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To NOT want my daughter to have BRATZ doll given to her for her 6th birthday

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chocolatekimmy · 16/05/2007 13:29

She was given a Bratz Spring Break doll on Satuday but I don't want her to have it. A few people had asked for ideas for presents and I said anything girly but not Bratz or make up please. That was fine but another friend wouldn't have known about my concerns - hence the doll.

What gets me is that on the back it says

"FLIRTY FUN! Heads turn as you cruise the sand in the newest beachwear - its soft sweet and irresistible"

I just don't think its appropriate for a 6 year old at all - its all to do with the sexualising of young children. I don't even want to explain what the word flirty means. Needless to say the outfit is tarty, a see through mesh belt - I mean skirt - and tiny boob tube type thing. I also don't want to get into the detail of why I don't want her to have it.

I am thinking of offering her £10 in exchange so she can go and choose something else herself - what would you do?

Lastly, what if the mum asks me or her if she liked her present?

OP posts:
Eleusis · 16/05/2007 16:27

Are you serious Elasticwoman?

2shoeswhoismshadowsnumber1fan · 16/05/2007 16:38

dd had one a few years back. the interest waned after a couple of hors(ok i cheat sha has cp so was too small and fiddly)
but i would say let her have it. she will play with it then forget it.

2shoeswhoismshadowsnumber1fan · 16/05/2007 16:40

UnquietDad brilliant post

pointydog · 16/05/2007 16:46

Let her have it. If she wants to talk about it, talk. If she wants to play with it, let her play.

BHANNAE · 16/05/2007 20:10

Barbie started life as a mans sex doll toy and with a bit of clever marketing became the vet/doctor/teacher plaything that she is today.They even have that stupid pooing dog/weeing cat set up ewww.
My sister had a Migde pregnant barbie when she was little and the only thing she pointed out was that my Mums stomach did not go flat like the dolls did
My daughter has been handed down the house and a few dolls from my sister(quite a bit younger than me) but has no interest in them.
Denying anything makes it more lusted after.
I am still sore that I was not allowed a Mr Frosty and hover over the buy it now if I see one on ebay heehee

Elasticwoman · 16/05/2007 21:19

I am serious. The DfES presumably thinks that the Bratz brand is v popular with the age group it's targeting.

IcingOnTheCake · 16/05/2007 21:24

I used to have a sindy doll who i made to be a prostitute i have no idea why!

Spidermama · 16/05/2007 21:25

I bought my dd a Bratz doll after months of sustained pressure and she never, ever played with it not once. Perhaps it'll be the best thing to get it out of her system.

Horriblke shitty little, well, Brats aren't they, with their narrowed nasty eyes and surrounded by all their possessions. Yuk!

Spidermama · 16/05/2007 21:26

My Sindy doll regularly had sex with my brother's action man.

NKF · 16/05/2007 21:27

I'm rather attracted to that seriously trashy Bratz head for applying make up.

IcingOnTheCake · 16/05/2007 21:28

I don't really know alot about Bratz dolls but surely the clothes they wear are just as daring as sindy and barbies clothes were?

lucykate · 16/05/2007 21:31

my mum bought dd a bratz doll, i gave it to charity, but dd went on so much about the missing doll which had been 'lost' , my mum bought her 2 more to make up for it.

cornsilk · 16/05/2007 21:31

Wasn't sindy the one with the big boobs?

NKF · 16/05/2007 21:32

Sindy was Barbie's less glamorous British cousin.

NKF · 16/05/2007 21:33

And Pippa was a little teenage pipsqueak.

IcingOnTheCake · 16/05/2007 21:33

But i think you were either a Barbie or a Sindy gal-never both! Me and my friend used to have arguements on who was better!

Spidermama · 16/05/2007 21:34

Pippa was too small to have relations with action man.

IcingOnTheCake · 16/05/2007 21:35

I don't remember pippa?

Spidermama · 16/05/2007 21:36

Small with jointed knees.

IcingOnTheCake · 16/05/2007 21:37

I remember Ken and Paul

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