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To think people don't really replace their whole wardrobe each season.

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LoveAScaryTaleMe · 05/10/2018 17:50

This morning on breakfast news they were asking people how often they replaced their wardrobe. Loads of people said that they had no clothes older than a year. Really? I do buy a few new items each season but I don't throw last season's away. Can people really afford to do this? Some of my clothes are years old.

OP posts:

JaceLancs · 05/10/2018 19:31

Boots last me quite a few years but I’m quite hard on work shoes and probably buy 3-4 pairs a year
Jeggings also lose shape and seem to wear worse than jeans


StandardPoodle · 05/10/2018 19:33

DH and I have clothes which are 30-odd years old - I generally only replace things which have worn out.


tinytemper66 · 05/10/2018 19:37

I have Boden outfits from over 8 years as they have lasted well.
I also had a fab pair of jeans from Next that had lasted 5 years but I broke my ankle wearing them, they were cut off me! 😞


Bananalanacake · 05/10/2018 19:37

I hope those who do get rid of clothes after a year give them to charity or relatives rather than throw them in the bin.


greeneyedlulu · 05/10/2018 19:43

Not me! Came across a fb memory and I had the same outfit on as 3 years ago, same top, different jeans but the same type and the same bloody hairstyle.....

Might be time for a shopping spree and a trip to the hair dressers Grin


Steelesauce · 05/10/2018 19:46

I buy 6-8 bits each season and replace my basics as they wear out. Fashions change and I like to look stylish. I don't throw them out though, I'm a clothes hoarder Grin comes in handy when fashions come back around!


JellyBears · 05/10/2018 19:47

When I put my summer clothes away I have a little sort out and same when I put my winter clothes away. But not much goes really.


puzzledlady · 05/10/2018 19:49

I buy a lot of clothes throughout the year in sales etc, - but not enough to change a whole wardrobe, I still use things I bought when I was 16 (fair few tops and 2 dresses - summer stuff) I try to retire the older ones though - either to my own family or charities. Lately I’ve donated the clothes to they Syrian refugees through the local charity shop.


Applepudding2018 · 05/10/2018 20:21

I wonder if the people who are replacing their clothes so often are doing so because of weight / size variation? Just thinking I'm a yo-yo dieter and I am frequently giving away jeans either because they are too small , of because I've lost weight and I think 'never going to be 14/16 again ....' Until the next time.

I do have an outdoor jacket I had 24 years ago though - and it gets worn every winter!


evilharpy · 05/10/2018 20:35

I replace my jeans every year I'd say, because I wear them out. (Chub rub... even when I was at the very bottom of a healthy BMI I still got it). Doesn't matter if they're cheap or high end, I wear out the thigh seams of most of them.

Other than that, clothes tend to last me years, even the cheap ones. I donate them to the charity shop when I'm well and truly bored of them (which is not after only one season) but I have suits, trousers, coats (especially coats) and some tops that I've had for years and years. I wore a leather jacket the other day that I think I bought around 2005. The only things I actually bin are the worn out jeans and jumpers that have gone too bobbly to save even with a bobble shaver. I wear converse a lot and keep them till they fall apart and then replace them with a pair exactly the same.

I do buy new bits every year though, as things take my fancy.


EmperorTomatoRetchup · 05/10/2018 21:08

And good old DMs of course

Since production shifted overseas, the quality of DMs has plummeted. The last two pairs have split in exactly the same spot, despite me taking good care of them.


AnnabelleLecter · 05/10/2018 21:24

I wouldn't buy anything that looked like it would only last a year. I buy things I really, really like so I want them to last.
Plus it's a waste of time and money to completely replace your wardrobe and I like shopping.
I get rid of and replace perhaps a dozen or so items a year. Most would be between 5-15 years old.
Bras don't last more than a year.
I have a designer t-shirt in perfect condition that is 20+ years old.


Kemer2018 · 05/10/2018 21:29

No need to.
Our seasons seem to blend into each other, without sharp differentiation.
Plus I'm 45 and always HOT.
So i lust after winter coats but realistically know I'd never wear them. To me, anything over 5 degrees is comfortable.


choli · 05/10/2018 21:29

Bras, white T shirts, knickers - these are things I replace regularly. Even with careful washing the elastic gets stretched out in underwear, and I have never been able to keep white T shirts white forever. Black T shirts eventually fade as well, but it is less obvious than when white T shirts get grayish or yellowish.


