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what TV show are you currently binging?

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PraiseTheSun · 16/06/2017 15:03

I'm on maternity leave and DH is working long hours. Please share with me what you are binging :-) I need some ideas. I'm currently watching Mad Men.

OP posts:
weeblueberry · 16/06/2017 15:04

Designated Survivor. :)

cliffdiver · 16/06/2017 15:05

Finished Lost a couple of months ago.

Skinnydecafflatte · 16/06/2017 15:05

The Missing, Gilmore Girls, Line of Duty, have been my most recent, I realise I'm slightly late to most things though...

EnglandKeepMyBones · 16/06/2017 15:06

Real Housewives of New York ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Oh the shame!

Scottishchick39 · 16/06/2017 15:07

The Blacklist

PraiseTheSun · 16/06/2017 15:07

cliff currently rewatching lost in the evenings ๐Ÿ˜€

OP posts:
Shoxfordian · 16/06/2017 15:07

I love designated survivor! Need the new series though

Currently on Orange is the new black

Sunnydaysrock · 16/06/2017 15:08

House of Cards, also have new Prison Break to finish, and the rest of Fortitude.

HumphreyCobblers · 16/06/2017 15:09

American Gods. So good.

sleepychunky · 16/06/2017 15:09

House of Cards season 5 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both on Netflix and both brilliant in very different ways!

pinkstripe · 16/06/2017 15:09

Girls. Only a few years behind Blush

QueenArseClangers · 16/06/2017 15:10

Vikings is a wee bit cheesy at first but gets better.

Justified is absolutely ace, super good series.

Have you watched GOT or would that be too upsetting (I was a bit emotionally vulnerable whilst upduffed so would end up crying at random things)?

notsmartenough · 16/06/2017 15:11

I've just finished Once Upon a Time and have now started on Prison Break.

QueenArseClangers · 16/06/2017 15:11

Ooooh yes, Girls.

muckypup73 · 16/06/2017 15:12

Hollyoaks, Gordon Ramsey kitchen nightmares and come dine with me and 4 in the bed that is offically it!

whippetwoman · 16/06/2017 15:13

Parks and Recreation - from Season 2 onwards. I LOVE it!

LurkingHusband · 16/06/2017 15:13

House of Cards S5 (up to E10).

FeckinCrutches · 16/06/2017 15:13

I love Dick

Reow · 16/06/2017 15:14


PraiseTheSun · 16/06/2017 15:16

feckin the show with Kevin Bacon or is that a confession ๐Ÿ˜
Queen I've started GOT a few times I must be on of the few people who just can't get into it Sad

OP posts:
Babyblues14 · 16/06/2017 15:16

Ridiculously I have become obsessed with watching Judge Judy since I got pregnant. Its stupid. I dont recommend it Grin

Mulch · 16/06/2017 15:16

All the old star trek are on Netflix Grin

FeckinCrutches · 16/06/2017 15:16

Both Wink

FeckinCrutches · 16/06/2017 15:17

Kevin Bacon is divine in it. Why do men get better looking when they get older?

handsfree · 16/06/2017 15:17

Suits and The Good Wife

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