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To feel sorry for women having to work till they're 66

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lazylab · 01/07/2017 11:11

I have 2 friends, one 60 the other 61 who are just so tired and worn out. The 60 year old works full time in a factory, she's totally shatttered at the end of her shift. Basically they're just desperate for retirement, but no chance of that till they're 66. Both these women are single, still paying mortgages, one of them earning fairly good money but the other is basically working just to live, can't afford luxuries or holidays etc. It's just soul destroying. These are just two examples of the plight of those affected by the changes to pension age.

Working full time as a young woman is definitely not the same once you hit 60, the body struggles to cope. I realise it's the same for men too, especially the ones doing physical jobs.
Sorry if it sounds like i'm moaning, but isn't life just shit for some people. Sad

OP posts:
Limensoda · 05/11/2018 14:15

It's ok if you are fit and well and enjoy your job.
Try being over 60 and losing your job and finding another to take you to SP at age 66 or 67.

Limensoda · 05/11/2018 14:16

I get fucking sick and disgusted at some of the blinkered attitudes of the fortunate on here. Stop being an insular idiot and open your eyes to how other people live outside of your privileged, middle-class bubble. angry

I totally agree!

Kittykat89 · 05/11/2018 15:19

Lol. My generation will never retire. The idea of retiring at 66 sounds like an amazing fantasy to me.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork · 05/11/2018 15:49

I'm going to get my pension 6 weeks before I become 66. I am really fed up with the women who say it is unfair and they had no idea their pension would be delayed - WE HAD YEARS OF BEING TOLD IT WAS ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO HAPPEN - don't they read newspapers/listen to current affairs programmes ever? The money just isn't there to let everyone carry on retiring at 60, not least because there are so many more older people now than previously. I guess one good thing is that we'll be so worn out that we might not live as long as we would otherwise have done, so will be less of a drain on the NHS. Anyway, my state pension won't be enough for me to pay my bills, eat and have any sort of leisure activities (I live in London) so I expect to go on working (at least part-time) for as long as anyone will employ me after I qualify for my pension (I've never been able to afford to have a private pension - I am a self-employed freelancer).

Limensoda · 05/11/2018 17:03

I'm going to get my pension 6 weeks before I become 66. I am really fed up with the women who say it is unfair and they had no idea their pension would be delayed - WE HAD YEARS OF BEING TOLD IT WAS ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO HAPPEN

We had years before the first put back of pension but many of us had NO notification of the second move!
I knew mine had been moved from 60 to 63. I accept they had to be brought in line with men's pension age for equality BUT just before my 63rd birthday I checked on the government website for the actual date I would qualify and found it had been moved to over 65!!
I lost my job age 64... Unemployed a year before my state pension.
Bear in mind when I started work in the 70s the inequality in pay, private pensions and opportunities was ridiculous!
FFS, when I got married my Manager asked me if I was going to give up work and would my husband mind me working! That was common.
I don't think some younger women realise how different life really was for women born in the 50s.

Yura · 05/11/2018 17:05

most younger women (and men) know that they won’t retire at all. maybe go parttime if they have a private pension. 66 sounds awesome!

Elphame · 05/11/2018 17:16

Well when the old age pension was introduced in 1908 you had to be 70 or more to qualify

Neshoma · 05/11/2018 17:59

Well said You wanted equality. Don't moan now that you've got it.

bonnie Grin

TurkeyBear · 05/11/2018 18:34

I'll have to work until I'm 76 probably before I even get a state pension. Imagine how that fucking feels!!!

TurkeyBear · 05/11/2018 18:36

Oh and most people at 60 are perfectly bloody capable of work. My Mum only just retired at 67 and that was because she was bored. Shes more bored at home now with my miserable twat father.

Limensoda · 05/11/2018 18:47

Oh and most people at 60 are perfectly bloody capable of work

Which is great, for them! Unfortunately many are not or have no job and can't get one, but let's always set the bar at the fittest or the better off in society eh? 😒

givemesteel · 05/11/2018 18:49

In places like America and Japan you see Alot of people in their mid-late 60s doing the jobs that are often done by immigrants here, eg working in retail or in cafes etc.

Obviously people can't be expected to be a roofer etc when they're that age but there are other jobs.

My current retirement age is 68.i would be very surprised if it didn't go beyond 70 by the time I actually retired.

I am in the process of changing career to a role I can see myself doing at that age rather than what I did pre kids which is not sustainable even in your 50s let alone in your 70s.

maddiemookins16mum · 05/11/2018 18:51

I’ve another 14 years to go and I’ve already been working pretty much constantly (6 months ML) since 1980!

Antiopa12 · 13/11/2018 06:20

Whilst many people become Carers at the end of their working life looking after elderly relatives hopefully they have had the opportunity to work and contribute to a private pension. A young mother who has a severely disabled child who will never be independent may spend years and years unable to enter the workforce because of caring for their child. Often because of the pressures on the family the marriage breaks down with a resulting financial impact. Many families with a disabled child are in debt
The Government says we should all be saving for our retirement and workers must be enrolled in private pension schemes where the employer also contributes. I think it is hypocrisy to expect Carers who have given many many years of excessive working hours to survive on the state pension. I guess they think sleep deprived mothers will not kick up a fuss
Yes those on Carers Allowance get a credit towards the state pension but if the state pension was a liveable amount there would not be this push for people to start saving for their retirement with a workplace pension.

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