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At being so annoyed with next door

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anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:24

Sorry, I really need to have a rant!

Next door moved in last Sep, rented the house next door to us

2 young boys, then a daughter moved in in the October(age 14, she was meant to have been in care)

she was pregnant by the Nov

The neighbours boyfriend has moved in, that's fine !! But then another teenage girl moved in with a 4 month old baby (a neighbour said it was her Neice)

Haven't a clue where they are all sleeping??

They were going to move but it has fallen through [sad}

The lads aged 4 and 6 play out unsupervised in the road and the 4 year old got knocked down last month

He was back out within 2 weeks, still unsupervised

The 14 year old is hardly at school and plays VERY loud music in the day. Which has had me marching round to tell her to turn it down

The Mum has been out all today, so I presume the 14 year old is looking after the boys, but then I haven't heard any music??

The boys have been in their back garden throwing toys playing with their broken fence that has big nails coming out of it and have been throwing stones and things into other gardens

I have already been out and told them off and before a proper golf ball came over

That could have hit one of my DD's if they were out

They had the cheek to call and ask for it so I said just this once and told them off and that they have to stop throwing it over

2 mins later the golf ball came hurtling over again, not far from our window

I ran out and yelled but they had ran inside (the golf ball is not being given back)

The Mum has been out all day, she popped back a few mins ago and went straight back out again

I am so annoyed, why have children???????

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anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:25

sorry, that was long!!!

I am just so annoyed

and I feel so sorry for those poor little boys, they don't stand a chance

OP posts:

anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:29

I have just been out to get my washing in and picked up about 6 stones that they have thrown over and a golf ball

you wouldnt belive their garden, planks of wood all over it with big nails sticking out

and broken sharp plant pots they have been breaking with bricks

OP posts:

kks · 03/04/2007 14:29

The mum was pregnant by Nov or the 14 yr old?


jenwa · 03/04/2007 14:29

We used to live next door to a couple who had two young boys who would throw things over. They once throw a rock over at DH why he was mowing the lawn so he went round and she asked him which boy it was, he said he was not sure and she said "oh it was prob ..... and that was it, no apology or telling her son off!!! In the end I got a bucket and just collected the toys etc they threw over and was going to take them round when the bucket got full but in the end chucked the stuff! The sticks/stones/apples/rocks/etc where thrown back over in the eve when they were in bed.

Sorry cant be much helpful about the other stuff but do sympathise with you. There does not seem much you can do about the rest of it, just fingers crossed they move soon!


anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:31

sorry, the 14 year old moved back in with them (the mum told her other neighbour that she had been in care) in Oct and she was pregnant by the Nov

Which of course there is nothing the Mum could have done about her 14yr old getting pregnant, I suppose its just part of the whole picture

OP posts:

jenwa · 03/04/2007 14:32

Just try to ignore it and dont throw stuff over when they are in the garden as it will just provoke them to do it back. Eventually they will get bored. Just chuck the stuff back in the eve or collect it and take it round and show their mum what they have been trowing or dispose of it yourself if you dont want an argument! Is their mum aproachable?


anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:38

I have spoken to the Mum a few times, once when she said that they are never playing out in the front again, after the 4 year old got knocked over, as she was so shocked

(why be shocked? she let her 4 year old on a busy one way road, running into the road, of course he was going to get knocked over)

I would tell her that they are throwing golf balls over and it has to stop etc

But what can she do when she is leaving them with the 14 year old and going off out?

Annoys me so much as I have friends who can't have children , friends that would love and cherish a child

OP posts:

anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:41

Oh great, now the music has started

I cant even go out as my little girl is ill

OP posts:

kks · 03/04/2007 14:41

Its a nightmare having horiable neighbours, when i was growing up i had a best friend who lived across the road. Her mum used to go to France for the weekend leaving the two children on their own. They were 9 and 11


jenwa · 03/04/2007 14:42

Some parents are like that! Is she a single mum? Maybe she uses 14 nyear old as her escape goat (so she can do what she wants whilst knowing child being looked after) not that I think it is right at all but maybe that is how she feels??
I completley agree with you though. I have friends also trying to have a baby and would be fantastic parents.


slartibartfast · 03/04/2007 14:46

Here is a random Social Services department child risk register information. Your neighbours seem to qualify.


princesscc · 03/04/2007 14:51

Poor you! Been there myself with grotty neighbours. I think that you can only hope that their move is on the cards agai very soon. Do the people they are renting from know the state of the house and how many people are living there?


anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:58

There is a fella about who seems to be there more than he isn't so she isnt on her own

I dont know the people who own the house so I woulnt know if they know about the state on the house

apparently they have wrecked it

We heard they are planning to convert a downstairs room into another bedroom

And this is only a neighbour telling me, but she reckons they are already on the at risk register, but wether that is true or not....????

Im just glad we bought a caravn last August so we can go away at the weekends!!

OP posts:

anniebear · 03/04/2007 15:52

Just been round to tell them to turn the music down

the Mum is still out,

is so sad to think there is a young baby in there being looked after by 2 14/15 year olds teenagers and there is also a 4 and 6 year old

OP posts:

BigFatMother · 03/04/2007 15:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniebear · 03/04/2007 16:30

30 mins ago we had a plank of wood thrown over with a fat 4" nail in it

I went out and yelled so loud the whole neighbourhood must have heard

then realised the Mum was in

she didnt even come out to see why her kids why being yelled at?????

I went round to her, as I knocked on the door a man from the street behind was also coming to complain and said he may ring the police (hope so!)

the 4 year old answered the door and said his Mum wasnt in!!!!

after 5 mins she came to the door and she just said "I'll tell them"

Silly woman

just had a knock at the door and it was the boys "Our Mummy said we had to aplogise" I said Ok and thank you but please dont do it again

the Mum stood loooking at me smiling as though thats it , all ok now

I dont know what to do

I came in all shaky

OP posts:

jenwa · 03/04/2007 16:34

BigFatMother- What do you mean!


jenwa · 03/04/2007 16:36

BigFatMother- What do you mean?


Katy44 · 03/04/2007 16:40

jenwa - I think it was in reference to your "escape goat" comment - if you never watched BB she was famous for this, as well as many other amusing brain typos (as I like to call them, as I have them a lot )
anniebear, this is awful


princesscc · 03/04/2007 16:42

Is there a chance that any of the other neighbours know who owns the house? I know phoning the police seems like a good idea at the moment, but that could just aggrevate things.


jenwa · 03/04/2007 16:45

aghh. got the point now! I realise what I did, god how bad is that being insulted as a Jade Goody!!! aghhhhhhhh, I am blonde and yes dim at times but thats embarrasing!!! he he!!! meant a scapegoat!! is that right???!!!!


I actually thought I had been really offensive and discrimative then and re read everything!!!!


KaySamuels · 03/04/2007 16:48

Oh how annoying, we had dodgy neighbours like this in a house on our blocked (also rented), in the ended the landlord evicted them and the whole street breathed a sigh of relief. If the eldest girl has been in care they wil already have a social worker (who was probably alerted to the boy's accident), so maybe best bet would be for neighbour's tocomplain to the landlord. Don't think police would even grace you with a visit tbh.


Katy44 · 03/04/2007 16:49

Well I assume that was it! The offensive / racist stuff didn't occur to me.
As a final question to determine whether or not you are, in fact, JG, can you answer this simple yes/no question?

"Would you need a passport to enter East Angular?"

(I assume you're in the UK??)


KaySamuels · 03/04/2007 16:49

ha ha that should be..


what happened there???


BigFatMother · 03/04/2007 16:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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