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To argue i never signed

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Musereader · 21/06/2017 16:14

I had a bit of a stressful time recently renewing my tenancy, i wanted to to renew the tenancy in my name only as my ex had left over 6 months prior, when i told the agency this they sent a section 21 notice for me to be out 20th of june and relisted my house on rightmove. They did say that i could apply for a new tenancy in my name only though i just needed to provide them with a new employment reference, so after getting my employer to send it out 3 times in the post to them and they claimed they didnt get it - i had it sent to me and took it to the office, they took a look at it and told me i was under the earnings threshold. I asked them to ask the landlord as i had been paying the rent myself for a full year on those wages - after two weeks they let me know on wed 14th that i could have the new agreement, i duly paid £132 and they sent the tenancy agreement via docusign when the payment cleared. When i got the agreement it said the rent was £5,500 pcm which was a typo as my rent is £550, i asked them to amend and they resent but after getting the agreement docusign did not let me sign it just said document completed after i accessed it. It baffled me but i just let it go. I've paid this months rent but they are still advertising it.

On friday my dad asks 'have you signed your agreement yet?' I said 'yes, why?' It transpires that my dad, who is a kitchen fitter has been asked to do a kitchen bathroom and redecoration in a rental property by a friend (they were in the same church until the friend went to live down south, they are renting down there and letting out thier house up here to pay the mortgage) as the house has just come empty. My dad discussed it with them and came up with a deal where i can rent it for £550 if my dad does the labour for free. This house is bigger and closer to my parents. I could go from a 2 bed terrace with tiny kitchen and no garden 1.5 miles from my parents to a 3 bed semi with garden less than a mile away (i am very close with my parents and they are supporting me a lot because i am a single mother on mat leave at the moment)

I told the agency i want to leave, but they are saying i would need to pay £380+vat and the rent until it is re let, aibu if i argue i never signed the tenancy due to the docusign glitch and because they are still advertising my current rental they are in breach anyway?

OP posts:
FanaticalFox · 21/06/2017 20:28

Well don't move then Hmm you should have looked to move somewhere even better before haggling to renew your tenancy. Otherwise other thing you could do is see if your parents could pay the rent for the other place and you pay them back later. Would your current place take long to rent again do you think?

Musereader · 30/06/2017 00:55

Was easier than i thought, went to see a housing benefit officer who said they could not accept the clearly unsigned document and told me to go back to estate agents to sign it, went in to ES explained HB could not accept, ES goes 'err let me check with docusign if it is valid'. got an email later that day that says that the tenancy was not valid and they cannot offer the renewal as they cannot accept HB claimants so got what i wanted anyway. Have agreed with agency to waive the notice and just leave at date im paid up to because dad's friend wants me in asap.

OP posts:
makeourfuture · 30/06/2017 06:04

Thanks for the update. Both sides seem happy and in agreement.

KimmySchmidt1 · 30/06/2017 06:19

Not being unreasonable at all. They have messed you about squeezing more money out of you pointlessly and if indeed the docusign didn't work that is their problem. They are still listing it. Definitely worth a try.

beingsunny · 30/06/2017 06:31

I believe they have taken the signed document and allowed for an amendment.

You were then able to open your signed version to confirm the rental amount had been corrected.

You will be under contract.

You should be liable for a break fee, it's expensive and your landlord will be paying these fees to the real estate agent, it's not going into his pocket.

AyeAmarok · 30/06/2017 06:32

Excellent work OP.

I think your landlord needs new agents, they sound utter shite.

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