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To have done ALL the washing?

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EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 12:31

I know I'm not. I just want to brag a bit. I don't think I've ever done all the washing before in my entire life.

Two empty hampers, everything washed, dried and put away. To achieve the putting away bit I had to do some pretty ruthless culling of everyone's drawers and wardrobe. DS2 had SIXTY THREE too small items in his drawers. The teenagers had loads too. I've Kondoed all their drawers so it all looks fabulous.

Anyway. I'm now onto the bedding, which I only did a few days ago, because I'm on a laundry roll and don't want to waste the sunshine. I might even iron my duvet cover.

Has anyone else ever achieved this wondrous feat? I feel like I should get a medal.

OP posts:
wowfudge · 15/06/2017 12:36

I feel like you should get a life Wink. Well done you. When you're done, do you fancy sorting ours out too?

robindeer · 15/06/2017 12:39

I am in awe. Well done Essie! Star

TheRadiantAerynSun · 15/06/2017 12:45

What, you put it away? Actually all of it, away... in the cupboards?

No, I don't believe that. That's only happens in mythology.

EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 12:47

That's what I thought Aeryn.

But like a Laundry Goddess, I have made it happen.

I am basking in my own fabulousness right now.

OP posts:
Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 15/06/2017 12:47

If you have the urge to iron a duvet cover I would suggest you have been out in the sun too long. ....

EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 12:48

It probably won't happen tbf. I'm not even sure where we keep the iron.

OP posts:
kaytee87 · 15/06/2017 12:49

Well done! Now for some CakeBrew

My laundry basket is often empty but there's only me, my dh & baby son so not too much stuff (I also tumble dry a lot).

Njordsgrrrl · 15/06/2017 12:56

My iron is at the back of a cupboard somewhere. hair straighteners do the trick for collars and uniform labels.

Laundry though? Do you not have a handsome sea-captain to rob, Essie? And i hope you've left some food out for them Shamrock
EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 13:00

Grin I'm book Essie though so I'm Cornish. Not sure what a Cornish emoji would be. A pasty?

OP posts:
Njordsgrrrl · 15/06/2017 13:04

lololol. Pixie perhaps?

EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 13:11

Google says this

To have done ALL the washing?
OP posts:
Njordsgrrrl · 15/06/2017 13:16

Hahaha that's great Grin

Wish I'd read it first but it's awesome and don't want to spoil it now by getting the book although I read GoT before the series so...

Seriously though an empty laundry basket is a rare and fine occurrence. It should be celebrated.

ToothFairiesHaveNoChange · 15/06/2017 13:19

I'm jealous you have sun.

Lj8893 · 15/06/2017 13:20

I emptied our laundry baskets yesterday and did all the washing. I put mine away, and dds away, dhs will probably stay in a pile on the stairs for the next 3 weeks. That pile will get messier as he pulls things out of it as he wants them.

FreezerBird · 15/06/2017 13:23

I did this yesterday as it was the first sunny day I was home for ages.

Unfortunately I got quite overexcited about it all and realised only later that I'd washed the sheets at 30 and delicates at 60.

It all seems okay though so far and I did - briefly - have an empty laundry basket.

NoWordForFluffy · 15/06/2017 13:25

I did this on Sunday. 4 loads washed, dried and put away (except DH's stuff as he puts his own stuff away).

The basket was filling again nicely by the kids' bedtime!

CatsInKilts · 15/06/2017 13:26

This is so obviously a troll thread.

Next you'll be telling us that there were no odd socks lurking in the bottom of the baskets/hampers! Shock

Away with you to your bridge. And take your freshly ironed duvet cover with you!. Wink

Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 15/06/2017 13:31

Tbf I did consider bringing in yesterday's dry washing from the line earlier but dcat is asleep in the basket. . Would surely be cruel to disturb him.

EssieTregowan · 15/06/2017 13:31

Definitely not a troll.

Peanut Beaker, cups of poo, Pilates sex.

(Did I get those right?)

OP posts:
SquinkiesRule · 15/06/2017 13:33

Load number 3 about to be finished in the machine. Two loads on the line.
Looks like a coat washing day, I think we need to raid the hooks in the hall.

robinia · 15/06/2017 13:33

If you haven't ironed anything then you are not a laundry goddess Wink

Njordsgrrrl · 15/06/2017 13:36

Grin yes they're perfect Grin

yourcarisnotadiscovery · 15/06/2017 13:42

I was about to report thinking "troll" until your ironing comment! well done! you are indeed laundry goddess...

Giddyaunt18 · 15/06/2017 13:43

Enjoy it while it lasts OP, you know as well as I do that your laundry cup will overfloweth by this weekend! Wink

yourcarisnotadiscovery · 15/06/2017 13:45

laundry goddess - have v important question please: if laundry is sunned on - does it undo the "darking" from last night?!

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