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AIBU to cancel my Hotmail account after 20 years?

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jwpetal · 08/06/2017 14:19

It is a bit of a ridiculous rant, but I have had my account since 1997 approx. I have sat through change after change, but today I have had enough. AIBU to want to smack the developers over the head and yell, WTF are you thinking? After years of the email design, I can no longer delete emails based on the subject line en mass. I have to delete each individual email. If I open the email, I have to go the reply button and scroll down to delete the message. And before anyone says that i can set up a delete rule, I do not want to do this. I can see the email and mark to delete as wanted. What numpty decided that this was a good idea? I am now thinking I will just use my yahoo account until they decide to change a working email design. grrrr

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MeganChips · 08/06/2017 22:41

I think I must be the only person who loves the focused inbox!

It works perfectly for me and makes it really easy to get rid of spam and mass emails. It hasn't made a mistake yet.

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