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Posting for traffic. Positive test after miscarriage and unhelpful EPU

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DragonsandDungeons · 29/07/2017 21:23

Had a medically managed miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago. Passed the sac within a few hours, then had spotting on and off. Never heavy. Tmi but it's just slimy blood.

Yesterday I had a clot, after the blood pretty much stopped all together. I rang them and they told me to do a pregnancy test.

I got a strong positive. The bleeding is pretty much nothing. I rang them back and the nurse who answered barely spoke English and told me to call back another time

What does this mean? Is it too early to be a new pregnancy? I passed the whole sac..

Posting for traffic. Positive test after miscarriage and unhelpful EPU
OP posts:
Morphene · 31/07/2017 10:45

I was still getting positive tests 16 weeks after due to retained products.

That was after childbirth though - so it might be different.

TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 10:59

I've had this recently, but further along. I was between 14-15 weeks but baby died between 13-14.

The point to the test is to check there is no 'retained product' because if there is the test will still be positive. They scan you to see that there is or isn't retained product and they do a D&C to get the rest.

I don't see how it could be a new pregnancy to be honest because it hasn't been enough time past.

DragonsandDungeons · 31/07/2017 11:04

That's what I'm thinking. For it to be a new pregnancy I'd have conceived about 12 days ago maximum, I wouldn'tve thought that'd show

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 11:16

I mean, I got clear BFP at 10dpo before so I guess it's not impossible then.

I don't know how accurate this is but my mum told me that you're quite fertile after a miscarriage.

Perhaps consider a digital test? If it says 1-2 then maybe it's a new pregnancy but if it's more like 3+ when you know that's not possible then it's likely to be retained product.

Or just wait for the scan of course.

TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 11:18

Thinking about it actually, I had my baby 4 weeks ago, I never stopped bleeding from the miscarriage it just slowed and yesterday AF showed up.
Does that mean I would have ovulated in the last 4 weeks because AF showed?

If so and your body did the same then perhaps it IS a new pregnancy for you.

I'm absolutely gazumped by this now.

DragonsandDungeons · 31/07/2017 11:21

was it a line like mine? I was getting faint lines with my miscarriage after I was due on, however I had low HCG and measured small all the way though.

I've heard that from a few people. I had no signs of ovulation but then I wasn't looking for it that early. I've had mild cramps the last few days.

I'm going to get a digi.

Sorry for your loss also, it's horrible :(

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 11:25

I haven't had any lines.

I tested 2 weeks after and got a v.strong positive. Tested at 3 weeks after (which is when they told me to test) and it was totally negative.
And now AF is here.

Sorry for your loss also, I feel like I've been in my own personal hell ever since.
We had the 12 week scan and everything was fine at that point, supposedly.

DragonsandDungeons · 31/07/2017 11:29

I meant when you got your clear BFP

We had an early scan which showed a heartbeat. Everything was just small. They told us our dates were wrong but obviously there was something else

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 11:38

Oh I see. By 12 dpo yes they would have been like yours I suspect.

Although how sensitive is that Tesco test?
(I'm guessing it's Tesco?)

I used IC's then just used a digital test so didn't try another brand.

DragonsandDungeons · 31/07/2017 12:07

It's a Tesco test yeah. I don't know how sensitive it is but I used one at the beginning of the pregnancy and it was light.

The last few days I've had a few symptoms too but I just assumed it was something else.

It's a really strange situation

OP posts:
TippyTinkleTrousers · 31/07/2017 12:35

It is strange.

To be honest the most likely thing it is is retained products given the situation.

I hope you're ok, either way. A miscarriage is a massive bastard of a thing to go through.

Bumplovin · 31/07/2017 12:57

I hope the scan tomorrow helps figure things out Hun

watchingitallagain · 31/07/2017 13:45

I had positive tests nearly four months after a missed miscarriage and pessary. I didn't stop bleeding though. At my last scan i was told is retained the placenta but not the fetus. Hope you get a clear answer tomorrow. Xx

DragonsandDungeons · 31/07/2017 14:27

I think it's likely retained products but we will see. Thanks everyone. Family were so supportive at first but it feels like everyone's "forgot" about it now other than DP :(

OP posts:
ohfourfoxache · 31/07/2017 14:34

Everything crossed that tomorrow goes as well as it possibly can Thanks

peachgreen · 31/07/2017 15:05

I genuinely think people just don't get miscarriage unless they go through it themselves. I had one last year (11.5 weeks) and for me the grief has never really gone away, although it's got easier to deal with. In fact it was worse three months afterwards. My friends and family were great too but only those who had experienced it themselves really got it. Sending you Flowers OP - I really hope you get some good news from the EPU.

MrsSeverusSnape · 01/08/2017 10:56

Thinking about you today Flowers

TippyTinkleTrousers · 01/08/2017 12:02

peachegreen I certainly didn't realise how harrowing it was to have a miscarriage or in particular a late miscarriage after having seen your baby live and 'well' at the 12 weeks scan. I dread to think what it's like post 20 weeks or 24 weeks.
I don't even bare to consider it.

OP best of luck today, I'm thinking of you as well.

Laiste · 01/08/2017 12:18


I had a strong positive 2 weeks after a loss a few years ago. I kept torturing myself with the tests and they finally went neg at apx 3 weeks.

HCantThinkOfAUsername · 01/08/2017 12:26

Glad your getting seen tomorrow, hope you get answers Flowers

DragonsandDungeons · 01/08/2017 15:03

Loads of retained tissue. Possible second sac retained.
Can't get a d&c until next week.

Someone kill me now. Just take it out, I feel like I want to claw it out myself just let me get over this ffs. This has been going on 5 weeks since the scan with no hb now.

OP posts:
backwardpossom · 01/08/2017 15:08

Sorry OP Flowers

ZombieNightOwl · 01/08/2017 15:10

So sorry xxx

TippyTinkleTrousers · 01/08/2017 15:10

Oh Dragons I'm so sorry.

I know how you feel ok just desperately wanting it out and it to be over.
That's why I opted for the medical management and because of my gestation I had to stay in hospital to have it.

I'm so sorry to hear it's retained products and it's gone in so long.

It's just so fucking unfair isn't it?

My heart goes out to you. X

Holdbacktheriver · 01/08/2017 15:12

I'm so sorry op Flowers

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