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Please someone come and tell me I'm unreasonable and need to get a grip!

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BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 18:51

Pregnant with DS and absolutely wailing with tears whilst listening to ABBA 'Slipping through my fingers'

So glad I don't have a DD to get like this about Sad I can imagine it'll/is the same with DS.

Just imagining DS's first birthday and I can't stay stable without crying of bittersweet tears!

My mum use to cry at this and smile at me. I always thought she was quite the odd bodd at the time Grin

Please someone tell me I need slapping down. Please someone tell me I won't be one of 'those' Mum's at the leavers assembly, one of those at baby's first day of nursery Blush

OP posts:
BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 19:16

Funny Listen if you're ever feeling tired of her being up.

You'll perk straight up Grin

OP posts:
SistersOfPercy · 20/07/2017 19:16

When 3 year old DS came to the ward to see his newborn sister I howled. DH thought something was terribly wrong and all I could blubber out through snot bubbles and wracking sobs was "HE'S SO BIG, HE'S GROWING UP!"

Normality quickly resumed. I put it down to hormones. He's 24 now, I've not cried yet (other than in frustration when he threw up in a plant pot on his 21st)

RedHelenB · 20/07/2017 19:17

Think if I only had sons it would still resonate.

BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 19:19

Sisters Did he replace the plant pot? Grin

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 20/07/2017 19:27

I have sons and the song from Mamma Mia leaves me cold.

But I did shed a tear on DS1's first birthday, and indeed a few on his 18th birthday a few weeks ago.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday · 20/07/2017 19:28

You've set me off now!

DD1 is getting married in a few weeks and DD2 graduated this week.

I'm rather emotional for some reason Sad

BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 19:29

Am I your DD IfYouGoDown?

I'm getting married in a few weeks too Grin

OP posts:
IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday · 20/07/2017 19:33


Dd isn't pregnant, so I can't be. I'm too young to be a Grandma.Hmm

GreyGooseYellowGoose · 20/07/2017 19:35

Nichole Nordeman's Slow Down gets me every time, they played it on the last episode of Child of Our Time over scenes of the kids going to their proms and then a montage of the kids growing up and I was a blubbering wreck by the end of it. It sums up exactly how I feel about how fast DS is growing up.

SistersOfPercy · 20/07/2017 19:35

No Blue it belonged to the working mans club and was outside the doorway. Grin
My frustration was due to the fact he decided to hurl there at precisely the time both his Nan's were leaving causing much cats bum faces. Oh the ear bashing I got!!

CecilyBlue · 20/07/2017 19:39

My DM and I danced to this in the living room the night before I got married 😩 It's such a beautiful memory for me. Since I've had my DS I can't listen to it without turning into a sobbing mess.

WheresLarry · 20/07/2017 19:41

I'm not embarrassed to admit that the night before our dd 1st day of school last year me and dw listened to this and had a little sob. The lyrics really pull at the heart strings.

I think the song was written to relate to Benny's daughter going off to school for the first time so it felt very fitting.


LifesTooShortForYourNonsense · 20/07/2017 19:42

I cried to the disco classic 'Use it up and wear it out' the other day. It was the line 'nothing left in this whole world I care about'. What if there wasn't? So sad... 😥😂

I was alone in the car, if that makes it any better!

LaVacheQuiPleure · 20/07/2017 19:44

This song makes me cry EVERY time...

Teaformeplease · 20/07/2017 19:44

I laugh and cry in equal amounts. Went to DD (4)'s first ballet show recently. Looking at her little face on that big stage...had me in tears, bursting with pride and joy and feeling that she was growing up and away from me too. I also howled with laughter at the antics of the other little ones on stage. Some of the toddlers should have their own show on tv. Grin

Chelsea26 · 20/07/2017 19:45

When I was pregnant I cried at 'love of the common people' by Paul young and l don't know a single parent who doesn't cry to 'I loved her first'

Lambzig · 20/07/2017 19:45

DS my youngest, sang in his summer concert, had his taster day in reception and had his last day at nursery all this week. I have been a blubbering wreck. DH says the sound of the children's singing was in danger of being drowned out by the emotionally incontinent woman in the back row.

NCEndOfLifeDilemma · 20/07/2017 19:58

Oh blimey, OP! Memories.

When my DC were tiny we went to a lovely playgroup, in part run by church folk. One truly lovely helper organised a "parents movie night" (mum's night out, basically!) in the church hall one evening with Mamma Mia as the film, and cocktails mixed and served by his late teens/early 20s DD and her friends. His wife came along too, it was a lovely chance to socialise without toddlers.

"Slipping Through My Fingers" came on and the grown-up DD left her position at the "bar" and sat on her Mum's knee. Oh my. You should've seen us all blubbing! That gesture, and the thought of our own tiny DC at home one day being all grown up but still wanting to hang out with us, and the cocktails- all the mums were sobbing.

It was a lovely night Grin

"Thank You For The Music" also makes me cry, for different reasons!

BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 20:00

NCEnd That sounds like a lovely relationship they had between them Flowers hope you enjoyed those cocktails too!

OP posts:
Ginsodden · 20/07/2017 20:00

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac....every time....sniff

BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 20:04

Gins That's my first dance song ShockGrin

OP posts:
BlueIsYou · 20/07/2017 20:06

Having it as first dance song (Landslide), as the 'Can a child within my heart rise above?' Speaks a lot to me and DH.

Currently pregnant with our first ever child who'll make it, all the others sadly lost or didn't make it Flowers

OP posts:

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JumpingJellybeanz · 20/07/2017 20:24

This is the one that turns me into a sobbing mess since mine were born:

Treesinbloom · 20/07/2017 20:31

I have two boys but the song still resonates with me. A bit sad but also a good reminder to seize the day and do everything I'd planned to with them

CherryChasingDotMuncher · 20/07/2017 20:52

An artist called Robyn Sherwell does an extremely moving version of Landslide. Guaranteed tears!

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