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To NOT want my daughter to have BRATZ doll given to her for her 6th birthday

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chocolatekimmy · 16/05/2007 13:29

She was given a Bratz Spring Break doll on Satuday but I don't want her to have it. A few people had asked for ideas for presents and I said anything girly but not Bratz or make up please. That was fine but another friend wouldn't have known about my concerns - hence the doll.

What gets me is that on the back it says

"FLIRTY FUN! Heads turn as you cruise the sand in the newest beachwear - its soft sweet and irresistible"

I just don't think its appropriate for a 6 year old at all - its all to do with the sexualising of young children. I don't even want to explain what the word flirty means. Needless to say the outfit is tarty, a see through mesh belt - I mean skirt - and tiny boob tube type thing. I also don't want to get into the detail of why I don't want her to have it.

I am thinking of offering her £10 in exchange so she can go and choose something else herself - what would you do?

Lastly, what if the mum asks me or her if she liked her present?

OP posts:
babyblue2 · 16/05/2007 14:05

I'm not keen on Bratz but DD who is 4 has been given a couple but I wouldn't take them off her. She just dresses them up etc, nothing else. She wants to be a rock star when she grows up.....

donnie · 16/05/2007 14:06

agree that bratz are sick making and my 5 year old already hates them , along with McDonald's ( proud mum emoticon) due to intensive parental coaching!

be polite but truthful with the parent and just tell her bratz are vile and look like child prostitutes and at 6 years old you don't really want such images perpetuated if it can be helped. Say it with a smile on your face though.

BettySpaghetti · 16/05/2007 14:07

DD was given one for her 6th birthday -up until then I was really proud as she had agreed with me that they were vile. She was really smitten by it which disappointed me but thankfully after a couple of weeks its never been played with again. Phew!

MaloryTowers · 16/05/2007 14:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil · 16/05/2007 14:14

well whenever I see the ads I just say ooh what a load of rubbish

and now they chime "we don't like those do we mummy?" [ponce children]

BUT they have ten ton of Barbies donated from friends and I fail to see the difference between Barbie and Brats, both have skimpy clothes and make up etc etc

I suppose Barbie can be a vet or a nurse, do Bratz have careers?

dd1 got some Lelli Kelly shoes (which split ) the other week and they came with free glittery make up. They played with it and then it was 'lost' overnight.

Could your doll be 'lost' overnight?

Polgara2 · 16/05/2007 14:14

Wig wam bam - you are so right! Can't get worked up about Bratz myself, it's just a short phase before they find something else to be interested in and its just a doll to them.

binkleandflip · 16/05/2007 14:15

It's not about an unattainable image to me - its about an image I definately would not want my daughter to want to aspire to - its bad enough that you cant even put MTV on in the background without someones arse or chest writhing around in your face but I dont want the same thing in plastic form in my house! I'll just about let her groom the Bratz ponyhead thing but that's it.

donnie · 16/05/2007 14:16

their career is on the street, oliveoil.

gess · 16/05/2007 14:16

ds1 has a bratz campervan thing he loves it. Think you're being a bit precious, rather than unreasonable- agree with WWB. UNless you make an issue of it, she;s not even going to notice- she's 6 years old- there are more powerful images out there, and she'll be bombarded by stronger ones at an age when it will affect her more. Complain to the manufacturers or whatever.

I loved Sindy's when I was little, and Girls World, I never wear make up and when I wasn't playing with my Girls' World I was climbing trees. The toys didn't make me girly, nor did they give me an interest in hairstyles. I wear crocs not high heels, so some would say they didn't give me any style either.

binkleandflip · 16/05/2007 14:16

Also, I think it's a wider issue of the general sexing up of well, everything in society really. I long for the twee days gone by, oh yes!

Itsthawooluff · 16/05/2007 14:16

Bratz career = escort?

gess · 16/05/2007 14:17

Agree do not understand the dfifference between bratz and barbie. Just seems to me that 3 year olds like barbie, 6 year olds bratz. Peer pressure - and you won't get rid of that.

oliveoil · 16/05/2007 14:17

lol at street career

I agree with the MTV comments though, banned in our house

MaloryTowers · 16/05/2007 14:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil · 16/05/2007 14:19

oh surely glitter is the spawn of the devil?

also banned in our house

MaloryTowers · 16/05/2007 14:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marialuisa · 16/05/2007 14:22

I hate Bratz and have always refused to buy them but DD was given 2 for her b'day...The problem is every other girl in her class has Bratz and they are very much the "in thing". DD desperately wanted to keep them so she'd be like everyone else and I felt it would be unfair to say no (DH wasn't allowed Action Man when he was a child and is still resentful about it at the age of 38). We've agreed with DD that there are certain things we will not buy (Bratz, Rainbow Fairy books) but if she chooses to buy them with money given to her or they come as presents then we won't bin them. It seems to be working and the Bratz live in the bottom of the toybox unless she has a friend round.

heifer · 16/05/2007 14:23

Well I am really mean as I don't encourage barbie either!

DD is only 3 and is quite happy playing with baby dolls at the moment (and long may it continue)...

I did ask SIL not to buy barbie for DD 3rd birthday and just explained that she still loved babying the dolls, so best to stick to those at the moment.

To be honest I didn't think I would be buying DD ANY dolls as I hate them all! just don't get it myself, but seeing just how much DD loves them, of course I was smitten and she now has loads...

I am sure I will allow barbie one day.... probably when I see how much she loves them. but NEVER EVER will a Bratz make it into this house!....

agnesnitt · 16/05/2007 14:23

Not unreasonable, they are foul. I wouldn;t even hesitate, I would just get rid of it and replace it. However, as a caveat I will say that I am the woman who forbids anything disney in the house and has given things away that have found their way here rather than give them to my daughter. So maybe mine isn't the most balanced opinion on the forum?


hertsnessex · 16/05/2007 14:23

i wouldnt buy one for any of my friends dd's. but im lucky i have boys i guess for this one!!!! (i only have guns/swords etc to contend with)!


LieselVentouse · 16/05/2007 14:23

Yawwwwwwwwwwwn another Bratz thread

juuule · 16/05/2007 14:25

I'd give it to her.
Mine have had Bratz - they lose the feet/shoes, they play with them in the same way they play with any other dolls. They are just people in the imaginary games they play. All this stuff about tarty, sexualising young children etc seems to go right over my children's heads. They just play with them along with Barbies, baby dolls, teen dolls, small dolls, teddies, stuffed toys, playmobil people - they all end up in various states of undress with bits missing - no discrimination in our house

gess · 16/05/2007 14:26

agreee juule- and what is it about bratz feet? ds1's boy bratz doll has lost its feet as well!

babygrand · 16/05/2007 14:27

Don't particularly like them, but wouldn't dream of taking away a present.

cornsilk · 16/05/2007 14:36

It's a plastic doll, not a wind up lap dancer. If kids didn't like them they wouldn't be so popular.

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