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to be really pee's off with poepl who drives what ti takes me 5 minutes to walk!

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LowFatMilkshake · 27/04/2007 22:24

Decided to open a whole new thread for this as it havck me off.

When I take DD to school I notice that on sunny days loads of people walk, but on rainy days people whol live just round the corner from me climb in ther cars (some of which are gas gauzzling 4x4's) and drives the LO's to school!

This does nothing for the environment and clogs up the paths with cars so I have trouble getting DS's pram up and down bumpy corbs ad passed obstacles like bin bags o rubbish day.

If it's raining get your umbrella's out
If your late run
Just dont be so lazy!

OP posts:
agnesnitt · 01/05/2007 22:04

The woman three doors down from me drives her ten year old to school and back every day. In a people carrier

We walk it, as I don't have a bike (I keep getting the damn things stolen, I think I have a 'steal my bike!' beacon). We live in a one way system, and the school has no parking outside the gates. We usually get there and back in a better time than the woman down the street. Makes me giggle.

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