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to be hacked off with people coming on here and flogging their business

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LieselVentouse · 26/04/2007 14:03

OP posts:

donnie · 26/04/2007 14:03

who ??


mytwopenceworth · 26/04/2007 14:03



suzywong · 26/04/2007 14:04


I find it affronting, tbph


LieselVentouse · 26/04/2007 14:04

Saw it twice today

OP posts:

lulumama · 26/04/2007 14:05

you mean advertising? or have i missed something


Fimbo · 26/04/2007 14:05


I report ones I see to MNHQ.

I hate the ones where the come on, rave about their product, then five minutes later a new poster appears raving on about how wonderful the product is and everyone should have one. You know full well it is the same person but they have just changed their name.

Don't agree with people posting links to their Ebay stuff either but hey that's maybe just me.


suzywong · 26/04/2007 14:06

I don't agree with the ebay links either, yeah yeah I know I needn't click on them but really,


lulumama · 26/04/2007 14:07

oh yes,always report those, and the ones that are thinly veiled ads for other sites...


LieselVentouse · 26/04/2007 14:11

Id be okay with Lulumama coming on and saying shes a doula and would anybody like her services etc. but unknown posters coming on and saying I do tarot heres my website and I charge fifty squillion quid an hour for talking p**sh

OP posts:

lulumama · 26/04/2007 14:14

thank you ma'am!!

there was one the other day for a website with absolutely the bestest ever competitions ever, cunningly disguised as a 'why do i never win anything post?' ..always a first time post too...give the game away!

thanks for the ad liesel!


Furball · 26/04/2007 14:17

I reported someone the other week that invited us all onto her new mums website! blooming cheek, I posted that I was going to go on to her website and tell everyone to come over here and see how she liked it. HQ deleted the thread


LoveMyGirls · 26/04/2007 14:18

What about me? Does anyone know what I do yet? Have I mentioned it enough do you think?


LieselVentouse · 26/04/2007 14:20

I actually dont

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 26/04/2007 14:23

really? but I moan about not having enough clients all the time! (i'm a childminder btw)


LoveMyGirls · 26/04/2007 14:24

Hence the reason I am here in the middle of the day! Dd2 is in bed and my PT mindee is on hols so I've only got 1 afterschooler.


bundle · 26/04/2007 14:26

name n shame


DarrellRivers · 26/04/2007 14:31

have you found me out?
I'm in the white wine vinegar business myself seeherefor yourself


3mummy · 28/04/2007 15:49

Hi, I am pretty sure I am one of the advertisers you are talking about. I did put a link to my site on - when someone asked for it. I also gave warning that that was what I was doing so as to not offend.

I have been a member of mumsnet for years now, and made a really good bunch of friends on here in one of the prenatal and postnatal forums. They were all really supportive when I had some devastating stuff happen in RL as were my RL friends. However I needed time to get myself together and haven't posted for a long time.

My RL friends were fantastic in supporting my new little business too, and so I thought about giving my pals on mumsnet the same option. I don't expect people to buy from me just to show support but if they like the products and buy the brand anyway then I'd love it if they bought from me.

My business has helped me gain confidence in myself that I lost when the shit hit the fan. I enjoy what I do, and my intention was not to offend any one - so my sincere apologies if I have.



3mummy · 28/04/2007 16:59


agnesnitt · 01/05/2007 22:29

If the links are in the buying and selling or the work board it's all go. anything else is just rude unless advice has been solicited.



DavidGest · 01/05/2007 22:44

Oooh you had me going for a minute there. But my ads, which you all LURVED so much, are paid up and not only that, they're pretty damn classy AND I paid MN a fortune for 'em. Justine now bathes in the tears of flamingoes, collected at dawn by the singing children of the Waiguatinotino tribe.


LynetteScavo · 01/05/2007 22:47

David Guest who are you? You're just too funny!


UCM · 01/05/2007 22:48

I think it's wrong if someone is on here to make a buck, regardless of whether they have bothered posting anywhere else.

BUT I think genuine Mumsnetters should be able to post freely to their ebay stuff. After all it's not a business, it's just easier than posting 10 photographs on here. If you are only going to make 20.00 then why would you pay 30.00 or whateve the going rate is......I have only done it once mind you and made a grand total of 17.00.


UnquietDad · 01/05/2007 22:54

isn't it called sockpuppeting?
or astroturfing?


DavidGest · 02/05/2007 00:29

Lynette - I am David Gest. But not Guest. I'm very definitely non-U.

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