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Hair dye

27 replies

Dam70 · 22/06/2017 23:20

would you let your 13 1/2 yo have her hair dyed?

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User12345678912345 · 22/06/2017 23:22


Heratnumber7 · 22/06/2017 23:27


Pumpkintopf · 22/06/2017 23:28


PeaFaceMcgee · 22/06/2017 23:29


MarklahMarklah · 22/06/2017 23:32


gamerchick · 22/06/2017 23:32


I don't understand this possessive shit over kids hair. They get so little to control in life, it's their fucking hair.

If it's not banned at school then let them experiment imo.

Alexandra87 · 22/06/2017 23:33

Yes as long as it would be ok for school

Mrsglitterfairy · 22/06/2017 23:34

Yep! I was dying mine since I was 11. First with the wash in mousse stuff then semi perm but by the time I was about 13/14 and my hair was getting darker I was dying it back to blonde

DearMrDilkington · 22/06/2017 23:35


FeralBeryl · 22/06/2017 23:36

Yes, as long as it wasn't black to platinum blonde. I'd make her aware of the risks then let her decide.

Bluntness100 · 22/06/2017 23:37

She never wanted to. I guess I'd have tried to talk her out of it, but if she really wanted to, I'd have agreed it.

However she saw her friends do it, and seldom was it a good result and always regretted after the first few days, and caused some hilarity within their group, inc from the newly dyed person.

SallyGinnamon · 22/06/2017 23:38

DD had blonde ends done last summer at that age. Only natural colours though - not my little pony!

Nelly5678 · 22/06/2017 23:42

Depends on the colour and as long as she's aware of the problems it can cause and it may need to be cut out at some point if she ever wants healthy hair again (I dyed mine black once then 4 years later wanted to go blue, professional took a sample of my hair as I was having it trimmed anyway and it stretched to three times its length then snapped in 30 seconds so had to be cut out)

GreatFuckability · 22/06/2017 23:44

yes. its only hair. the worst that happens is, you don't like it, it grows.

BubbleGuppie · 22/06/2017 23:44

Aslong as it's done properly and tested first then sure. I dyed mine at 15 (as soon as my mum let me Grin ) from blonde to dark brown and then at 18 tried to go back and had a massive allergic reaction to the bleach became I didnt test it.

SheSaidHeSaid · 22/06/2017 23:48

Yes but only at a salon so it doesn't wreck her hair like a box dye can and also to make sure it's a well done colour that would be accepted by the school.

OvariesBeforeBrovaries · 22/06/2017 23:48

If they wanted to, sure. I started dyeing mine at 13 I think :)

Heratnumber7 · 23/06/2017 08:39

Well partly because it's not a one off thing and I'm not prepared to fork out for the root retouching etc. There's no way she could afford it on her pocket money.

MidsummerMoo · 23/06/2017 09:01

I was definitely 'experimenting' with hair dye at that age...right if passage...but that's very different to having a proper expensive job in a salon, which seems unnecessary at that age.

However, if she has pocket money she saves and wants to spend it on such a thing, that can be her choice...but agree that she'd then have to be responsible for upkeep to.

Fluffyears · 23/06/2017 09:15

I used semi-permanent colours from that age, no roots and not a permanent commitment as it fades out in about a month.

helpimitchy · 23/06/2017 09:27

Yes, the funkier the better. It's all part of growing up.

ProudBadMum · 23/06/2017 09:29


Everyone needs a shitty hair disaster at that age Grin

Mine was a pink fringe. It said it was wash in and wash out. I had it for months as it faded slowly

OwlsinTowls · 23/06/2017 09:38

Yes. Been dying mine since 12. Started with blonde/brown/red high/low-lights, then dark brown with red highlights, then just dark brown, then plum, blue/black, bleach blonde, purple, bright pink...

PacificDogwod · 23/06/2017 09:40

It's hair, it grows.

Having outrageous hair is a very harmless bit of rite of passage when growing up.

FakePlasticTeaLeaves · 23/06/2017 09:41

Semi- permanent, yes.

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