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to disagree with DH over DCh sharing room on holiday?

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tearinghairout · 03/04/2007 20:34

We have twins, a DS and a DD. They are 13. They have their own rooms at home, but when booking a holiday flat, DH said they ought to have their own rooms, which means a 3-bed which can take six ppl, rather than a 2-bed for four. It will cost about £130 more, which would pay for carhire, & I resent that.

They always share at ILs, no prob, but DH thinks they're getting 'to old'. He said this in front of them and of course they agree, but otherwise it wouldn't have occurred to them. What do you think?

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OrvilleRedenbacher · 03/04/2007 20:36

oh gte over it


ScoobyDooooo · 03/04/2007 20:36

I think it would be silly to pay the extra, it's a holiday not a full time commitment so don't see why they can not share, i agree with you


ScoobyDooooo · 03/04/2007 20:37

Oh no cod are you on the rampage tonight?


raspberryberet · 03/04/2007 20:38

I think your dh is right - they are old enough now to need the privacy of their own room. They need privacy to dress, and some space of their own for a bit of peace if they want it.

I'd have been mortified to have to share with my brother when I was 13 - the thought of, for example, starting a period while I was away and having to deal with it with him in the room would have been awful.


BonyM · 03/04/2007 20:42

I can't see a problem with them sharing on holiday. If they need privacy to dress, then they can use the bathroom, surely?


SherlockLGJ · 03/04/2007 20:42

I agree with your DH.


princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 03/04/2007 20:43

I think they'll be fine for a week or so. They can change in bathroom or ask the other one to leave the room for a while etc. Its only for a short while not forever. If they complain I'd tell them off for being ungrateful.


DeviousDaffodil · 03/04/2007 20:44

Why don't you ask them wht they think?


compo · 03/04/2007 20:44

I agree with your dh. After all it's a holiday for your dcs as well as you so why should they have worse arrangments than they have at home. My parents used to put me and my sister in a double bed when we went on holiday. It was hell - I was a wriggler and she used to yell at me for waking her up.
Don't forget at 13 your twins aren't going to want to go on holiday with you for much longer so make the most of it.


3easterbunniesandnomore · 03/04/2007 20:45's a lil holiday...surely they could share....I mean, gosh there is often a situation for many people in this world and even country that the Kids have to share all the time...never mind a holiday....


ravenAK · 03/04/2007 20:46

Would it be possible to say 'The holiday budget is £x, if you two share we can save £130 & [treat which everyone in family would like]?'

Given your dh has already raised this in front of them, they're hardly going to WANT to share.

Why does dh think they're too old? To share with a non-related kid of opposite sex, yes, probably, but to muck in with a twin on holiday is different!


RustyBear · 03/04/2007 20:50

We all shared a hotel room in Florida - DS was 16 & DD 14 - DD & I shared one double bed & DS & DH the other. We got dressed etc in the ensuite bathroom. We were only in the room to sleep & it really wasn't worth the extra.


3easterbunniesandnomore · 03/04/2007 20:52

Can I also, to whomever said that" why should they be worse off and it's their effing holiday too"...they should be bloody glad they get to go on holiday.........grrrrrrr......since when have people become so spoiled?


compo · 03/04/2007 20:54

ha ha - that was me who said that. I just think if you can afford it why not spoil them as they won't want to go on holiday with you forever


princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 03/04/2007 20:56

I so agree with 3easterbunnnies.


3easterbunniesandnomore · 03/04/2007 20:57

my dh and I have been married for 12 years and not gotten one holiday in this time...other then visiting family in gmerany or when living in germany in, really, bloody be glad one can afford a proper holiday at all....sorry....but does get to me that people have the "audacity" to then complain about standard of...aslong as you get properly away as a family does it matter?


3easterbunniesandnomore · 03/04/2007 20:57

actually, we will be amrried for 12 years in September...but are together for just over 12 years...easy to get confuddled


elasticbandstand · 03/04/2007 21:00

mine always want to share on holiday.. it is a novelty


compo · 03/04/2007 21:02

but it depends how much money you have surely? Just cos you can't afford a holiday doesn't mean others can't afford to go on holiday in comfort for everyone does it?
Can't you think outside your own situtaion?


princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 03/04/2007 21:07

ooooh compo calm down!


morningpaper · 03/04/2007 21:07

let THEM decide

it's their holiday too


compo · 03/04/2007 21:13

exactly mp


powder28 · 03/04/2007 21:19

£130? just pay it and avoid fallouts.


chocolateface · 03/04/2007 21:22

Wow, I can never get DH to pay for anything he doesn't absoulutely have to. So if he's willing to pay go let them..... but if you're paying definately make them share.


tearinghairout · 03/04/2007 21:26

OK! Can see we're pretty evenly divided over this one.

We all tend to go to bed at the same time on hol, will be out in the evening or in the living room (playing scrabble - huh! arguing more like), so why on earth should I cough up the extra? Secondly, this stuff about why should they have worse than at home - never heard of camping??? After all, it's only for a week.

I do agree with the thing about periods,she's just started, and I admit I hadn't thought of that one, but there are two bathrooms!

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