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A Late Night AIBU thread for you all

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VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/04/2007 22:56

Had a teeny tiny joint birthday party for DD and DS today. DD said she wanted both sets of grandparents, only one of her many uncles and his girlfriend, and some friends of ours and their son. She also had a friend she has just made who lives a few doors away from us come.

We told everyone 2pm.

Friends rang at 2pm to say they wouldnt be there until 3pm because they were having dinner first (although suspect they wanted to watch the footie).

Uncle turned up at 2.45pm because he wanted to watch the first half of the footie.

DP's parents turned up at 3pm (they ALWAYS turn up an hour late so we expected them to be there at 3pm ish. Often we tell them to come an hour earlier before everyone else so that they turn up with everyone else).

My parents turned up a few minutes after 3pm.

Friends finally turned up at 3.40pm.

Friend from a few doors up turned up at 4.30pm and her mum said she could stay for half an hour then we should send her back.

I have been farking livid with ALL of them because of this. How hard is it to turn up on time when they knew there were only limited people coming?

With the exception of DP's parents because they are always cahnge from the norm.

My parents didnt apologise, and said that the reason they were late was because they were trying to get DD and DS's other uncles to get out of bed to come.

So....over to you...

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 15/04/2007 22:58

Did DD mind? It's rude not to come to a party on time or within about 15 minutes, IMO (though I know we've been late to you in the past ).


nallydoolally · 15/04/2007 22:58

i would be peed off too vvv. how were the dc?


Lio · 15/04/2007 22:58

I would have been punctual - we could have shared the tiny joint while slagging the rest of them off


harpsichordcarrier · 15/04/2007 22:58

they are all crap
you are all lovely
what footie?
it always pisses me off when people think some poxy match is more important than a social arrangement. if you want to watch the football, just don't come don't come late or ask to put the tv on


hatrick · 15/04/2007 22:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MrsApron · 15/04/2007 22:58

I would be livid.


themoon66 · 15/04/2007 22:58

Friend from a few doors down..... 2 and half hours late why? Was she stuck in traffic


harpsichordcarrier · 15/04/2007 22:59

lol at the tiny joint.
I really quite fancy a tiny joint as it happens


Twinklemegan · 15/04/2007 22:59

I would have been livid as well.


elasticbandstand · 15/04/2007 23:00

lol tiny joint.

unforgiveable rudeness, and everyone was late!!

how on earth did you explain that?


nallydoolally · 15/04/2007 23:00

pass it over, harpsi


harpsichordcarrier · 15/04/2007 23:01

actually I am getting increasingly livid as we speak.
god how RUDE RUDE RUDE and how disappointing for the dcs.


hatrick · 15/04/2007 23:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Carmenere · 15/04/2007 23:01

They are very rude QV, but that's family for you


maximummummy · 15/04/2007 23:01

ahh your poor dd she must've been so excited to be having a party. . . was it fun when everyone did turn up?


harpsichordcarrier · 15/04/2007 23:01

ah that's better

princesscc · 15/04/2007 23:01

If you said 2pm, then 2pm it should have been. Anytime after 2.30 is frankly out of order. Did you say something to any of them?


TwirlyN · 15/04/2007 23:01

So how did DS and DD feel about everyone not bothering?


themoon66 · 15/04/2007 23:02

On giving this some thought.... I'd have taken DD out to the park or somewhere at 2.45pm. If anyone asked, I'd say 'well nobody bothered to turn up'.


MrsDanvers · 15/04/2007 23:03

They're all very rude and thoughtless, Vicki. Not unreasonable to be angry/fed up at all. Only advice I can suggest is that in future you say parties start at 11am/12am to allow them all to arrive at a reasonable time (ie 1-2pm) so your DC can enjoy the party.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/04/2007 23:04

LOL! If i still smoked i'd be very tempted right now...

Spurs, bloody spurs.

DC were okay, just a bit bemused as to why we had got various party things out but were off limits.

We decided to just let them start eating and doing what they wanted in the end though. They had a fab time. I was just so annoyed.

And more so when Uncle gave DD her present (her birthday was on Tuesday and he came over on Tuesday), but hadnt given the present because his girlfriend (who is lovely adn very brilliant with my two i should mention) wanted to see her face when she opened them. So she is kept waiting 5 or 6 days, and, I pop inside for 2 minutes 2 tiny minutes and they get the presents out and open them whilst I am not there...

OP posts:

llareggub · 15/04/2007 23:05

I'm with you on this one


harpsichordcarrier · 15/04/2007 23:05

aha, spurs


UCM · 15/04/2007 23:07

Having only read your OP, I would be farking mad and I would have been very cold with them and noted it. The next time will be very explicit, with invites, JUST SO THEY KNOW.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/04/2007 23:07

I didnt say anything, because it would have been like opening the proverbial can of worms. Once I start, i cant stop...and they'd have been justified of course

In fact, my mum delighted in telling me just how livid she was with my brothers before she came because they mucked her about. Like I care. She was bringing the sandwiches ffs! Just as well I made plenty of other stuff to eat.

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