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to find people that accept help from the cashier to pack their bags lazy??!

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FlossALump · 08/05/2007 16:47

When they certainly appear to be able bodied? Even when I was out with DS and my hand in a full cast I would always pack my own bags and tell them I could manage. I just don't see why they should have to multitask while I stand there doing diddly squat! Not to mention the fact I may not like how they pack the bags...

Perhaps I am just letting my foul mood get the better of me.

OP posts:
eidsvold · 09/05/2007 03:49

our girls at coles are brilliant too in terms of packing appropriately sandcastles.

elkiedee · 09/05/2007 03:57

I don't see why you object to them packing customers' bags. I don't like having my bags packed as I don't drive so I prefer to pack my own in the best way for myself to carry them.

twentypence · 09/05/2007 04:31

In NZ all but one supermarket pack your shopping for you - the tills are set up for it and it's impossible to do your own.

Except I take my recycling bags and then tell the 15 year old boy exactly which bag each thing goes into.

mummyhill · 09/05/2007 13:14

Captain you can come to my till anytime you want.

Soap I would rather people gave me their bags for life or similar than using plastic carriers.

Weegle · 09/05/2007 18:13

I look able-bodied but am in constant pain, it would be a great help to have someone help me pack - glad to know there are people judging that.

Perhaps I am just letting my foul mood get the better of me

MaloryTowers · 09/05/2007 18:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowers · 09/05/2007 18:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sheepgomeep · 09/05/2007 18:38

well I always accept help for packing when I've done a big shop on my own.
Its either that or get panicky because the items are going to fast for me to pack on my own, kids are mithering me and I feel like i'm going to faint as I'm breathless from being heavily pregnant.

So no its not laziness for many people.

Also till workers have to ask if you need help with your packing, I worked for sainsbury's for 3 years and they watch you to see if you do and then you get told off if you don't.

handlemecarefully · 09/05/2007 18:51

Blimey yes you are being unreasonable....and who does it hurt precisely???

ceolas · 09/05/2007 18:56

WHat's wrong with good customer service for a change?

I wne shopping in Asda with my Canadian cousin a couple of years ago. He was shocked that we had to pack our own bags!

2shoes · 09/05/2007 19:05

i once asked if someone could do the whole lot for me...but i was feeling so ill i could barely stand

hatrick · 09/05/2007 19:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Byzantine · 09/05/2007 19:09

Too true ceolas. My sister lives in Texas with her family. We often go over and visit and they are falling over themselves to pack for us in Kroger's.

I found the "y'all have a great day" a bit smarmy at first but makes a change from some of the customer service skills I've encountered over here.

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