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Posting for traffic. Positive test after miscarriage and unhelpful EPU

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DragonsandDungeons · 29/07/2017 21:23

Had a medically managed miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago. Passed the sac within a few hours, then had spotting on and off. Never heavy. Tmi but it's just slimy blood.

Yesterday I had a clot, after the blood pretty much stopped all together. I rang them and they told me to do a pregnancy test.

I got a strong positive. The bleeding is pretty much nothing. I rang them back and the nurse who answered barely spoke English and told me to call back another time

What does this mean? Is it too early to be a new pregnancy? I passed the whole sac..

Posting for traffic. Positive test after miscarriage and unhelpful EPU
OP posts:
DragonsandDungeons · 01/08/2017 15:14

TippyTinkleTrousers its shit. I genuinely feel awful.

I expected retained products but I thought they'd get it out much more quickly.

OP posts:
ohfourfoxache · 01/08/2017 15:39

Oh I'm so sorry Sad

Sending most unMNetty hugs Thanks

TippyTinkleTrousers · 01/08/2017 16:23

Me too, I assumed they would keep you in and get it done that day as that's the impression they gave me if I had retained products.

however I also found different HCP's were giving me different information depending on what ward I was on and also it differs more from hospital to hospital.

when I was finding it tough I just drank myself into oblivion to block it all out.

DragonsandDungeons · 01/08/2017 16:34

Yeah I think making me wait a week is torture.

They've also said one of my tubes looks damaged and I'll have to have it removed most likely. I'm twenty fucking three.

I'll never have another baby will I?

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 01/08/2017 19:13

Oh jeezus what a blow!

Ok thinking about this rationally you only have one working tube this one working ovary.

We know you can get pregnant despite this, fact twice because your body had two sacks.
So yes you absolutely could have another child even if they took the tube away.
Also remember there's the option of Clomid which increases egg production and the fact that you're 23 is absolutely on your side.
This would look far more bleak if you were 43, honestly.

It's very difficult to feel positive now and I totally understand, but all is not lost. It really isn't.


DragonsandDungeons · 01/08/2017 19:35

Thank you. I've never had an issue actually getting pregnant so we're getting a specialist to look because normally damaged tubes would cause issues with that.

Hopefully everything will be okay but I feel so annoyed!

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 01/08/2017 19:47

I bet you do, id feel annoyed as well.

Actually seeing a specialist is a huge leap forward, this is very positive and all gearing towards a healthy pregnancy in the future.

FuzzyOwl · 01/08/2017 22:00

So sorry Flowers It might be worth asking to go on a cancellation list for the op.

You only need one tube for a baby and your young age will go in you favour. Thinking of you.

DragonsandDungeons · 02/08/2017 09:06

They've put me on the cancellation list. They're starting to think I have endo, which they originally thought when I was about 15 but they told me I was too young and to go away until it caused more problems. Despite my cousin being diagnosed, my aunts, mother and nana having suspected endo that resulted in hysterectomies...

I'm so angry about this

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 02/08/2017 11:38

That IS annoying. They suspected I had endometriosis and I had a hysteroscopy (is that the right word?!) when I was 16. So their excuse is BS.

However, like I said before seeing a consultant about all of this is a huge step forward and time really is on your side.

Although I totally get why you're so pissed off right now and rightly so. Flowers

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