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What alternatives have you had for your Christmas dinner?

108 replies

Geekmama · 30/09/2018 18:15

This year i'm really considering having Mexican food on Christmas Day. So my question is...... Have you ever had an alternative Christmas dinner? did you feel like you had missed out? did it feel less Christmassy?

Bye the way I know I'm BU talking about Christmas in September Sorry.Blush [santa]

OP posts:

Applepudding2018 · 30/09/2018 19:33

Ooh @Babdoc have you got recipes for those veggie dishes? I do trad roast turkey for the rest of the family but am veggie myself. We had considered eating out for Christmas dinner this year as it will just be DH, DS and myself but apart from the ridiculous cost for one meal, I was put off by the poor choice of veggie options.


MooseBeTimeForSummer · 30/09/2018 19:36

Beef Wellington


Gildashairflick · 30/09/2018 19:41

I've had a Christmas curry before which was nice but I do like a Christmas dinner. No turkey though, goose and roast pork and we do epic stuffing (chorizo, chestnut and caramelised red onion - yum yum!) and I do a creamed corn recipe too to mix things up a bit. It wouldn't worry me to have something very different on the big day. Each to their own and sod everyone else :-)


Athena51 · 30/09/2018 19:41

We're going out for lunch this year which we've done before and it's always lovely. I've cooked beef wellington or a nice joint of pork before and it's been lovely. I prefer chicken to pork so if it's just me and my partner we'll have a really good quality chicken instead.

I love Christmas (REALLY love it) but I'm not wedded to roast turkey every year,


heatherblue · 30/09/2018 19:43

We usually have duck breasts, gave up on turkey years ago after we all finally admitted we'd never liked it much. One year we had a whole poached salmon which went down very well and was lovely cold, another time we had spiced beef.

What I'd really like is a suitably festive alternative to traditional Christmas pudding. A couple of years ago Sainsburys had some really nice maple puddings with gilded cranberries but they've never had them since.


WhoTFIsAlanBrazil · 30/09/2018 19:45

We only have turkey if there are enough of us for a whole turkey.

We have had a rib of beef, chicken, and lamb in the past.

Growing up, we would have fish, or scallops or beef.


DianaPrincessOfThemyscira · 30/09/2018 19:45

We have a roast every year but not turkey. I quite like the idea of just a groaning table of buffet food.


Pardalis · 30/09/2018 19:46

We never have turkey. Normally it's rib of beef but last year I cooked a pig. It was supposed to be a sucking pig but they sent a huge teenager pig. Well, at least a toddler! I still have the burn scars!
Probably going back to beef this year!


Frouby · 30/09/2018 19:47

I love my Christmas dinner too much. We start having mini ones as soon as the Christmasy bits start appearing in the supermarkets. Just to see which stuffing balls and piggies are the best you see. And I always have a few packs of left over piggies/stuffing left over in the freezer to cheer up roasts in January.


UpstartCrow · 30/09/2018 19:48

We have a big roast dinner, usually beef but sometimes lamb or duck.


Wifeofapostie · 30/09/2018 19:50

Last year I worked a late shift so we did a big family breakfast mid morning. Bacon, sausage egg ect plus pastry's and stacks of toast. Coffee, Buck's Fizz(not for me!) and juice. Later in the day, my parents and husband & kids had a cheese board and chocolates while I went to work. Lovely!!


coughingbean · 30/09/2018 19:55

sparklingbrook that sounds brilliant! I think I will do that this year!


WickedGoodDoge · 30/09/2018 19:59

Pre marriage/children I used to go out for a Chinese banquet on Christmas Day. I loved it- much better than a traditional roast (not keen on roasts at any time and certainly not at Christmas).


LondonJax · 30/09/2018 20:04

We're having beef brisket. There's only three of us so a turkey lasts too long. DS loves beef brisket and I can whack a stock on it, shove some veg in and slow cook it for 2-3 hours whilst we go for a walk. No basting, just leave it alone. Christmas pud for DH and I - DS doesn't like it so I do fruit in a brandy snap basket which looks Christmassy for him. We normally start with prawn cocktail. Our dads, no longer with us sadly, always made prawn cocktail and it's our little salute to them at Christmas.

I buy slices of turkey from the deli counter at the supermarket on Christmas Eve as we all love turkey sandwich - just hate the faffing about cooking the thing. A very small buffet with that - sausage rolls, cheese and crackers, trifle. Then chocolate til bed time!

Then Boxing day is eat what you like when you like. Left over Christmas pud for dessert. I mix the very last bit crumbled up with really good quality vanilla ice cream the following day. Lovely!


CMOTDibbler · 30/09/2018 20:06

Its just ds, dh and me on Christmas day, so we decide on what we fancy. A couple of years since we started this we've had party food all day (fabulous, we get a whole load of things from M&S), a memorable one where we sat down to a meal of puddings at lunchtime (ds told everyone about this for weeks), and a really good curry


GinIsIn · 30/09/2018 20:08

I never do a turkey either. Last year was gammon, this year is fillet of beef. One year, my aunt and I utterly took leave of our senses and attempted the 5 bird roast.


nhssecretary · 30/09/2018 20:14

My mum and dad always made me goose

This year we have chosen to be alone just the three of us

And we will do a filet steak I think with fois gras and then I don't know what else
Maybe clams to start ?

Pants and socks
And doting on our son

Washing up the next day, no chores for once!!


ForalltheSaints · 30/09/2018 20:24

When there have been only 2 or 3 of us, lamb or beef. No leftovers for a week! Had the Turkey plus trimmings some other time, at a local restaurant.


Ted27 · 30/09/2018 20:25

Lasagne, followed by apple crumble and custard. Son's choice as he isnt fussed about a roast. I have a proper Christmas dinner with work so I don't miss out.


ThistleAmore · 30/09/2018 20:28

My father died the year I went to university, and my sister was working abroad that Christmas, so my mum and I just had Chinese in our pyjamas on Christmas Day - no tree, no nothing, because neither of us could face it.

We've since turned a 'sad' event into a happy tradition, and even though I live away from home now, we (my mum, my sister and her family, and my OH and I) always have Chinese on Christmas Eve, wherever we are, and phone or Skype each other to chat about what we're having (salt and chilli tofu, for the record). Grin


ThistleAmore · 30/09/2018 20:30

Also, I've been a vegetarian since I was 15 (39 now), so there's never turkey on our table! Last year, I made a chestnut mushroom, brandy and mascarpone 'Wellington' - it was delicious.


charlestonchaplin · 30/09/2018 20:32

Curry-spiced roast shoulder or leg of lamb.


Lokisglowstickofdestiny · 30/09/2018 20:36

Hate turkey. We usually go for a buffet, loads of cheeses, seafood, salads, ham, crusty bread, dips. Most bought from local deli, takes no time at all.


Sallycinammonbangsthedruminthe · 30/09/2018 20:46

Take away chinese ordered for last drop off on Xmas Eve ...chuck the lot on my mums table Xmas day everyone helps them selves to what ever is there ,,and there is always way too much been ordered...fabulous!!!


Thighofrelief · 30/09/2018 21:28

Roast pork with crackling and a good quality chicken plus all the trimmings. DCs are grown up now and don't care, also parents are very unChristmassy people. I really fancy just walking the dogs this year but do want to feed everyone without being tied to the kitchen. What shall I do? Deli bits or cold chicken? Something buy and no cook.

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