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To think people don't really replace their whole wardrobe each season.

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LoveAScaryTaleMe · 05/10/2018 17:50

This morning on breakfast news they were asking people how often they replaced their wardrobe. Loads of people said that they had no clothes older than a year. Really? I do buy a few new items each season but I don't throw last season's away. Can people really afford to do this? Some of my clothes are years old.

OP posts:

JustDanceAddict · 06/10/2018 08:13

DEf not. I buy a few bits each season but no way the whole wardrobe. Summer stuff lasts for ages as don’t wear it as much. I’ve brought more work clothes recently (mainly from Primark) as just didn’t have enough.
My winter coat is about 8 years old but I’ll prob replace this year. I’v recently got rid of a couple of jackets I’ve had for 10+ years. Mostly I give to charity shops unless it’s so worn or stained.


AnnabelleLecter · 06/10/2018 08:27

I can't believe that many people would replace things like leather jackets, winter coats, jeans, dresses, occasion shoes and clothes every year and other unless for a very good reason.
No wonder I get such brilliant stuff from the charity shops.
Just yesterday I bought a designer dress for a friend's 50th for a £1. It is gorgeous and in mint condition and will definitely be staying with me for a while.
I never do that 'if you haven't worn something for a year get rid'
I sometimes re fall in love with something that I haven't worn for a bit.
All my work clothes are from shops like Hobbs, Ted baker, CK, M&S, Jaeger etc they aren't new, I haven't been clothes for work shopping for a long time.
They will be lasting until I retire in two years. No need to replace them, then.


quirkychick · 06/10/2018 08:43

I definitely don't replace everything every season, how wasteful! I try to buy less but better quality, often from charity shops, tkmaxx, on sale. I will make a list of what needs replacing or any gaps I need for each season, for instance I could do with new hi-tops this autumn. I have quite a few winter boots that I will wear on rotation (better for your feet and don't wear out so quickly), so some I've had for years and I walk a lot, so they work hard. I do like fashion and trends, but would add something more "trendy" to things I already have, also, I don't think my personal style has changed much, so clothes I've had for years are still "me". Things that are good quality but feel dated, I often put away and keep for a while, as I might come back to them in a few years.


GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER · 06/10/2018 09:03

Only people with more money than sense.
Or, quite possibly, people with more debt than sense.

Fashion writers/presenters always like to make out that it's normal, though - heaven forbid that you're wearing anything 'last season'.


AnotherPidgey · 06/10/2018 09:10

I haven't changed size since reaching my adult height in the mid-90s and still have and wear clothes that I had at school including the white shirt for work experience (1996) jumpers for 6th form (1997) and a cord jacket in a light summery colour from 1994 that gets a few wears every year so hasn't worn out. My work clothes last longest although in recent years they've had rest periods for maternity leaves and haven't ventured out much since becoming a SAHM. One day I will need them again and I'm likely to still fit in them, and they are basic styles that don't date, so they sit at the back of the wardrobe/ drawer biding their time. I'm not ditching good clothes and having a future panic buy!

I did a big cull around 2010 when I was pregnant and gave away clothes that were getting tired. A lot of them would have been up to 10 years old. In my head "recent" is anything since then... I'm realising that some frequently used casual wear is not so "recent" now. I buy things occasionally as I like them, but am ruthless about good fit. I don't make many errors.

I bought more summer wear than usual this year because we actually had a summer while summer stock was in the shops! I'd had a run of being too pregnant/ postnatal to wear summer clothes over 4 years and summers have been rubbish anyway and emegency buying some end of sales dregs to tide me through a week of autumn sun.

I buy clothes because I like them and buy clothes with a good chance of lasting. Not dear, I can get a good few years out of the likes of Sainsbury's Tu, but styles that don't date rapidly.


woodhill · 06/10/2018 09:11

I keep things for ages and buy some new bits.


SagelyNodding · 06/10/2018 09:15

My leather jacket is at least 17 years old and I wear it loads! I inherited a trench coat from my mum which must be from the mid-80s...
Most of my stuff only gets replaced when it is literally falling apart to be honest...
This year due to a career change I have splurged on presentable tops and one suit for meetings etc
My shoes are mostly from Primark and will not last for more than 2 years. If I could afford better quality then I would have spent more on footwear, but that will have to wait.
I find the idea of throwing clothes away quite distasteful


quirkychick · 06/10/2018 14:43

SagelyNodding I agree, if I get rid of stuff it's usually to the charity shop, who can either resell as it is or they sell worn out clothes as rags.

The only time I can really think of a massive clothes overhaul is post pregnancy, after losing the baby weight. I didn't throw everything out all at once and replaced things over time. I also used it as an opportunity to streamline my wardrobe. I did end up buying new shoes as my feet had changed size Shock but again, passed things on or charity shopped.


Chocolala · 06/10/2018 15:12

I wear things until they fall apart. My favourite pair of jeans had to be turned into cutoffs after 6 years, then finally died at 8.

Hate the wastefulness of modern society.


dapplegrey · 06/10/2018 17:15

Are there actually people who know or notice if a piece of clothing is from this year, last year or last ten years?
If so maybe they need to get out more or find a hobby or something.


JustBecauseYouAreUniqueDoesNot · 06/10/2018 17:17

I take great pride in still wearing clothes I bought 10 years ago. Better for the environment, cheaper and reminds me that I lost the weight to fit back into them. I look like a tramp but that's by the by.


NameChanger22 · 06/10/2018 17:19

I wear clothes until they wear out. I have things in my wardrobe that are 30 years old. I don't know anyone that wasteful in real life.


NameChanger22 · 06/10/2018 17:20

I hardly ever notice what people are wearing unless they are very unique. Hardly anyone is.


Kemer2018 · 06/10/2018 17:28

I've got an olive green with red trim kickers puffa coat which is 20 years old. It's feather filled and looks as new. I can't wear it as I've got fatter and hotter so I've put it in dds wardrobe

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