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Okay, so my expect a lie in on both Saturday AND Sunday this weekend

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VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 19:24

because it is my birthday on Saturday and it is Mothers Day on Sunday?

Just spoke to DP, and we were discussing what the plans were for the weekend. He had invited some friends round on Saturday evening (I dont know if that means I am cooking or we are getting take away yet ), as opposed to organising something with family.

We then talked about him picking something up from work that he had forgotten to bring home that we will need for the garden this weekend. So, he said...."Oh I'll pop to work Saturday morning with the LO's, and you'll get your lie in then, because our friends are coming over Saturday night, and I'll have a few drinks so will be better for me to have the lie in on Sunday"

Err...firstly Saturday night is my birthday and although I dont often drink - I might want to on my birthday. Secondly - it's Mothers Day on Sunday and had it fallen on any other weekend that that of my birthday - i'dve got the lie in.

Mind you...I usually get my lie in on a Sunday, adn DP's on a Saturday.......

hmmmmm What say you all?

OP posts:

VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 19:34

oh come on.....

OP posts:

lulumama · 15/03/2007 19:35

of course you are not being unreasonable!! tis the law you get to lie in after a birthday , regardless of previous lie ins !


fryalot · 15/03/2007 19:36

you're not being unreasonable, but......

A quid says you don't get both.


prawnsmum · 15/03/2007 19:37

of course you should get a lie in both days!!!


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 19:38

Sounds like a challenge squonk......I think I'll definitely have to go for it now.

OP posts:

CorrieDale · 15/03/2007 19:38

I hesitate to mention this but do you think he might just have forgotten what day Sunday is? It might be time to start dropping hints...


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 19:40

No, definitely not Corrie, because we were discussing such things a few minutes before, and he has been aware all week, due to our having to plan to visit our respective Mothers on the same day.

OP posts:

fryalot · 15/03/2007 19:40

Good luck. If you do, it'll be worth a quid to know that someone managed it!!


unknownrebelbang · 15/03/2007 19:42

Nononononono, you're definitely not unreasonable.

You are entitled to a lie-in on BOTH days.

So say I.

You HAVE to win this challenge.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 19:47

OP posts:

crunchie · 15/03/2007 19:52

deffo lie in both days

DD and I are debating this one thhough, it is her bday on sunday and we think dh should serve both of us beakfast in bed


fruitful · 15/03/2007 19:53

OK so he knows its Mother's Day. Has he remembered that you are a Mother? Or does he think it only applies to his mum and your mum? Common mistake to make!


Pann · 15/03/2007 20:00

Poor bastard. Runing around all weekend looking after the little ones whilst Queenie here wants recognition for the act of being born, AND merely for the known consequence of unprotected sex.

deary me.


noonar · 15/03/2007 20:01

well my dh is snowboarding and will be away all weekend. i'm shattered already. dds have been up before 6 all week

go for it. its your right!( i'm storing up my lie in 'vouchers', btw.)


unknownrebelbang · 15/03/2007 20:02

And your point is Pann?


pointydog · 15/03/2007 20:03

how old are your kids?

If they are very little, I'd say he should still get one lie-in. Two weeks without and var mittle children could be almost unbearable


Pann · 15/03/2007 20:04

utterly unreasonable unkown, IMVHO.......

sounds like a sentence rather than a weekend for the poor lad. It's not his fault the two events co-incide....and it's not as if it's every year this happens , is it??


Pann · 15/03/2007 20:05


VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 20:05

Yes - recognition for being born is vitally important. He is very lucky to have me

Which brings me on to the other point of is his pennance - once a year after all to run around after me for having unprotected sex

That'll learn him

OP posts:

VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/03/2007 20:09

Pann, your attempts to rile me are failing. Miserably

OP posts:

fryalot · 15/03/2007 20:10

But keep it up, Pann. There's a whole pound on this


Pann · 15/03/2007 20:11



mollymawk · 15/03/2007 20:11

I think it's quite fair. He will no doubt say he has to have a lie-in for Father's Day and his birthday. But beware because I think Father's Day is a Sunday and you said he normally gets his lie-in on a Saturday - so you may be in for the same thing in June...


jollymum · 15/03/2007 20:11

Ihave to say that if you get to have a lie in one day, you should get up the other. If by a lie in you mean snoozing til 7ish, if your LO gets up at 5, then that's OK. But my DH 's lie in is until lunchtime and IMHO that's selfish and unreasonable. If you're working then you should be with your kids, you can snooze on the sofa cuddling them, and if you don't work, then sorry, really late lie ins are just selfish. What happened to family time and maybe all having a snuggle together in bed and then getting up and doing stuff?!


Pann · 15/03/2007 20:13

they are failing as you know I think you are adorable!! Two lie-ins. MINIMUM

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