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Please someone come and tell me I'm unreasonable and need to get a grip!

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BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 18:51

Pregnant with DS and absolutely wailing with tears whilst listening to ABBA 'Slipping through my fingers'

So glad I don't have a DD to get like this about Sad I can imagine it'll/is the same with DS.

Just imagining DS's first birthday and I can't stay stable without crying of bittersweet tears!

My mum use to cry at this and smile at me. I always thought she was quite the odd bodd at the time Grin

Please someone tell me I need slapping down. Please someone tell me I won't be one of 'those' Mum's at the leavers assembly, one of those at baby's first day of nursery Blush

OP posts:
CherryChasingDotMuncher · 20/07/2017 21:00

Grinat the French and Saunders sketch. "Chicken tikka tell me what's wrong" 😂

peachgreen · 20/07/2017 21:02

Haha I went to see Mamma Mia with my parents and I remember them passing tissues between the two of them during that scene! It was a sob fest!

YANBU OP. I don't know what Mumsnet has against having a good old cathartic cry sometimes!

Eolian · 20/07/2017 21:05

Huh. In spite of bejng a mother, I don't do crying and wouldn't watch Mamma Mia for all the tea in China .

anchor9 · 20/07/2017 22:05

the week or two after my son was born my DP was obviously around a lot and was playing to us with his guitar. anyway, he played that 'would you know my name... if i saw you in heaven' song. clapton?

destroyed me... all I could think about was how I would die one day and my heaven would be me and my baby boy and I bawled my heart out that this perfect moment would soon be gone and the world is going to corrupt my little boy and and and..

hmm yes well he's 3 months old now I feel a lot more reasonable but still really quite Confused about him Grin!

lovemycatsanddog · 22/07/2017 20:33

"Mamma Mia "" is on yet again, cant resist watching it,

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