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The pavement is for pedestrians?

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MarcelineTheVampire · 15/07/2017 18:15

This has bothered me for a while but complete lack of sleep deprivation has turned me into a raging bull.

I don't drive (medical condition so 'learn to drive' wouldn't be the best advice) and so walk a lot.

Now, I have sympathy that parking your car is sometimes limited and that a lot of the time you need to park in awkward places and car slightly on the curb. However, it sends me into a rage when inconsiderate cockwombles park near enough their entire car on the path meaning you can barely squeeze by.

I can't get my pushchair past them most of the time which is annoying, on quieter roads I do just go on the road around it swearing or slightly on the persons front lawn (not ideal I know but needs must) but today I was walking down a busy road with a wall and/or spiky bushes on the other side and several people had parked this way. I was on he verge of writing a note, they made me that mad I was going to be one of those people and write a bloody NOTE!!! Instead I'm writing an aggressive post on mumsnet to vent.

AIBU to think that the pavement is for pedestrians?

OP posts:
Sirzy · 15/07/2017 18:17

It annoys me. It's worse at school run time where all common sense seems to go out the window.

If you can't park and still leave enough space for a wheelchair to safely pass then don't park there!

SquatBetty · 15/07/2017 18:17

YANBU - pavement parkers are a special kind of cunt.

pinkmagic1 · 15/07/2017 18:17

Yanbu. I drive but this really annoys me. It is so inconsiderate.

IcaMorgan · 15/07/2017 18:18

Try being a wheelchair user that can't go round in the road as there's no dropped kerbs anywhere near. That is even more frustrating

sonlypuppyfat · 15/07/2017 18:19

If I ruled the world it would be a hanging offence

Pariswhenitdrizzles · 15/07/2017 18:19

YANBU!! I also find it frustrating when drivers take up most of the pavement after parking. Also - sorry to detail the thread slightly! - it's really annoying when cyclists go on pavements! I thought it was illegal - and it's dangerous!! - but they still insist on doing it!!! (Sorry - rant over Blush)

Loopsdefruits · 15/07/2017 18:20

YANBU!! Also people in my city who ride bikes on pavements, and then glare at you if you're walking there. Makes me mad!

Sirzy · 15/07/2017 18:20

I have had a few cases when walking to school where drivers have driven towards me on the pavement to park and got annoyed I won't jump out of their way to let them Angry

cocopops88 · 15/07/2017 18:21

I fold all the mirrors in as I walk past. Hopefully it sends some sort of message..

CherryChasingDotMuncher · 15/07/2017 18:21

YANBU it's very annoying!

However you'll probably get flamed a little as in MN world owning a pram and pushing it around is one of the most offensive things you can do (don't ever admit you use parent and child spaces!)

My neighbours park their 3 white vans on the whole pavement. Leaving about a 30cm gap. They're not meant to have vans on driveways and have been told this countless times. We've asked them to give a bit more room, they haven't, so when I take my son for a walk I take no pleasure whatsoever putting one set of wheels in their flower bed. No pleasure at all Grin

CherryChasingDotMuncher · 15/07/2017 18:22

Sorry they ARE meant to park vans on their driveway

SnugglySnerd · 15/07/2017 18:23

I almost started a thread about this recently. I have twin babies in a side by side buggy and I am stunned at the level of selfish parking I see. Also street furniture placed too close together eg the letter box/bin/bus stop combo outside our local post office. They are side by side ACROSS the pavement ffs. Don't know who thought that was sensible.

Don't even get me started on small shops with fairly narrow aisles already with extra "seasonal displays" wedged in. Recently in was Father's Day cards on a big cardboard stand.

I have been thinking that it must be impossible for wheelchair users or the visually impaired to safely navigate.

MarcelineTheVampire · 15/07/2017 18:23

Sonlypuppyfat fully agreed Grin

OP posts:
StarryCorpulentCunt · 15/07/2017 18:23

My handbag is covered in charms and badges and various things that will scrape if i have to squeeze past a car. Not deliberately for that purpose, just because I like them but I certainly don't make any effort not to let them scratch the car.

LockedOutOfMN · 15/07/2017 18:24

When I had the pram this was so annoying. I never thought of leaving a note (good idea, OP) but I did sometimes wait for people to come back to their car (waiting for a couple of minutes when I had -correctly- assumed that the driver was in a nearby shop) then told them I was waiting for them to move it so I could get past. It still annoys me now even though I don't have the pram and I confess sometimes I push through the gap with a distinct lack of regard for the car's paintwork. Must be awful for those in wheelchairs who don't even have the choice to go around the car into the road.

Also agree with the pp about cyclists on the pavement - annoying and unsafe as typically I don't hear them until they're whooshing past.

Oysterbabe · 15/07/2017 18:26

Ain't no one got time to write notes for the thousands of cunts who do this every day. Carrying a load of stickers on you that you can quickly pop onto the windscreen is better.

MarcelineTheVampire · 15/07/2017 18:26

Absolutely, it must be horrid for wheelchair users- the pavement parkers are utter bastards, glad my rage has been validated.

OP posts:
MarcelineTheVampire · 15/07/2017 18:27

Oyster that is genius!!! I'm getting some....Grin

OP posts:
LockedOutOfMN · 15/07/2017 18:27

I have had a few cases when walking to school where drivers have driven towards me on the pavement to park

That's terrible! I would probably get scared and jump out of the way, especially if I were with one of the DC, instead of rightly holding my space.

SnugglySnerd · 15/07/2017 18:27

Those stickers are brilliant. Shame they are out of stock.

MarcelineTheVampire · 15/07/2017 18:31

Locked I'm that stubborn that I would probably move my baby out of harms way and get run over just to make my point and to tell them that they are an utter arsehole.

OP posts:
BishopBrennansArse · 15/07/2017 18:33

Wheelchair user. Dropped kerb other side of car.

The pavement is for pedestrians?
WinnieTheMe · 15/07/2017 18:33

In my neighbourhood there seems to be an unspoken rule that if you pack on one side of the road you never go on the pavement and if you park on the other side, you always park on the pavement.

I think it's the only way cars can drive down the road, pedestrians have one side of the road to walk down and everyone can park (city centre, lots of Victorian tenements, no off road parking). Not ideal but I'm not sure what the solution is as parking is fraught around here at the best of times.

BasketOfDeplorables · 15/07/2017 18:35

I hate this. I have a small pushchair so sometimes I can squeeze by, but there is no way anyone in a wheelchair or with a medium sized pram would have a hope. We like in an area with permit parking, so plenty of traffic wardens about, but people never seem to get pulled up for this.

I also hate it when cyclists silently creep up on you and whoosh past. A few times I've shifted the buggy to one side to go down the dropped kerb and a cyclist has been rude to me about it because they had to swerve. I had no idea they were on the pavement, and why are they there anyway?

WannaBe · 15/07/2017 18:40

Guide dog owner. Pavement parkers are the scum of the earth. Guide dogs are actually currently campaigning to make it illegal. I

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