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to be really pee's off with poepl who drives what ti takes me 5 minutes to walk!

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LowFatMilkshake · 27/04/2007 22:24

Decided to open a whole new thread for this as it havck me off.

When I take DD to school I notice that on sunny days loads of people walk, but on rainy days people whol live just round the corner from me climb in ther cars (some of which are gas gauzzling 4x4's) and drives the LO's to school!

This does nothing for the environment and clogs up the paths with cars so I have trouble getting DS's pram up and down bumpy corbs ad passed obstacles like bin bags o rubbish day.

If it's raining get your umbrella's out
If your late run
Just dont be so lazy!

OP posts:

Londonmamma · 27/04/2007 22:31

I read an article by a primary teacher who deliberately took his class out in the pouring rain so they could write about the experience because their parents never let them go out in it!


moondog · 27/04/2007 22:32

A woman in my village drive her kids to school which is,I sear about 200 metres from her house.

Unsurprisingly she is lumpen.


booge · 27/04/2007 22:33

Not at all unreasonable.


SmileysPeoples · 27/04/2007 22:34

Perfectly reasonable.


ThomCat · 27/04/2007 22:36

PMSL - knew this was you when i saw the spelling, I see what you mean now! You arse! xxx


kittypants · 27/04/2007 22:36

totally reasonable-i hate the walk to school because so much traffic on road,mostly parents driving children round corner!totally agree


Whizzz · 27/04/2007 22:36

I cycled to & from work today.........I think I swallowed a fly


stitch · 27/04/2007 22:38

loads and loads of people do this.
apparently most car journeys are less than a mile .
i always found that on rainy days we would get less wet walking, than trying to get in and out of a car. because when you are walking, you put your clothes, shoes hats on etc, and dont take them off again until you get to your dry car, rather than having your bottom sticking out, trying to get seat belts on etc.


LowFatMilkshake · 27/04/2007 22:38

Thank you Thomcat

Will try to write slower and avoid dodgy typing.

I wanted to add that my DD would not be impressed if I denied her the chance to out her wellies on and take her umrella out because I didlnt want to get wet. Not that I could drive her anyway.

OP posts:

PeachesMcLean · 27/04/2007 22:39

Not unreasonable at all.

DH drives to our corner shop. Two streets away. I'm not proud. What's worse, he's occasionally taken DS in the car. DS and I walked t'other day. DS fell over, scraped his knee, and durng the general crying, whinging and overall hysteria he blurted out "we should have taken the car!".


Ripeberry · 27/04/2007 22:40

I was thinking of starting a thread like this!
On lovely sunny warm days i drive to a country church and climb a hill which is less than half a mile and it comes out behind dd1's school and i swear to you all the other parents in the car park think i'm nuts to walk up the hill!
And to top it all, one of the mothers actually lives next to the church and still drives to the school.
Her excuse is that her little darling is tired after school.
Its all downhill!! FFS!
Both mother and daughter are quite podgy.#
Don't need to say anymore.


ThomCat · 27/04/2007 22:41

Whizzz - why did you swallow a fly?
You didn't chase it with a spider did you?


Whizzz · 27/04/2007 22:43

ThomCat - Yes, I don't know why


Ripeberry · 27/04/2007 22:43

P.S forgot to add, my dd1 cries if i park in the school car park as she wants to run down the hill.
If i didn't have DD2 with me i would cycle all the way as well max 2 and half miles from home.


mumfor1standfinaltime · 27/04/2007 22:45

My neighbour drives everywhere in any weather. She doesn't leave the house unless she drives. One day I will let her tyres down...


maisemor · 27/04/2007 22:46

It's like these people who on a Sunday says lets go to the beach, they go to the car, drive to the beach, and they stay in the car and look out their window. Then after an hour or so they drive back again, agreeing on how lovely the beach looked today. Is that the general british way of "going to the beach"?

Maybe it is me being weird. I walk to and from work/nursery Monday to Friday pushing 40kgs worth of children, and it takes me 50 minutes in the morning and it takes us all over an hour to get back because then children get to walk/run as well. They also get to learn how to behave in traffic.


stitch · 27/04/2007 22:47

at work, i sometimes have topark in sainsburies car park, about a two minute walk away. three if you have to wait to cross the road.
last week we needed something, a girl was asked to get something from their, and she DROVE there.


NormaStanleyFletcher · 27/04/2007 22:52

I used to walk to school (1/2 mile max) - now we cycle (once I worked out how to put DD in the trailer in her car seat). I pass people getting into their cars with their kids, we arrive there before them. They then have to queue for ages to get out of the car park. And I have dropped two dress sizes....

We do it in the rain too


mumfor1standfinaltime · 27/04/2007 22:53

My neighbour is obese, wonder why?


Brangelina · 27/04/2007 23:02

My youngest sis never walks if she can get into her car. She used to drive to get her children off to sleep when they were tiny, I used to manage the same in half the time pushing them in their pushchair in the fresh air. She has just had an operation for varicose veins, due to being overweight and lack of exercise. Doctors told her she had to walk so much every day to keep her circulation up. She managed that until she was able to drive again and hasn't bothered walking since. Unsurprisingly she's not had much luck losing weight.


chocolattegirl · 27/04/2007 23:14

I found driving my dd to nursery on rainy days gained me nowt as I had to park so far from the gates I may have just have walked from home in the first place but wearing a raincoat etc.


MrsApron · 27/04/2007 23:36

my mother never goes anywhere without a car stuck to her arse.

She is enormous and incredibly unfit.

We walk everywhere and out of 35 mothers only two walk to playgroup regardless of the weather. Loads are within half a mile.


twentypence · 28/04/2007 03:14

Our neighbours drove around to our house one night (around 20 houses away all flat - safe area), their excuse was they had the baby with them. They have a top of the range pram and outdoor gear for the baby.


Furrymummy · 28/04/2007 05:52

NO way are you being unreasonable. Unfortunately some people are just lazy arses.
My local Asda is 5 mins drive away, I walk when I can and only take the car when I'm doing a big shop, and generally I've just come straight from work (30 miles away).
When I was a kid I walked 2 -3 miles to school, I only ever got the bus when the weather was really nasty (very wet, snowy). When I went to college, a little further away, I got a bike!


MrsJohnCusack · 28/04/2007 05:54

wierd innit
it's MORE hassle to get them into the car usually so I much prefer to walk when possible.
if only I could make some friends who live a bit nearer us though!

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