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Is this an inconvenient gift?

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deneedenee · 11/06/2017 20:53

My boss is retiring soon and I'm organising the big(ger) farewell and gift.

So far there is about £120 in the gift envelope, and someone suggested I get him an overnight stay somewhere via Groupon or similar.

Had a look today and there's a deal for a 2 night stay in the Lake District, with breakfast, cream tea and a cruise on Lake Windermere for £169. I'm still expecting some contributions to the envelope, and also have money set aside just from those in our office, so plenty to cover the cost.

However ,we're in Scotland. I know he's been to the LD a few times, really likes it and is always telling me I need to go.

But is it an inconvenient gift if he has to drive there, buy dinner etc?

I'm not 100% about the hotel. It's only 3 star and he's quite an experienced traveller, so may not be up to his standard. But in theory, is this type of gift a nice idea or just a hassle for someone? I might see what I can find closer to home, but from the point of view of the extra expenses involved, what do you think?

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deneedenee · 11/06/2017 21:54

I should have asked at the time. But he hasn't any plans yet, I have asked him.

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trappedinsuburbia · 11/06/2017 21:54

The cruise thing looks great, i'd definitely go for that, it wouldn't bother me if I couldn't have the bubbly.

Catanddogmake6 · 11/06/2017 22:11

One other thing - is he married? You could ring his wife and see if she knew what he would like or say you will give him cash/ vouchers otherwise.

SometimesMaybe · 11/06/2017 22:19

Marr Hall is a bit cheaper than CH bit for £160 I would go for dinner vouchers in Glasgow somewhere (Las Gambia or two fat ladies?) or hotel vouchers then it's totally up to them when they use them (Blythwood :Square?)

SometimesMaybe · 11/06/2017 22:21


HamletsSister · 11/06/2017 22:45

Sorry if the Tastecard is unpopular. We use ours in Edinburgh a fair bit when we are there but tend to just pick from there rather than choosing the restaurant first.

FlapAttack88 · 11/06/2017 23:08

Ooh yes for national trust!!! Fab idea

Beeziekn33ze · 11/06/2017 23:43

I've given NT membership as a wedding present - they loved it. But I did already know they liked going to NT properties.

CouldntMakeThisShitUp · 12/06/2017 01:58

Groupon do helicopter rides for just under £100.....or you could buy him an experience day at a racing track where he can race around in a souped up swanky car?

Or if he likes golf - voucher to spend at a golf store?

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