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to have been peeved that DH was soooo loud when throwing up.....

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Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 13:27

I know I know...cruel...but in my defence he is a nightmare when he hurts himself etc and complete drama queen. So DD1 had been throwing up all night so hadnt been asleep. She finally went to sleep at 3am cue Dh jumping out of bed and spending 40 mins throwing up but with the loudest sounds you have ever heard. Of course he woke up both DDs and Ds who were all scared by the noise and over tired with everything else. I swear if I could have thrown him into the street I would have done.

OP posts:
misdee · 28/02/2007 20:06

OMG i thought it was only dh who did this.

he throws up ans sneezes so loudly its terrible, he wakes me up even with the bathroom and bedroom doors shut!

and he hums when he eats. its barely audiable, but its there and annoying.

mytwopenceworth · 28/02/2007 20:06

Huh! MY dh phoned me up from outside the pub the other night to be sick down the phone at me for 5 minutes. all i could hear was hurrgghh huuuuueeee bleeeee gnaaaaa and the splashing of it hitting the floor. and him going "no" between barfs every time i said phone me back when you've finished.

pesme · 28/02/2007 20:06

christ if he hummed it would be the end, i have an uncle who hums and it drives me demented

TinyGang · 28/02/2007 20:07

They're soo annoying aren't they? We have to run round after them and the kids when they're all ill, praying we won't get it too and if we do, it still has to be fitted in at a convenient moment.

Sneezing, coughing, farting, chucking up in an annoying fashion, snoring and making a huge deal out of being a bit sick. Pah!

I threw up for months when I was pregnant and still had to look after dd every day. And as for giving birth. Can you imagine them coping with that??

Dh lies in bed when ill whimpering about 'cup of tea'.

Tortington · 28/02/2007 20:07

nemo oushudda kicked him in the fanjo - how inconsiderate - tell him to puke more quietly ffs.

Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 20:10

My dh has been in bed all day although whenever I have gone into the kitchen he has needed

MYPW that would have resulted in being locked out for the night..lmao

OP posts:
theheadgirl · 28/02/2007 20:54

Oh no (hangs head in shame) its not just a man thing...... I am the noisiest puker that ever walked this earth. Just ask my sisters, they never let me forget it And DD3 hums when she eats! Sorry girls.....

Thcc · 10/04/2023 00:00

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