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At being so annoyed with next door

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anniebear · 03/04/2007 14:24

Sorry, I really need to have a rant!

Next door moved in last Sep, rented the house next door to us

2 young boys, then a daughter moved in in the October(age 14, she was meant to have been in care)

she was pregnant by the Nov

The neighbours boyfriend has moved in, that's fine !! But then another teenage girl moved in with a 4 month old baby (a neighbour said it was her Neice)

Haven't a clue where they are all sleeping??

They were going to move but it has fallen through [sad}

The lads aged 4 and 6 play out unsupervised in the road and the 4 year old got knocked down last month

He was back out within 2 weeks, still unsupervised

The 14 year old is hardly at school and plays VERY loud music in the day. Which has had me marching round to tell her to turn it down

The Mum has been out all today, so I presume the 14 year old is looking after the boys, but then I haven't heard any music??

The boys have been in their back garden throwing toys playing with their broken fence that has big nails coming out of it and have been throwing stones and things into other gardens

I have already been out and told them off and before a proper golf ball came over

That could have hit one of my DD's if they were out

They had the cheek to call and ask for it so I said just this once and told them off and that they have to stop throwing it over

2 mins later the golf ball came hurtling over again, not far from our window

I ran out and yelled but they had ran inside (the golf ball is not being given back)

The Mum has been out all day, she popped back a few mins ago and went straight back out again

I am so annoyed, why have children???????

OP posts:
mamhaf · 03/04/2007 16:51

Just be careful about getting into too much a dispute with them if you're thinking of selling your house anytime soon - you'd have to declare it on the sellers' information questions - and if you don't, you could end up being sued if they cause trouble for the new owners. Make any complaints to officialdom anonymous.

anniebear · 03/04/2007 17:03

I wont be doing anything at the moment

DH mentioned contacting the council, dont know what they would do either

we won't be selling our house in the near future so hopefully they will be long gone

will have to stop typing as I have a 5 year old who is doing really well with her reading and is reading this out loud!!!!!

I am imagining the conversations she will have with the boys next door through the fence lol lol lol

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piximon · 03/04/2007 17:05

anniebear contact your local council.
They don't just deal with council tennants. My awful (private tennant)neighbours were given an offical visit and written to regarding the problems and it seems to have done the trick. We were also offered mediation but as I was so heavily pg at the time I said no.

Environmental health over the noise pollution. They give you a chart to fill in about times and duration of noise. You could start keeping track now.

Police over dangerous things being thrown.

I know all this is a bit drastic but my exp is that it only gets worse as the weather improves.

anniebear · 03/04/2007 17:05

thats it, I am leaving, I am going to find a man with more money and move house lol

next door but one are now usuing my car as a goal post!!

OP posts:
BigFatMother · 03/04/2007 18:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cece · 03/04/2007 18:12

OK from experience

The police can't really do anything unless they are throwing dangerous objects over the fence

Council will have environmental health noise pollution people who are the ones who deal with this sort of thing - police powers for this were handed over to them

find out how the letting agents/landlord is? we complained to letting agents in end and they were pretty supportive and came around and warned them.

Jamantha · 03/04/2007 18:19

Piximon - I once complained to Env Health about a noisy neightbour and got a chart to monitor the noise for a month. He got a note saying that there had been a complaint, and was as quiet as a mouse wearing supersoft slippers for 30 days. Once the month was up the stereo went on very loud (enough to wake me from deep sleep) again at all hours of day and night, and the late night (ie 3am) door banging and rowing with girlfriend/banging started again. Some people are just damn crafty! I admit though that it sounds (being terribly sweeping and generalising) as if AB's neighbours might not be clued up enough to do this.

Mamalennon · 03/04/2007 18:24

If you shout at people like this they take it as an excuse to behave in an even worse way because you have 'dissed' them. Be ESPECIALLY nice to the little boys whenever you can, it will be harder for them to be awful to you if you do because it's likely that they have very few nice adults in their lives. Don't leave it till you're furious to confront them, try to talk when things are calm. The fact that the mum sent the children to apologise is a good sign - she does not want to be your enemy, but her life is chaos.

BUT at the same time, keep a written record of all incidents and talk to the council about your rights.

anniebear · 03/04/2007 19:59

To be honest I am usually nice to the boys and I have never been funny with the lady. Even today when I was furious I was pretty ok with her

I have always been nice to them as I feel sorry for them, but that today was too much, after having golf balls and then a plank with a big nail in it thrown over...I wasn't going to be nice to them, that could have been one of my little girls going to hospital seriously injured

I wonder if the apology was more because she was worried I would complin about her, either to the land lord, police, I dont know

But belive me, she is not your average nice neighbour sending her naughty boys round to apologise!!!

She is very fortunate that I am nice lol

And my life is much more chaotic than hers will ever be!

OP posts:
mishw · 03/04/2007 20:05

Call social services re the children being left alone and the noise abatement people re the noise - we had problems with our teenage neighbours and loud music, if the NA people are called out three times in one day they can confiscate the stereo (thats what they told me anyway).

jenwa · 04/04/2007 08:57

Katy44 - sorry for delay, been thinking about that one, will need to get back to you!!!! he he. God I actually had a dream with JG in it last night!! aghhhhhhhhh

Anniebear-hope you have a better day today. Hopefully she will make sure her boys behave today after yesterday, if not then you will just have to go round again. maybe she got the hint. She prob sent her boys to make them apologise and hopefully be embarrased and not want to do it again!!

Katy44 · 04/04/2007 11:38

Well I think if that's the case, you probably aren't her.
Seriously, I wonder if she is on MN anywhere - after all she is a mum. Weird thought.

anniebear · 04/04/2007 14:24

it has been quieter today and the wood and nails cleared up

that wont be the end of it though, i'm sure!!

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 05/04/2007 08:27

Gosh it sounds like dh's aren't in whitam by any chance?
Sorry to be depressing, but in my experience there is not much you can do about it. Dh's ex is a drug dealer with 6 children by 5 different fathers. She has never had a real job (ie legal one) in her life and lets her children of all ages play out all the time. There are always at least one or two excluded from school at any one time and her heroin adict boyfriend moves in and out of the house in between stints in jail. Yet, social services won't listen when dh expresses concern about his children and solicitor said he doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting custody of his children because she is at home with them while he goes out to work everyday.
In fact, I would be careful about making too much of a fuss to the mother because she may just start "letting" her children get their revenge on you. It's just the kind of thing dh's ex would do. Or get her crazy boyfriend to do something.

Blessed2 · 14/05/2007 19:30

I complained to the council and didn't really get much help. Finally I decided to ask the neighbours on the other side of the problem family to complain as well - I even gave them the contact details for the Council - and it worked for about 2 years but now the son is out of prison the problem is starting again (no! the council didn't send him to prison - it was for stealing I think). Any how tomorrow I will get the current contact details from the council and then give it to about 4 neighbours to complain along with me - everyone can hear the loud music they play as they always have their windows open. It's no use arguing with your neighbours, it will only make you stressed out and they wont change. Take it from me - I know. You need more help. How about the other neighbour the other side?

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