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To think this is so cruel and irresponsible

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FancyFingers · 15/07/2017 23:26

We took youngest Ds to a fair on our way home as a treat. He only wanted to go on the bouncy castle.

I noticed loads of people either carrying a tiny, plastic fish tank or a small bag with a goldfish in it. Neither had much water in. The prize stalls were handing them out.

Lots of small children were charging about as excited, swinging said bag/tank about. There was no care or thought from parents to take them off their dc.

We left after Ds had a bounce and on our way out noticed a couple of dead goldfish. One thrown at the overfull bin and one out the bag on the pathway.

Surely this is wrong? Why isn't it banned?

OP posts:

ShmooBooMoo · 15/07/2017 23:27

:( I agree, it should be banned. Bloody horrible.


Pariswhenitdrizzles · 15/07/2017 23:29

I agree as well :( it's awful.

Do you think a petition or something similar could be started?


gamerchick · 15/07/2017 23:30

I thought it was banned. They stopped doing it at our local fair years ago Confused

Poor fishes :(


DramaInPyjamas · 15/07/2017 23:30

I actually thought it was illegal to give them away as prizes these days. Haven't seen this happening for many years.


Topseyt · 15/07/2017 23:31

I don't like it either. I would agree it would be better to ban it. All living creatures should be treated respectfully.


Blueemeraldagain · 15/07/2017 23:32

I thought this had been banned. My brothers and I "won" goldfish at a fair when I was about 10 and they lived for about 5 years but that was 20 years ago!


elephantoverthehill · 15/07/2017 23:32

I didn't think this was legal anymore. Are you in the UK Op?


PeppaPigTastesLikeBacon · 15/07/2017 23:33

I didn't know this was still a thing!
Do you know who was running the fair? Not sure if this is something that could be bought to the councils attention as I assume that they would have to agree to such a thing


user1476869312 · 15/07/2017 23:34

I remember winning fish at the fair about 40 years back (any we won were transported carefully home and released into our fishpond; most of them thrived). But I also thought this was banned years ago.


TheInterruptingSheep · 15/07/2017 23:36

Sadly It's still a thing at our local fair. We are in the North West of England.


FancyFingers · 15/07/2017 23:36

In Kent so yes, UK. The fair was somewhat ropy.

I've only quickly googled and from what I can gather it's not illegal. Only age restrictions to whom can win a prize of a goldfish.

OP posts:

ThePinkOcelot · 15/07/2017 23:36

I thought it had been banned until dd arrived home with 2 last year. They didn't last the week!


Floralnomad · 15/07/2017 23:37

It was banned and now it's not , they are allowed to give them as prizes providing that they also can show that they can sell the bowls and food although nobody ever actually buys either I imagine .


Butterymuffin · 15/07/2017 23:37

It's banned now. Ring your local council and report the fair. I think they have to licence the fairs. But if not maybe the RSPCA could advise. Please try and bring it to someone's attention though.


DramaInPyjamas · 15/07/2017 23:38

I've just Googled and it seems there is a ban in giving away goldfish as prizes - to under 16 year olds, meaning it's legal to do so if there is an adult present. The law should be updated, its terrible that it's still happening.


Butterymuffin · 15/07/2017 23:38

Crap, I didn't know the ban had been reversed! How awful. The world's going backwards. Sad


FancyFingers · 15/07/2017 23:38

I can probably find out who ran the fair, it's on for a few more days. Should I call the council or RSPCA? Ds was distressed to see the mistreatment and fatalities. He said they "only have little hearts."

OP posts:

Catzpyjamas · 15/07/2017 23:41

I believe it's down to the local council to put restrictions on fairground licences they issue. The Animal Welfare Act didn't go far enough in respect of goldfish as prizes but the local councils can put a clause in any licences they are responsible for.
Incidentally, this only applies in England and Wales. AFAIK, it is illegal in Scotland.


Monkeyinshoes · 15/07/2017 23:41

It's horrible, so cruel to the poor fishes.

There's an age restriction, can't be given as prizes to under 16's unless accompanied by an adult. I think individual councils can ban it if the fair takes place on council land.

Should be banned completely.


Chestervase1 · 15/07/2017 23:41

How can it be banned then reintroduced. All sorts of bye laws seem to have become obsolete.


tigerdriverII · 15/07/2017 23:43

It's horrible. But I do wonder how much perception a goldfish has.


user1497480444 · 15/07/2017 23:47

goldfish have good memories and are well able to feel fear and distress, and remember it.


elephantoverthehill · 15/07/2017 23:47

I don't want to derail, but I thought tortoises were not allowed to be sold anymore but there is a very legitimate shop near me selling them. The goldfish are probably a bit ill before they get given as prizes so have no chance.


user1497480444 · 15/07/2017 23:47

They also have fantastic eyesight, one of the best in the whole animal kingdom


CheshireChat · 15/07/2017 23:49

Aren't goldfish actually quite fussy to take care of? I do know they grow a lot bigger than you'd think initially.

I can actually imagine winning a goldfish, shelling out a fortune on equipment and then ending up with an extra pet Confused. No way would I let it die.

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