags off.


UserHistory · 07/10/2018 15:47

This is why I always go to the loo directly after the flight. There are no queues for the loo then.

I find a drink of water also helps recover from the flight and any tiredness, headaches, and frayed tempers.

After going to the loo with dc and washing hands, have a drink, etc, we leisurely stroll up to the now near empty carousel and recover bags easily because all the Super Fast muscle men idiots have now left to go to the loo with their suitcases in tow

This means that for passport check /customs we’re usually near the top of the queue.

Anyone who helps themselves to my bag is only going to get some changes of clothes, a bottle of shampoo, and a pair of sandals. I keep all valuables in my handbag. All our bags are quite small and red and have a bright tag, so they’re easy to spot, and the kids can wheel their own.

FWIW I’ve also never seen a line painted/ stuck around the carousel.

I’d advise the OP to chill, go to the loo immediately after disembarking, and recover her bag when the crowds of entitled, get-out-of-my-way-can’t-you-see-I’m-in-a-hurry passengers have left.


MrsStrowman · 07/10/2018 15:47

I don't think I've ever experienced this and I've certainly not been told to get my husband to fetch my case! Mind you I often travel for business more than leisure and the destinations mean it is often other business travellers and smaller flights. Sometimes I only have hand luggage but not always if I'm there for a week. I have had people recently, men and women offer to put my hand luggage in the compartment on the plane or grab my case off the carousel, but this has been when I've travelled alone for work and I am visibly pregnant, so I appreciated it.

Mind you we flew with the dreaded Ryanair to Lisbon recently for a holiday and paid for premium, it was essentially the same price as adding hold luggage, but you can choose your seats, check in online early, priority boarding and luggage. Not used it before but it was actually good, our luggage was one of the first off at both ends and we got to keep our hand luggage on board.


HateIsNotGood · 07/10/2018 15:49

blueskies - yes I think they do exist, I gave the 'vibe' from an early age I think and I have never been particularly big either. DS must have given 'the vibe' too - although my past concern was always keeping him off the carousel (what child doesn't want to?).

Like maddie if it's too much of a scrum I'll hold back (maybe) or completely hold back and let strapping DS do it now.

If I saw nasty carousel pushing I would definately speak up.


Madbengalmum · 07/10/2018 15:51

Kids can easily get fingers and clothing trapped in the carousel, i cringe when people let their small kids wander around and sit on them while waiting for cases. They are as dangerous as escalators for trapping fingers etc.

I get annoyed when I am stood at the line, yes there is one and it is usually bright yellow/white, and someone comes and stands right infront of me when there is space at the side. It is just pure ignorance.


daisychain01 · 07/10/2018 15:53

I'm at an airport at the moment, and I haven't experienced what you have OP. You're being sexist on this thread generalising men in a negative way.

I had one gentleman offer to carry my bag down from the overhead locker. I in turn helped a lady with her walking stick and bag, so they didn't crash down onto her head from the locker.

Let's be fair, there are some people who are rude and antisocial.


sonjadog · 07/10/2018 15:54

I agree that small kids are more of an annoyance. Not the kids who are old enough to be picking up the cases for their families, but the under 5s who people let stand right beside the carousel. It´s one thing turn around and hit a pushy man with your bag as you take it off the carousel, it is quite another thing to hit someone's small child.


DianaPrincessOfThemyscira · 07/10/2018 15:56

Not hugely bothered about that, but it’s VERY annoying when someone takes your case off thinking it’s theirs and then doesn’t return it to the carousel Angry. Especially annoying when it’s a very long carousel and your case is a low to the ground one so you start panicking your case hasn’t made it!


CatelynStark · 07/10/2018 15:56

I have felt a bit ragey about this at baggage carousels ever since an abusive drunk swore at my elderly mother, who was travelling alone. He then actually pushed her over onto the floor as he’d decided she was in his way.

Fellow passengers reported him and he was subsequently cautioned by the Police, who thankfully took it seriously.

He was very lucky that I wasn’t there to witness it Angry


faeriequeen · 07/10/2018 15:58

Some airports I've been to you have to show your baggage tag as you leave, to be sure you haven't taken anyone else's luggage. It meant another queue, but I can see the benefit.

OP posts:

MyBrexitGoesOnHoliday · 07/10/2018 15:59

OP I’ve had the same experience than you.
Amd yes it’s because it IS a manly operation to pick up a baggage on the carousel. You just have to look around you. Men around the carousel and women waiting with the trolley a bit further away.

I do think there is another phenomemum going on though. Mainly that everyone wants to be at the start of the carousel so are all congregating on the top of each other with the ensuing issue of bashing into people etc...
I solve that that going a bit further where no one else is and wait about 2 mins more to get my suitcase. That’s usually enough.


Longdistance · 07/10/2018 16:04

People in airports are arseholes. It’s like they’ve left their brains outside the airport.

I always shout at the top of my voice that my case is coming. I don’t see why they have to stand so bloody close. I’m sure one day I’m gonna shove someone onto the carousel ‘find your bag now you twat!’

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