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to ask for the best campsites by the beach in Cornwall

50 replies

thickgit · 24/07/2017 21:30

We're planning a two week camping trip to Cornwall with a four and six year old. Ideally I would love sea views and would like to be able to walk down to the beach
Would you kindly share any special sites you have discovered. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for good weather for me :-)

OP posts:

Concussedbanana · 24/07/2017 21:33

Pentewan Sands, amazing beach. Not cheap for camping and gets booked up but worth a shot


MyWhatICallNameChange · 24/07/2017 21:35

Yes, Pentewan Sands is gorgeous. It might be booked up though.


Fozzleyplum · 24/07/2017 21:37

Holywell Bay is lovely.


Stickerrocks · 24/07/2017 21:38

Yet another vote for Pentewan. Just please don't pronounce it Pentywaaan. It's Pen-chew-un.


SleepyHeadThisTime · 24/07/2017 21:41

Gwithian farm campsite is great and close to a lovely pub as well as the beach. Treago Farm campsite by Polly Joke beach is amazing if you have a young family. The nearest pub is a bit further away but it's a flat walk to the beach.


MuncheysMummy · 24/07/2017 21:48

Stickerrocks locals pronounce it Pen-two-en?! I pronounce it as you do but locals definately prounounce it with a 2 in the middle,well the ladies on reception there did. I third the votes for there it's got its own private section of beach you can pitch literally yards from the beach and it's a lovely site only 5 mins from Mevagissey however it's a very very big commercial site and very expensive. We much prefer smaller, family owned and run sites without club houses or resteraunts and Pentewan has all of those plus a beach burger bar and an indoor swimming pool complex.


MuncheysMummy · 24/07/2017 21:51

We had a look round Pentewan whilst staying a couple of miles down the road last week hence I know a fair bit about it despite it not being my kind of site,as we discovered when we were there!


isseywithcats · 24/07/2017 21:54

we have booked a chalet at st ives bay holiday park they do camping as well as caravans there too reasonably priced, direct access to the beach and usual holiday site facilities including a large indoor heated swimming pool


Cathpot · 24/07/2017 21:54

Trevedra Farm along from Sennen. Has a cafe and shop but otherwise simple. It's on top of the cliff next to the beach so a downside is it can be windy, upside is you can walk ( step path) down to a lovely beach from the site. Next beach along is sennen which has a good surf school.


jeaux90 · 24/07/2017 21:56

Treyarnon. You can walk to that or Constantine bay. All a bit basic but beautiful and a few miles from lovely padstow.


Janika · 24/07/2017 22:02

Treyarnon Bay all you need and more. Beautiful.


HemanOrSheRa · 24/07/2017 22:02

Mawgan Porth is lovely. This campsite is basic but very close to the beach. There is loads to do in there and in surrounding areas.


Violetcharlotte · 24/07/2017 22:07

I stayed at Watergate Bay touring park a few years back, camping with my two DS. We loved it. Watergate Bay is beautiful and it's close to Newquay too. There's so a pool in sure which was a real win with my two.


Mamabear14 · 24/07/2017 22:08

I properly love Holywell bay.


Kickedoutnowwhat · 24/07/2017 22:11

Mother iveys bay.

Has its own beach whether the tide us in or out there's still plenty of beach to play on.

But also 5/10 minute walking distance to Constantine or boobies bay.


thickgit · 24/07/2017 22:15

Thank you so much everyone! Pentewan Sands and Mother Ives Bay look absolutely amazing. I'm going to research all that you have recommended :-)

OP posts:

whirlycurly · 24/07/2017 22:15

Pentewan. I pronounce it pen tue an. I have been there approximately a zillion times so if I'm wrong, I've been wrong for a long time (this is entirely possible)

I will canvas opinion on this in the office tomorrow and report back. 😬


whirlycurly · 24/07/2017 22:17

I love the campsite at Heligan too although bit of a trek to the beach from there!
Polkerris is gorgeous- must be a campsite near there. Or caerhays.


lalalalyra · 24/07/2017 22:18

Depending on how much of a walk you are happy with we love Perran Sands. The wall down to the beach is great, the walk back up is steep if you've got a pram.


Stickerrocks · 24/07/2017 22:27

I''d be surprised if I've been pronouncing it wrong for the best part of 50 years. I even got my copy of the Western Morning News in the Mace a few yards away from the site on Saturday. My Nan was part of the house staff at a certain Gardens during the Lost years & there may be clues in my MN name, let alone how recognisable my RL surname would be to anyone in the area. Maybe my phonetic typing isn't up to scratch. Blame my accent!


PortiaCastis · 24/07/2017 22:29

And shall Trelawney live .........


Edsheeranalbumparty · 24/07/2017 22:37

Definitely Mother Ivey's Bay. It will almost certainly be fully booked for this summer though.


Edsheeranalbumparty · 24/07/2017 22:39

Treyarnon Bay campsite round the back of the youth hostel as well. But again, we tried to book in like the February a few years ago and it was full?


RuncibleSp00n · 24/07/2017 22:45

Noooo not Mother Ivey's I'm trying to keep it a closely guarded secret !! Wink We have a family caravan there and will be there from next week onwards. See you there OP! Grin


HouseOfGingerbread · 24/07/2017 23:05

I loved Mawgan Porth, stayed in a park with cottages and caravans, but the campsite linked above looked fine. 5 minutes walk to the beach max and the fish and chip shop and pizza place by the beach were both excellent.

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