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What alternatives have you had for your Christmas dinner?

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Geekmama · 30/09/2018 18:15

This year i'm really considering having Mexican food on Christmas Day. So my question is...... Have you ever had an alternative Christmas dinner? did you feel like you had missed out? did it feel less Christmassy?

Bye the way I know I'm BU talking about Christmas in September Sorry.Blush [santa]

OP posts:

HerondaleDucks · 01/10/2018 18:43

@Whatwaswrongwiththatusername Camel... camel was a huge mistake. Tough as an old boot with the flavour to match.
I usually leave it up to mum but I have no idea what she's going to pick. Our favourite by far has been the year of the kangaroo very closely followed by the Rose veal year.
I suspect we'll have to start recycling one day but it's a very fun tradition! I recommend! My DP and his kids have really come on board with it and dsd tells everyone at school. She liked ostrich that we had the year before.


AamdC · 01/10/2018 19:06

Sausage and chips in th the hospital canteen tbf i was in slow labour with ds1 wasent the greatest meal Hmm ds1 was finally born at 5.50 am on boxing day


ToffeePennie · 01/10/2018 19:11

My mum had never once cooked Christmas dinner. Boxing Day would be a mega roast, but never ever on Christmas Day.
We always have a massive cooked breakfast (with hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, sausage, bacon, toast, fried bread and black pudding) then the rest of the day for as long as I can remember it’s been “feed yourselves” so we would have cereal, toast, sandwiches, soup. Anything easy and quick really. I now follow my mum who says “it’s my Christmas Day too.” And if hubby wants a roast, he has to cook it, otherwise there’s no roast!


merlotmummy14 · 01/10/2018 19:47

I always have salmon instead of Turkey. Have everything else. One year we burnt the turkey and got a Chinese take away instead. Was glorious.


LARLARLAND · 01/10/2018 19:51

I love egg and chips but the idea of eating it on Christmas Day seems a bit grim and joyless.


BikeRunSki · 01/10/2018 19:56

I quite often have a big pile of loaded veggie nachos for Christmas lunch. If I have a nut roast, then everyone has Mexican on Boxing Day.


Olderbyaminute · 02/10/2018 00:23

I love doing a ham with a citrus glaze and all the trimmings and usually a show stopper dessert


Thighofrelief · 02/10/2018 01:47

This thread has made me starving!!!!! Will have to do a trial run roast this weekend.

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