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To hate people who say "I'm a bit crazy"

44 replies

Flamesparrow · 28/04/2007 20:43

"I'm a laugh, I'm a bit crazy me"

Not a lot more to say on that!

OP posts:

Dior · 28/04/2007 20:43

Message withdrawn


hatrick · 28/04/2007 20:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Wilkie · 28/04/2007 20:44

Yup, they generally are irritating and NOT (IMO) the type of people I wanna be friends with.

Truly funny/crazy people don't feel the need to tell you that they are funny/crazy - you tend to find that out on your own


lucy5 · 28/04/2007 20:49

not unreasonable, they are usually gits.


Nightynight · 28/04/2007 20:55

they are just trying to excuse bad behaviour.


Flamesparrow · 28/04/2007 21:01

Thought you were all gonna tell me I was bein an arse

OP posts:

notasheep · 28/04/2007 21:12

thought we were all a bit mad


thisisnotmyrealMNname · 28/04/2007 22:07

The sort of person who has a "You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps" mug.

Also I hate the use of the words "zany", "kooky" or "wacky", usually only used by people who aren't any of those things and are, in fact, a bit sad and desperate (see "Timmy Mallet")


Dior · 28/04/2007 22:08

Message withdrawn


Rachmumoftwo · 28/04/2007 22:09

The people who say 'I'm a right laugh'; 'I'm a real character'; 'I'm crazy' etc. usually aren't! If you really are, you don't NEED to tell people! x


pointydog · 28/04/2007 22:10

does he keep the glasses on qwhile having sex?


Dior · 28/04/2007 22:10

Message withdrawn


expatinscotland · 28/04/2007 22:11

Oh, no, I've never said that about myself.

But then, I'm not just 'a bit' crazy, either .


colditz · 28/04/2007 22:12

they might as well just say "Look at me! No, what are you doing, don't stop, keep looking at me!"


MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 28/04/2007 22:16

Flamesparrow - I said that in a response to an interview question (What do you think the first thing your friends would say about you?)"oh, that I'm mad"

  1. I got the job

2. Does it count? I wasn't saying it as me, but as my friends. I wouldn't actually say "Hi, I'm Mad Margo, please give me a job?"


pointydog · 28/04/2007 22:21

agree with you, colditz


Housemum · 28/04/2007 22:34


Oops sorry about that, cleared it up now, it's just someone mentioned Timmy Mallet and sex in the same sentence. I once saw a flasher and the thing that sticks in my mind most was he had that weird sort of leering grin like Timmy Mallett (and Paul Gambacini come to think of it, someone else who gives me the creeps)


puffling · 28/04/2007 22:38

Isn't it just a cliche? I don't know anyone who's ever said that.


Flamesparrow · 28/04/2007 22:46

lmao! I've met the Mallet shagger

It was a pair on the grease programme thing.

Margo - my friends would probably say I was mad... but more in the keeping me in a nice quiet room kind of a sense

OP posts:

TheArmadillo · 28/04/2007 22:50

one of my pet hates!

'I'm crazy me' - no you're boring and desperately trying to make people think you're interesting. Really trying to hard.

Tend to avoid people once they have said that.


KnayedFrot · 28/04/2007 22:51

I met a nurse who said this to me while in hospital last Monday.

Her eyes were just slightly too big & stary as well.

I think she meant well.


MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 28/04/2007 22:53

Phew - Thank goodness Flame


NotanOtter · 28/04/2007 22:54

i do say 'i am sure you all think i am mental'
well- i am sure!


bunsen · 28/04/2007 22:54

Can we put these "I am crazy" people in the same camp as AmDrams, the ones that like running around, flapping their arms about in order to get onlookers? I knew a lot of those in my college days...


DimpledUpperArms · 28/04/2007 22:55

you're not crazy you are fun.

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