ICouldBeSomebodyYouKnow · 05/10/2018 21:37

I have loads of clothes from years ago.

DH pointed out that in holidays photos over several years, I was always wearing the same things Grin . One is a top I bought in 2003, still good as new, as it only gets worn on sunshine holidays!

I recently sent a much loved jacket to the charity shop. I bought it from Jacques Vert in 1999, and wore it loads, until about 2 years ago. Then it developed a small split on a seam, and I stopped wearing it. I got lots of compliments and used to tell people I was going to be buried in it! I did take photos of it before I parted with it though.


sarcasticllama · 05/10/2018 21:42

I wore a jacket to work today that I've had since 1992 Grin


Methe · 05/10/2018 21:43

Regarding things fading. I pretty much live in Black new look skinnines (that I’ve had 7 years) and when they fade I dye them black again with
Dylon. Probably do a washing machine full of black stuff twice a year.

White is more difficult to keep looking good I agree.


MarklahMarklah · 05/10/2018 21:43

I've got t-shirts from 10 years ago. They were cheap, but have lasted well.
I can't see the point of replacing things every season, although I can see the point of investing in quality clothing. However, I can't afford to do so (the Samuel Vimes' boots scenario that has been alluded to before on several boards).


OrdinarySnowflake · 05/10/2018 21:51

ICouldBeSomebodyYouKnow - I was like that, I had a clear holiday wardrobe - but this summer, it's been so nice, I realised some of my sun dresses (that were getting on for 6+ years old) were worn out and needed to be thrown and replaced! This summer I actually used my summer wardrobe - and the summer jeans (pale pink ones) didn't get worn.


CherryPavlova · 05/10/2018 22:19

We do a mixture but have certainly never replaced clothes to be fashionable. We have many very old pieces such as barbours, welly’s, decent jumpers the moths have missed and things like scarves or boots. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in Primark but do restock tights and underwear from M&S.

We do replace shirts (husband usually wears two a day and they become waxy), shiny suits, shoes that can’t be reheeled or resoled, t-shirts that lose shape and leggings or jeans that wear thin.


tillytrotter1 · 05/10/2018 22:32

My 10 year old Fat Face jumper is on its last legs and I'm devastated, I have a casual short coat from M and S that I bought with the Christmas money from my MIL, and she died in 1999, must have had it 7 ot 8 years before she died.


Justwanttoweeinpeace · 05/10/2018 23:41

I bought lots of trendy stuff in my twenties and kept it. Now it's back in fashion I can either wear it again or someone who is in their twenties can buy it from the charity shop I've sent it to.

I never throw away good clothing because it always always comes back in trend.

I read a great report by Soex (the clothing recycler) that suggested we consider unwanted clothing to be resource, not refuse.


LoveAScaryTaleMe · 06/10/2018 00:21

I admit that shoes or specifically boots tend to be replaced every year or 2 years because they tend to wear out. I may get then re-soled once but they then are beyond repair. I tend to buy 'timeless' clothes which do not go out of fashion so can be kept for years. I do buy a lot of stuff from White Stuff and Fat Face, so not particularly cheap, but if patterned can be quite noticibly old. I did notice someone the other day wearing a top from Fat Face that I had had about 8 years ago , but had worn out. I did wonder if other people recognise my own clothes as being 6 or so years old and then judge me.

OP posts:

thedevilinablackdress · 06/10/2018 07:53

I notice people's clothes a lot. I like them, it interests me. I would never judge someone for having a top that was a few years old! (I try to only judge people on whether they are arseholes or not)


CountFosco · 06/10/2018 08:07

However, I can't afford to do so (the Samuel Vimes' boots scenario that has been alluded to before on several boards).

I can afford to do so and so have, e.g. knee high boots that are now 17 years old. They've been resoled multiple times and as long as I keep the uppers in good nick they look fine although how often they get worn depends on fashion (I've been wearing ankle boots mainly the last couple of years).

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