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Sorry, need to rant and this seemed like the most reasonable place to do it

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Jamantha · 26/04/2007 14:40

Feeling p'd off this aftertoon with doctor's surgery. Went in for MidWife appointment to be told it had been yesterday. I explained that I'd been told it was today, and would never have agreed to an appointment yesterday as I was away. Receptionist was very unhelpful and very patronising about how its no one's fault and she knows I'm probably very upset with myself and with them (not at all upset with self actually, but yes very upset with them) and ended up giving me another appointment next week. She asked if that was OK and I said I presumed so but didn't really know how important it was that I see the MW this week and she just smiled and said that she had no idea - like it was MY job to know and nothing to do with her, despite her actually working at the doctors and having people around that she could ask. I know it's probably no big deal in the grand scheme, but am really ticked off as I'd arranged a dental appointment for this afternoon so could only need one lot of time out of work and now I have to come back next week anyway. And no body mentioned that I'd got the wrong day for the MW appointment when I mentioned it to them last week (I think it was even the same woman) when making an appointment for some blood tests - hoping to get them close together to save travelling backwards and forwards. And DH had taken time out to come to appointment with me, so it was annoying for him too. Also, when I used to work in a hospital, if a patient got given the wrong time we would bend over backwards to fit them in asap, adding extra appointments at beginning or ends of shifts etc if necessary but they just made me wait until the next routinely available slot, making no effort to correct their mistake. Sorry about long rant, but had to get it off my chest.

OP posts:

PrettyCandles · 26/04/2007 14:41

I'm growling with irritation for you. Grrr - how very annoying!


rowan1971 · 26/04/2007 14:42

Well, Jamantha, you must realise that it was very selfish of you to butt in on her important gazing-vacantly-into-space time.


FiveFingeredFiend · 26/04/2007 14:44

They go on special training you know. My Aunt is a receptionist in the NHS, She is a 'brook not shit' person in real life. They go on 'no mercy' training.


LIZS · 26/04/2007 14:46

It is unfortunate whoever's error it was , but the MW probably only comes in once a week to do her clinic. What was the appointment for did you need to meet a particular deadline - book a scan. get MATB1 for instance ? - if so could you see her at home(do you have a contact no.) or at another surgery or even see your gp instead. Ours did shared care with gp and mw so you went for the appointment and they called in whoever was next when they became free. As to work they ahve to let you have time off for antenatal care anyway.


Katy44 · 26/04/2007 14:50

Oooh that's annoying. You know you wouldn't have agreed to it (like you say, you were away) and they just say "yes, dear" and you KNOW they think you're just saying it to save face! I had this on the phone the other day when I was trying to get someone out to fix our house alarm, I called the night before and was told the engineer would come out the next day. Called the same number at about 2pm to see when he was coming and eventually found out "oh no we don't send out engineers from this national number, you need to contact your local office". "Well why was I &)$%$* told last night that someone was coming out??"


rebelmum1 · 26/04/2007 15:03

upon my word it will get more frustrating as time goes on, lost notes, blood tests, birth plans etc


Jamantha · 26/04/2007 15:14

lizs - I know work let me have time off for antenatal care, but it's the inconvenience. I use the bus to go to and from work, and there's only 1 bus an hour, so if I manage to get an appointment in the "right" half of the hour, it takes me a 2 hour round trip to go from work to surgery and back to work, and if I can't get an appointment in the "right" half, or if things run late it ends up as a 3 hour round trip. I therefore try to get appointments 1st thing or last thing to cut down on travelling time, or to coincide appointments. If I'm able to make them a few weeks in advance I can normally manage this, but when it's at short notice, such as this rebooking there's no chance. I already feel really bad having to take hours out of work for an appointment, not to mention I've now got an extra one to do.

OP posts:

CharlotteSometimes · 26/04/2007 16:30

lol at 'no mercy' training.


kimi · 26/04/2007 16:36

Dr receptionist have all failed at something worthwhile in life and are bitter twisted and here to make our lives hell.


chocolattegirl · 26/04/2007 16:38

Welcome to maternity care in the UK today.

Is it possible to block-book your MW's appointments for the next few months? I did this for my last 6 appointments or so as I had to fit in with my uni exams towards the end. You may be able to bag the early appointments all the time if you ask now.

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