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to wish that Elton John would disappear up his own jacksie?

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pirategirl · 19/03/2007 10:59

I cant stand him, i remember my mum and dad having the 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' album in the 70's, and I liked alot of the tracks. He looked pretty normal back then.

Its just his manner, his fake accent which slips into americanism. arghhhhhhhhhhh. so its your birthday you egocentric arse, who gives a monkeys.

OP posts:

paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 11:09

You are being completely Unreasonable. Elton John is a music legend. I have tickets to see him in June and I can't wait.


MyPartnerDavidFurnish · 19/03/2007 11:13

How very dare you.


RoxyNotFoxy · 19/03/2007 11:20

I think you're very unreasonable. Elton John is much too fat to disappear up his own jacksi. Suggest something more practical, such as disappearing up an elephant's jacksi. I was thinking along those lines when listening to him singing an old English hymn at the FA Cup Final. "Abaaad wiyuth me"


theheadgirl · 19/03/2007 11:20

PMSL at this....... yes he's turned into an old luvvy. But I'm with PPB - he's a legend and has done some fantastic stuff in his time.


meeeeow · 19/03/2007 11:22

So what do you think of michael jackson then? (I dont like him now) He is weirder than wierd!!


theheadgirl · 19/03/2007 11:24

Indeed Jacko is a fruitcake and I preferred him when he was black


meeeeow · 19/03/2007 11:38

Me too! he did great music as a kid. But there are all these allogations too. Just dont know what to believe about him! At least with Elton john, you know what he is!


paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 11:38

Jacko is bizarre. I think its sad really all that wasted talent.


MyPartnerDavidFurnish · 19/03/2007 11:40

Michael Jackson (or Wacko as we affectionately call the weirdo) is one of our closest personal friends. He is a shining light of perfect fatherhood and is not at all as mad as a fabulously bejewelled box of frogs oh no.


MrsDoolittle · 19/03/2007 11:48

I love Elton's music. I haven't heard the Scissor Sister's album Ta-dah but I'm wondering what it's like with his influence. I love the singles they have released.


paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 11:50

Its a great album I recommend buying it immediatly. My DD 3 loves it to.


meeeeow · 19/03/2007 11:53

mpdf -


MyPartnerDavidFurnish · 19/03/2007 11:56

Scissor Sisters are one of our closest personal friends.

They are a shining light of perfectly co-ordinated sequins and falsetto singing.


MrsDoolittle · 19/03/2007 12:00

How old is dd Paula??


VioletBaudelaire · 19/03/2007 12:04

I think he's now got so much status in the music industry that he's entitled to act like a complete diva.
I also think he's done fantastic work for people with Aids via his foundation.
I presume the fact that his birthday party is being televised is because it is a charitable event, and anyone who is anyone will be attending?


paulaplumpbottom · 19/03/2007 12:04

She is 3


pirategirl · 19/03/2007 18:18

still think he's a prat.

OP posts:

MrsDoolittle · 22/03/2007 11:27

Well dd is three too. So based on this mighty recommendation, I have just bought the album.


nogoes · 22/03/2007 11:30

I can't stand him. He is sooo fake and so up himself surrounded by a bunch of shallow idiots fawning all over him. No you are not unreasonable.


Rhubarb · 22/03/2007 11:41

When we were on our honeymoon we took a minibus to get us to the top of Mount Vesuvius, the driver had Elton John playing all the way up there, and then we had to suffer the album again all the way down!

I had to have counselling to get over it.


GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 22/03/2007 11:42

Elton was talented, but has descended into irretrievable luvviedom, inhabiting a world where only Victoria Beckham, Liz Hurley and PartnerDavidFurnish and their ilk are allowed to visit. He has become a professional Queen, swearing and poncing about all the time, pausing only to become godfather to another celebridee babe or to lay on a show in Vegas.

BTW, what is it about the trinity of John, Beckham and Hurley that makes me want to lash out irrationally? Do you think they have any other friends, or are they just always on the phone to each other, lunching together and getting their hair done en masse? Pah! Phoney bores that are already a very long way up their own arses. Don't worry, I'm sure they will disappear up there soon enough.


Marina · 22/03/2007 11:44

Wow that must have been atmospheric rhuby - the Bay of Naples, the towering mountain, Elton John...
In his favour, Are You Ready For Love is dd's "song" and means a lot to us for all sorts of reasons
But otherwise I am there with Neil Tennant: "Sac-er-if-ice? That's not a word, is it?"
MPDF, so where do you stand on Mika? Or maybe I should rephrase that...


Rhubarb · 22/03/2007 11:46

I've had Mika.

But he is now dumped in favour of Tommy Tiernan who is HOT!


squeakybub · 22/03/2007 11:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

powder28 · 22/03/2007 11:57

I imagine he disappears up his husbands jacksie quite frequently.

I like him though

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