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to find people that accept help from the cashier to pack their bags lazy??!

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FlossALump · 08/05/2007 16:47

When they certainly appear to be able bodied? Even when I was out with DS and my hand in a full cast I would always pack my own bags and tell them I could manage. I just don't see why they should have to multitask while I stand there doing diddly squat! Not to mention the fact I may not like how they pack the bags...

Perhaps I am just letting my foul mood get the better of me.

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 08/05/2007 17:18

I have stood and let them do it all - generally early pregnancy when it is all I can do to stay upright and not pass out/throw up. I look perfectly able bodied (if a bit tired), but am definately not.

evenhope · 08/05/2007 17:23

I always find that when I say no I don't need help they throw the shopping down the belt at lightning speed so I can't pack fast enough. Don't know why because then they have to sit and wait because I won't pay until I've finished packing.

GiantSquirrelSpotter · 08/05/2007 17:33


I accept when I'm feeling lazy...

OrmIrian · 08/05/2007 17:34

I would accept help with a very large shop. Otherwise they cashier would have to wait anyway as the belt got overloaded with all the stuff I hadn't managed to pack away in time. Not with a small load though. Never happens now as I do my main shop online - then someone packs it for me anyway

unknownrebelbang · 08/05/2007 17:51

Sometimes I say yes.

Sometimes I say no.

Sometimes I think lazy git.

Sometimes I think Thank God for that.

alipiggie · 08/05/2007 17:53

Wow, don't ever come and live in Colorado there, they'll even push your trolley out to your car and load your shopping in for you. I love the customer service here.

Idreamofdaleks · 08/05/2007 17:53

People who look able bodied are often not able bodied

Gobbledigook · 08/05/2007 17:53

Ha ha!

I never say yes because I'm anal about how my bags are packed and I always find 'packers' absolutely crap at it.

pirategirl · 08/05/2007 17:56

in my local supermarket it is the norm to have to your bags packed.

I go into shock if i go anywhere else.

weird thread

sunnysideup · 08/05/2007 17:59

I'm perfectly able to pack my own bags but I find the cashiers just throw stuff down the till at a rate of knots and I'm struggling like mad to fill bags when food is piling up on top of itself! I do ask them to slow down but have had so many just ignore me and continue to throw stuff at me that I do sometimes have help with the packing, as it's the only way to slow 'em down.

On this one I really think your foul mood is getting the better of you Floss

MrsWho · 08/05/2007 19:34

If its a big shop I accept help but always do as much as I can myself as itspacked how I like it then!

Lovecat · 08/05/2007 19:38

The most help I've ever accepted (being another control freak when it come to the order of packing) is for them to open the bags for me.

Is it just me being cackhanded or are those f-ing bags IMPOSSIBLE to pull open??

If they don't do it for me, I'm standing there wibbling away with a bit of plastic edge whilst they throw the shopping down the conveyor belt at a rate of knots... not pretty!

WK007 · 08/05/2007 19:39

evenhope - just what I was going to say! If I say no and pack the bags myself it seems like I've offended them and they scan everything as fast as humanly possible, watching me to see how far behind I'm getting! Surely they should appreciate not having to pack the stuff too?

purpleturtle · 08/05/2007 19:39

I usually accept help for all the reasons given already - running out of belt, having LOs with me, the cashier being so quick to send it down I can't keep up, etc

But today I didn't get 'help'; I got a cashier who did the whole lot at snail's pace. I was very embarassed about the person behind, because I would have been quicker.

So Flossalump, if you were the person behind me, I do apologise.

FiveFingeredFiend · 08/05/2007 19:41

with a family of 5/6 to feed and a 2/3 week big shop, when shopping on my own i ask for someone to help pack. As i am still putting food on one end and i can't do both.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 08/05/2007 19:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newlifenewname · 08/05/2007 19:49

I always say "help me if i get slow and start to piss everybody off, otherwise I'm fine thanks".

I prefer to pack because imo I do it better than they do - esp. if they haven't had packing training or whatever they have.

I also arrange the conveyor and the trolley with packing into car and then into cupboards at home in mind . So, have sections of chilled, toiletries, storecupboard in the trolley, on the conveyor and in the bags.

lisad123 · 08/05/2007 19:51

Depends, if I have DD, a trolly full of food and havent finihsed loading onto belt, then yes will take help. I like to get out as quick as possible.
It gets my goat when Im struggling to put shopping on belt and cashier is sitting waiting, grrr.

onlyjoking9329 · 08/05/2007 19:54

i don't see the problem with accepting help,
our supermarkets ask everybody if they would like any help with their packing, i usually say as long as you take your time scanning then i will be fine.
i have a dodgy back so can't lift a bag with more than a 2 ltre bottle in it, so in that respect it is better to do my own packing, i nearly always have 2 kids with my, yes they are 13 and look as thou they should be helping pack the shopping, they look like any other kids (more beautiful thou obviously,see profile for evidence)
they have autism and they are not useful bag packers! i do feel judged if i have any help thou.

sherbert · 08/05/2007 19:55

yes I think you are being unreasonable. In Australia cashier ALWAYS help you pack, and the one and only thing i dislike about Waitrose is that they never offer. I wouldnt think it is difficult to Scan and Pack.

rabbleraiser · 08/05/2007 19:57

If you ask a bloke if he'd like a BJ, he'd probably say yes.

I guess it's the same with some people and bag packing

Califrau · 08/05/2007 20:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummyhill · 08/05/2007 20:02

Talking as one of these poor unfortunates who sits there scanning your shopping. Helping with the packing is never much of a hassle and I allways pack fridge stuff in one bag, frozen in another, toiletries seperate, fresh meat seperate etc. I check if you want to use your own bags and offer to put your shopping in them rather than add to landfill. Many people find it helpfull especially if they have a big shop/children in tow or a disability (wether you can see it or not) It also gives customers a chance for a chat (if they want one) whilst you help them.

I do however object to ending up packing a £300 grocery shop on my own whilst a large family stand there chatting with their arms floded giving me amused looks.

hayes · 08/05/2007 20:02

if I am still loading shopping onto the conveyor belt when they start ringing stuff thru, well yes they can help me pack but if it is just a little drop I say I can manage myself. I must add that when I have stopped loading stuff on the belt I do go down other end and start bagging myself

lyrabelacqua · 08/05/2007 20:10

If i'm doing a huge shop with DSs I let them start me off while i'm still loading stuff on the other end.
What annoys me more is middle aged women who take 10 minutes to put their change away and carefully file away their receipt then carefully place it all in their bag. i always move away from the till so the next person can get going while I'm faffing with my bag.

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