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DS abroad with school - Wibu to ring the hotel to check he's OK?

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user1498726699 · 04/07/2017 06:38

DS (15) left yesterday AM. Have not heard anything from him since he got on the coach from school. He was given precise instructions to text me when he arrived at hotel just to let me know he arrived safely. I He has no contacted me at all nor replied to a text I sent him last night.

It's the first time he's been abroad without us. I suffer from PTSD due to death of DC2 so am always a bit anxious about all my DC.

Likely his phone may have run out of battery as we realised last night that we forgot to pack a plug converter!

Have rung hotel. They could not put me through to his room as they don't know who's in what room so asked them to pass a message to a teacher asking him to call/text me. Will I be the laughing stock of the staff room when they get back?

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toastandbutterandjam · 04/07/2017 12:30

I suffer from similar issues to you, but for different reasons. My sister went abroad with the school in primary. It was the first time she'd really been away from us (apart from the odd night - which has always been completely her choice).

Her phone had to stay here. There was one parent who had the teachers number and she was given frequent updates etc and if we wanted that, we had to call her. Is there something similar with your sons school? It just so happened that this parent didn't give me her number. I did call reception ONCE, just because I wanted to know they'd arrived safe.
I didn't know what they'd be doing each day, so I had no idea. I was worried because she has a few issues etc, but she had a nice time!

I'm sure your son is having a brilliant time and there will be a simple explanation as to why he hasn't contacted you (no battery etc).
Look after yourselfFlowers

Topseyt · 04/07/2017 14:14

I am another who is of the persuasion that no news is good news, though I can understand your anxiety, especially under your circumstances.

Is he allowed to have his phone on him much during the trip? Did you set up roaming on his phone account before he left (it often isn't automatic, you have to actually call and do it)?

He will be fine. School will call you if there are any significant issues.

Call the school if you need to, just saying that you are concerned that you weren't given the emergency contact number of any staff etc. See what they say, and while you are at it take the opportunity to ask about safe arrival etc.

As others have said, occasionally schools may update via Twitter. My DD3 is going on a sports tour to South Africa soon, and the plan is to update via the school Twitter account. I didn't know that before. I have even had to set up a Twitter account for myself (never got beyond FB with regard to social media) so that I will be able to follow them and see updates. My DDs have thought it was quite a hoot trying to teach me to use it properly too. Grin

SnagglePuss37 · 04/07/2017 14:29

👍 Given yr sad loss of DC2, yr anxiety is quite understandable but, I'm sure, needless. I'm surprised that other MNers assume teachers on DS's school trip will be aware of your background; almost sure his fellow pupils will not be, and DS won't want to be ribbed about being "Mother 's boy". You say yrself he may not be able to use his (flat) mobile, so please don't stress. I'm sure you'll hear soon, either from him or from a member of staff. Flowers

Willow2017 · 04/07/2017 14:38

I appreciate your worry but our school asks parents not to call or txt kids or teachers and vica versa as things can get blown up all out of proportion and panicking parents are frantically trying to contact teachers. This happened once when a pupil txt parent that the bus had crashed when it just clipped a low post in parking area! Cue many parents phoning the school about the 'crash".

Teachers also limit calls as it affects homesickness and if 'john'getd a message from home 'jack' wants one too and so on.
Your son is probably far to busy to remember to contact you.
Sorry for you loss.

mmgirish · 04/07/2017 14:50

Did school tell you how they would communicate news?

Topseyt · 04/07/2017 15:08

Our school also has a similar policy to that described by Willow with regard to whether or not parents and children are encouraged to contact each other, and for the same reasons.

I think that is why they have now taken to using Twitter.

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