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DH spends £70-£90 on weekly food shop for himself

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Changes123 · 25/09/2018 20:37

I just want to preface this buy saying DH is one of the sweetest, kindest guys I know. Prior to marriage he lived with his family and wasn't very domesticated as the women in the household would take on the chores. (This is very much the norm in our culture). Once we were married, I would do the food shop online (I hate shopping in the supermarket), with him present to add what he wanted, but he would be distracted by the TV, or be busy at the time, and I found that when he was involved he would add anything and everything his stomach could think of at the time. So I proceeded to do the food shop online on my own, whilst trying to keep the cost down to a minimum.

Over time he would complain that the was a lack of variety in the food, or it wasn't filling enough etc. So more recently I have suggested he do his own shopping which has done for a few weeks now. I have to add, DH is the biggest foodie I know, and it is one of the few things he really enjoys in life. He visits the supermarket whilst hungry, and as you can imagine, loads up the trolley with items I feel aren't necessary or aren't on offer. This has lead to his bill coming between £70-£90 per week just for himself, which is extremely expensive. (He does add the odd couple of items for me which is thoughtful when we have agreed to do our own). He has stated he will not penny pinch with this stuff, and just wants to buy what he likes as he works hard. We aren't in a bad position financially, but I feel that its cutting back in places like this that allow us to save more/spend extra elsewhere.

Do I just accept that his shopping is going to be expensive, and appreciate that he isn't really a big spender elsewhere so this is his one treat for himself? Or is there a middle ground to be found here?

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SummerIsEasy · 25/09/2018 22:00

Depends so much on what size he is, BMI and exercise. If he is putting on weight, it is a problem.

We had our son (32 and 6 foot six) home for three months this year after surgery to his foot and ankle. He has always played lots of sport, regularly exercised at the gym etc.. Our food bills doubled, then DD took to bringing her BF home every weekend because they all got on so well together. BF is also very tall with extremely physical job and eats like a horse, so the food bills went up yet again.

In the short term we can afford it, but longer term DH has said he would sooner keep their pictures.

As others have said ten pounds a day doesn’t go far for large active young men. Since DS has left home again, BF doesn’t come round as often, our food and leccy bills are considerably smaller.


Ethylred · 25/09/2018 23:53

Is he fat?


BackforGood · 26/09/2018 00:02

It does sound a pretty unusual arrangement.
Do you cook and eat separately then ?
I have to say, I spend less than that on the 5 adults in this house.

However I think there are two key questions.
One of which is - does the food he buys get eaten, or is there a lot of waste ?
How much your household 'spending money' is. (I don't expect you to post the reply to that on here - but it makes a big difference. If you have a net income per month of under £2k, you are in a very different position from a family with a net income of £7K a month.

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