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Is this an inconvenient gift?

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deneedenee · 11/06/2017 20:53

My boss is retiring soon and I'm organising the big(ger) farewell and gift.

So far there is about £120 in the gift envelope, and someone suggested I get him an overnight stay somewhere via Groupon or similar.

Had a look today and there's a deal for a 2 night stay in the Lake District, with breakfast, cream tea and a cruise on Lake Windermere for £169. I'm still expecting some contributions to the envelope, and also have money set aside just from those in our office, so plenty to cover the cost.

However ,we're in Scotland. I know he's been to the LD a few times, really likes it and is always telling me I need to go.

But is it an inconvenient gift if he has to drive there, buy dinner etc?

I'm not 100% about the hotel. It's only 3 star and he's quite an experienced traveller, so may not be up to his standard. But in theory, is this type of gift a nice idea or just a hassle for someone? I might see what I can find closer to home, but from the point of view of the extra expenses involved, what do you think?

OP posts:
NapQueen · 11/06/2017 20:54

I really wouldnt buy a gift which requires hassle on the recipients part.

StealthPolarBear · 11/06/2017 20:56

You can get gift vouchers for the chain of hoteld in the Lake that might be an option

Nemesia · 11/06/2017 20:56

Don't do it! We got an itison voucher for Xmas one year and really struggled to spend it. Dates can be limited for hotel deals too and often don't include weekends.

Dailystuck71 · 11/06/2017 20:56

I wouldn't. If he's an experienced traveller particularly. Groupon deals aren't great usually.

What about somewhere in Scotland that's good but may be bed and breakfast? Or a voucher for somewhere really,good for dinner?

OverAndAbove · 11/06/2017 20:56

No, don't do it! I predict it will end up being wasted and he will feel bad about it

Trills · 11/06/2017 20:57

Yes that's an inconvenient gift.

The best weekend-away present would be the money, in an envelope, with a printed off "voucher" saying that you hope it'll be used for XXX but thought the recipient would prefer to choose and book themselves.

deneedenee · 11/06/2017 20:58

Okay! I thought since he be retired, the restriction on dates/weekends would be okay, but this is pretty conclusive. I'll certainly not go so far afield. Any suggestions up this way for either a really fancy restaurant or a nice hotel chain who do gift vouchers?

OP posts:
AgentProvocateur · 11/06/2017 20:59

Anything through groupon can be a hassle, because it has an expiry date and many dates when the offer isn't available. Groupon guests often get the worst rooms too. Get him Hilton vouchers, or St Andres Bay where they can be exchanged at full face value.

lurkingfromhome · 11/06/2017 20:59

Honestly, I'd not be doing the Groupon thing for a gift like that, esp if he's a seasoned traveller and has a bit of disposable income. I'd get a voucher for dinner for two in a nice restaurant fairly close to where he lives.

HamletsSister · 11/06/2017 21:00

Get him a Tastecard (about £80) which gives a year of cheap meals out. Plus the rest in money with a small amount spent on something like a picture frame or something tangible.

AgentProvocateur · 11/06/2017 21:01

Cross posted. Where are you, OP!

Acopyofacopy · 11/06/2017 21:02

Buy a nice bunch of flowers, make little origami butterflies out of the money and let your boss do whatever he fancies with it!

Is this an inconvenient gift?
deneedenee · 11/06/2017 21:02

West of Scotland. Glasgow would be my best bet.

OP posts:
deneedenee · 11/06/2017 21:04

A copy that is downright fancy Grin, but I don't really like giving hard cash in this situation and he's not a flowery kind of guy.

OP posts:
bruffin · 11/06/2017 21:04

I wouldnt get a tastecard, i get one free and havent been able to use it. Mostly seems to be indian takeaways

deneedenee · 11/06/2017 21:05

I have a tastecard and there's not a great range of places to use them up here. I forgot to cancel the trial and got charged the £30 just last week Angry

OP posts:
Dailystuck71 · 11/06/2017 21:06

How about dinner at Cameron house or duck bay?

lurkingfromhome · 11/06/2017 21:08

I'd go for Gamba or the Rogano. Or the Gannet. Or even the Ubiquitous Chip as it's such an institution. A voucher for dinner at any of those would be lovely. Don't get him a discount card!

elevenclips · 11/06/2017 21:09

Yes it's inconvenient and requires further spending which when you retire is exactly what you don't want.

Anyway. I thought the thing these days was to get the recipient a token gift and provide the rest as hard cash. Eg you collect £150 you buy a gift under £20 (depending on what recipient will like) and give £130 cash.

Allthebestnamesareused · 11/06/2017 21:09

Cameron House would be my suggestion too. Does he play golf? They do golf and dinner packages or spa and dinner packages too.

AgentProvocateur · 11/06/2017 21:10

I'd get Chip / Stravaigin vouchers (same vouchers can be used for both) or Hutchisons / Spanish Butcher / Butcher Shop (check if same vouchers can be used for all three)

elevenclips · 11/06/2017 21:10

If get restaurant voucher better to get it for slightly under the amount and top up with cash. It's crap going to a restaurant the bill being forty five quid and you have to hand over your fifty quid voucher and they don't give change. Better to get forty quid voucher and top up with cash.

Oldbutstillgotit · 11/06/2017 21:13

What about Turnberry Hotel ?

GU24Mum · 11/06/2017 21:13

If there's nothing he wants as a present (have you or someone else asked him.....?), I'd get a small token present like others have suggested then either the money or a voucher for something he can use on lots of different things rather than tie him down whether it's to a particular deal/hotel/small chain. So for me, book tokens/M&S voucher etc are all boring but safe : theatre tokens, specific offers are far more likely to look at him accusingly until their expiry date!!

jamrock · 11/06/2017 21:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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