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ok heres one that'll make you laugh! Or maybe not.....

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powder28 · 20/03/2007 08:05

A friend of mine once said to me

'How do i teach my child that people who shop in morissons are dirty?'

She also said she once invited a friend of her ds1 over to play because she thought 'it would be good for him to have a black friend'
Then when she realised this woman lived in a council house she didnt want to meet up with her again.

I think she may have lost the plot

This is absolutely true by the way, I know it seems completely ludicrous. Anyone else had any similar comments made to them?

OP posts:

VioletBaudelaire · 20/03/2007 08:09

Do people send their children over to play with her children so they can "look at how a biggoted idiot behaves"?


VioletBaudelaire · 20/03/2007 08:10

but I bet they spell 'bigoted' correctly!


Flamesparrow · 20/03/2007 08:12

People in Lidl are much more dirty


Flamesparrow · 20/03/2007 08:12

That was a joke and the first shop chosen as I have a leaflet thing next to me


Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 08:12

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's the funniest thing I have heard in ages, thank you powder for brightening up my day! What a nutter, the poor child is doomed.....


OrmIrian · 20/03/2007 08:17

If people object to fruit shoots I can't see how they couldn't be horrified by a parent feeding this poisonous crap to their child.

I don't think it's particularly funny TBH.


powder28 · 20/03/2007 08:17

I thnk i may have failed her suitability test because she has not been to see me and has not invited me over with my kids. In fact she ignores my texts and i only found out she was pregnant again when i wished her happy new year and asked 'are you with child number three yet?' and she replied about three days later saying she was over halfway through.


OP posts:

harpsichordcarrier · 20/03/2007 08:19

this person is your friend????


zippitippitoes · 20/03/2007 08:25

the black friend thing doesn't surprise me at all

imo this is exactly how people do behave over various things"trophy" friends to reflect back on themselves favourably to help the image they like to make

it extends to all sorts of things where being seen to hold a view is much more important than actually holding it

it's called coat tailing or something


powder28 · 20/03/2007 08:25

She also got really upset when a man who came to see her dh used her toilet. She thought he had been in there a long time

'doing a poo and putting his penisy hands all over my bathroom'

OP posts:

harpsichordcarrier · 20/03/2007 08:26

she'ds bonkers. and vile.
drop her, I wouldn't have her near my children tbh.


zippitippitoes · 20/03/2007 08:28

well as you aren't seeing her it doesn't really matter..get on with your life and forget her


LilRedWG · 20/03/2007 08:29

I think you need to run away from this woman!


brimfull · 20/03/2007 08:36

I think I know the same woman.


ernest · 20/03/2007 08:47

if she didn't already have ds I'd be sure it was my sister. Really.


sarahhal · 20/03/2007 08:49

Well don't talk to me then as I'm a dirty Morison's shopper


zippitippitoes · 20/03/2007 08:51

I didn't get the morrissons bit at all


BizzyDint · 20/03/2007 08:52

morrissons are undergoing a big make over, new slogan, new uniforms etc to try to get away from this image you know.


powder28 · 20/03/2007 08:52

Well in that case i must be the dirtiest becasue I shop in the co-op!

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 20/03/2007 08:54

there used to be a supermarket here called michaels whose main purpose was to sell cheap whiskey and pet food and some rather nasty tinned and frozen stuff

but waht is wrong with morrisson was rather a nice old gent


Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 08:56

It was the morrisons bit that amused me so much. (The having a token black friend is just sad). Does she live in Wakefield, because the Morrisons in the Ridings Shopping Centre does have an unnaturally high proportion of dirty looking people and people that if you get close to them (such as the check out queue) smell funny, which I have pointed out to my DH (I know this because I often shop there, so I am one of them!!!!!) However, we have another morrisons and that is much nicer and full of people with access to baths and showers


NotQuiteCockney · 20/03/2007 08:56

I'm going to spend the rest of today trying to figure out how to use 'penisy hands' in conversation.

Let's hope I fail, eh?


powder28 · 20/03/2007 08:57

Gingermonkey, you have made me laugh lots

OP posts:

meeeeow · 20/03/2007 08:58

sounds like 'mrs Bucket' to me! Her poor ds. I would cut her out!


Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 08:59

powder, the terrible thing is, I prefer the dirty morrisons - what does that say about me????!!!

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