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To expect to be able to make a purchase at closing time.

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NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 01:27

I was in Laura Ashley today just before closing looking to buy a picture, The assistant showed me the display item which was still marked up at full price and then went over to the tills to check the sale price for me.

Yes I'd like to buy it I replied - only to be told that sorry you can't do that today as the tills are closed now. I checked my phone, bang on 6pm, closing time. I queried this as I have never come across this before. I have been in plenty of shops that advise customers to go to the tills at closing time, but none who refuse to make a sale on the dot of closing.

I said as much to the assistant who looked apologetic and consulted senior assistant. The tills close themselves down at 6pm she advised me. if you want to buy it you'll have to come back in the morning. Don't worry the sale is on until Monday.

Is it unreasonable to expect to complete a purchase when I am already in the shop at closing time?

OP posts:

AreWeThereYet000 · 23/07/2017 01:32

Annoying and inconvenient? Yes - but if the tills close at 6 and it was this time then unfortunately then you cannot do anything about that. At my work we close at 8 and the credit search system we use will not load after this time so unable to complete full application....just make sure you go in plenty of time to look and get to the tills. I've ever got why people go/call just before close when they want to look for something and not just run in and out knowing exactly what it is they need. Bane of a customer service roles life


MyKingdomForBrie · 23/07/2017 01:32

Well it's very odd but I guess the assistant couldn't help it? Weird policy though.


AreWeThereYet000 · 23/07/2017 01:33

Never got*


EmiliaAirheart · 23/07/2017 01:34

From the point onwards that the shop is officially closed, yes.

Organise yourself better so staff can finish up and go home.

Luckily for you, you probably won't come across this again as most shops will bend over backwards to accomodate customers regardless of how unreasonable they might be. Chalk up a loss and carry on.


Patriciathestripper1 · 23/07/2017 01:34

Bloody too right. If the assistant hadn't gone to check the price because of staff error then you would have had time to purchase it. They should have let you complete your purchase.
Their fault not yours.


NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 01:46

I get that staff want to go home but really that doesn't seem like it should have to be the customers' consideration. How long before closing is it inconsiderate to staff to enter?

OP posts:

TyneTeas · 23/07/2017 01:51

Closing time is the time they actually close.

Just like a train departure time is the time it actually departs, not the time you can saunter along the platform and board.

So YANBU to be frustrated, but it is what it is.


IStoleDipsysHat · 23/07/2017 01:57

YABU. Can you tell I have worked in retail?
I would have loved this system. If you don't shut the tills down on time you can still be chasing people round 30 minutes later. You still have to cash up and do all your other end of day duties on top, which you don't get paid for. Or should retail staff be on call 24/7 but only paid for 8 hours, just in case you may decide you want something?


MrsTerryPratchett · 23/07/2017 02:00

How long before closing is it inconsiderate to staff to enter? Doesn't matter what time you enter, it matters what time you are buying something.


quizqueen · 23/07/2017 02:01

Even without the till shutting down business, why should shop assistants work overtime so that you can still shop at 1 minute past closing time.


NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 02:07

Not expecting anyone to work unpaid overtime. In fact it's not the staff I'm surprised at but the company policy. They decide the opening hours - why keep your doors open when you know you will be unable to complete the customers purchases.

Most other shops cajole customers to pay at closing time. Presumably they pay their staff to conduct transactions at this time.

It is Laura Ashley who I have an issue with.

OP posts:

Eleventybillionfucks · 23/07/2017 02:08

Your the worst kind of customer op. Anyone on here who has worked in retail or does will tell you that. May i ask why at closing time did you decide you needed this photo frame so badly ? Surely if it were a gift you could have bought it online or earlier in the day ? YABVVU. People need to learn this sort of thing is so antisocial and needs to be stopped


sobeyondthehills · 23/07/2017 02:09

When I worked in retail, getting paid overtime, was like getting blood out of a stone. Company was fine for us to work unpaid overtime.

The thing is, a few minutes there and a few minutes over there, does actually mount up, and with the sort of customer who comes in at (in my case) 5.29pm I was adding up to 2 hours a week, couldn't put it through, because it was a 5 minutes there and 10 minutes here. But it mounts up and it pisses retail staff of


Eleventybillionfucks · 23/07/2017 02:10

And actually all transactions should be completed before the closing time in larger stores an announcement is usually made for this giving customer's a 15/10/5 minute warning to get to the tills and pay as the store will be closing at 6 regardless of whether they desperately whatever they are buying.


sobeyondthehills · 23/07/2017 02:11

Most other shops cajole customers to pay at closing time. Presumably they pay their staff to conduct transactions at this time.

But you hadn't concluded your transaction at 6pm, which is when they closed


AreWeThereYet000 · 23/07/2017 02:16

Erm they have to keep the doors open so the people who bought before closing time can leave.....


NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 02:16

Goodness me , the worst kind of customer, really? The shop was open when I went in and it turned closing time whilst I was in the process of being served!
Obviously the company agrees with you all here and so I'll probably not inflict my custom on them ever again.
I'm not saying that the staff should have to push for overtime ffs. Just that the company should organise its service to enable a purchase to be completed in this situation.

OP posts:

Eleventybillionfucks · 23/07/2017 02:19

Or you could just shop between the Hours of 8-5pm like everyone else OP.


ortensia · 23/07/2017 02:20

I'd expect it to be paying by closing time, not at closing time. Yabu I'm afraid


NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 02:22

Shop only between 9-5 Eleventy billion?
Not in London - not in my lifetime.

OP posts:

RoomOfRequirement · 23/07/2017 02:23

Stores are open around 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week. There's no other time you can go except at closing?

Even if the staff ARE paid until you leave, it's likely after a long shift on their feet earning minimum wage and they just want to go home. To you its just 1 item, a few extra minutes. But when it happens daily for them? Yabu.


NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 02:26

Wow it seems almost 100% of you conclude I'm being unreasonable.!

Has nobody ever been in supermarkets, M&S. Debenhams, TK Maxx even Primark at closing time. They all advise you that the shop is now closed and to make your way to the tills. I have never ever before heard a "put it down & come back tomorrow" message. In fact queues are usually horrendous at closing time.

OP posts:

NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 · 23/07/2017 02:28

No wonder people shop more & more online. Open 24 hours and no need to consider whether its putting on the staff to actually buy something or not. Or should that be a consideration online too?

OP posts:

TIALEIGHANNE31 · 23/07/2017 02:33

I don't go into Asda at 5mins before closing and expect to do a full shop and be able to pay when I feel like! You are being very unreasonable! If she couldn't access the till what do you want her to do! Just go back tomorrow or not at all! I'm sure someone else will buy and pay for what you wanted at a reasonable time so the company won't miss your custom!


faithinthesound · 23/07/2017 02:36

I get that staff want to go home but really that doesn't seem like it should have to be the customers' consideration.

Translation: "I mean I'll admit they're human if you force me to, but why should I care? I'm SHOPPING here!"

My store closes at nine on a Friday. When the clock strikes nine, as far as I'm concerned, you stop being a customer and start being a trespasser. I have an hour long bus journey, then dinner to make and eat, then wind down time (because no one just plops down and nods off, that doesn't happen) before I have to get up and do it all again the next day.

But no, you're right. Why SHOULD you care about any of that? I'm only a human being. Why give a stuff about me and my obligations and my biological needs? You're SHOPPING, that's what's IMPORTANT here.

How many more of these revolting customer behavior threads must we endure?

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