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to be hacked off with people coming on here and flogging their business

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LieselVentouse · 26/04/2007 14:03

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madamez · 02/05/2007 00:37

Its often a bit of atricky one if you are a regular poster to a forum and you also happen to have a small business - yes you post an ad or two but when a discussion goes into relevatn territory is it such a terrble crime to offer people a linl to either your ad or your website?

twentypence · 02/05/2007 07:32

There are grey areas - such as threads with titles like "any piano teachers out there?", which could actually lead to the MNetter teaching the OP's dc. I think that's fine.

However I was a bit about the poster on the NZers thread asking if we wanted some part time work. Lots of us had actually mentioned on the thread what we did (thus implying we didn't need a job).

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