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To get annoyed at 'How's you?'

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mummytwoshoes · 18/07/2017 20:53

'How's you?' 'How IS you?' It's just not right!! I want to tell whoever says it exactly that.
DH has started to say it too, and I cannot stop myself from correcting him, which of course he thinks I'm totally irrational for. Does it annoy anyone else?

OP posts:

Shenanagins · 18/07/2017 20:59

Yup, someone in work does this and I hate it!


StealthPolarBear · 18/07/2017 21:00



ChasingHighs · 18/07/2017 21:01

I say it all the time and I'm not gonna stop because some random on the internet doesn't like it.


Walnutwhipaddict · 18/07/2017 21:21

I quite like it, just because a really good friend of mine says it :) Not sure how I'd feel about it from someone I didnt really like though! 😂


ImperialBlether · 18/07/2017 21:24

I hate it, too!


TerfwithaNerf · 18/07/2017 21:26

I hate it.

When I was on OLD I used to instantly block and delete anyone who used it as an opener.

Them: Heya, how's u (optional 'gorgeous')?

Me: Nope.


ChasingHighs · 18/07/2017 21:31

It's friendly. I understand MN doesn't do friendly and informal though.


OnlyRose · 18/07/2017 21:32

YANBU. I hate it too!


JeReviens · 18/07/2017 21:32

YANBU OP - not at all. It's kind of creepy and cheesy and lazy and just wrong!


sunnycloudyrainy · 18/07/2017 21:36

Hate it. But what I REALLY hate, makes me want to rip my ears off.... 'me thinks' AngryAngryAngry


MaryWortleyMontagu · 18/07/2017 21:36

I've never heard this before! To my hearing it's not friendly, it's just wrong! You don't say "how is you?", you say "how are you?" so why on earth would you say "how's you"??? It's makes no sense! It's as bad as "you was"!


HarrietSchulenberg · 18/07/2017 21:37

I've used it verbally but I couldn't bring myself to write, text or email it. Bit like "Hiya" (flinch).


ChasingHighs · 18/07/2017 21:39

Pedants bore me to tears. I'll leave you all to your nit picking thread.


Notknownatthisaddress · 18/07/2017 21:41

People posting on threads they aren't interested in PURELY to bitch about it and say how they are not interested in it is what fucks me off!!! Hmm


Notknownatthisaddress · 18/07/2017 21:42

And yes 'how's you?' is annoying. Rarely hear anyone say it though.


Scrupilydupily · 18/07/2017 21:44

I love these threads, they remind me how to speak to make people I don't care about irrationally angry. Love the idea people overhearing me talk getting in a strop


UserThenLotsOfNumbers · 18/07/2017 21:44

I is fine, but more importantly, how are you?


Babypassport · 18/07/2017 21:59

Sunny, it's not 'me thinks', it's methinks and is perfectly accurate:

Not a fan of 'how's you?' though.


iklboo · 18/07/2017 22:06

Ah but I'm a sucker for an Irish 'How's yourself?' (years of working in an Irish pub)


MaisyPops · 18/07/2017 22:11

It doesn't annoy me if it's in private messages/text, but it drives me mad when people are speaking.


llangennith · 18/07/2017 23:12

I hate bad grammar and there's no excuse or reason for it. Thick people think it doesn't matter.


Aroundtheworldandback · 18/07/2017 23:22

My pet hate


CaoNiMartacus · 19/07/2017 06:37

"How's you" is so oafish. I always think the speaker must be some sort of yokel.


haveacupoftea · 19/07/2017 07:02

Can't stand it. The people who use it seem to be the same people who say 'simples' and 'end of'. It's not 2003 anymore, and yet people still use these phrases.


TheNaze73 · 19/07/2017 07:58

YANBU. It's a bit shit

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