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to have been peeved that DH was soooo loud when throwing up.....

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Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 13:27

I know I know...cruel...but in my defence he is a nightmare when he hurts himself etc and complete drama queen. So DD1 had been throwing up all night so hadnt been asleep. She finally went to sleep at 3am cue Dh jumping out of bed and spending 40 mins throwing up but with the loudest sounds you have ever heard. Of course he woke up both DDs and Ds who were all scared by the noise and over tired with everything else. I swear if I could have thrown him into the street I would have done.

OP posts:
cori · 28/02/2007 13:34

yes you are being unreasonaable. . I get annoyed at DH sneezing too loud [embarrassed]

Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 13:35

pmsl thought so..also get annoyed by the sneezing

OP posts:
JanH · 28/02/2007 13:35

If he's got the bug DS1 and I had last week he honestly can't help it - I am usually the quietest puker in the world but I was hollering with this one, it's projectile (sorry if TMI!).

Poor thing

BarryTook · 28/02/2007 13:36

on behalf of dg

moopymoo · 28/02/2007 13:37

not unreasonable...we all have coughs colds at the mo, but dh has a chest infection and flu....he lies in bed moaning uuurrrrgh uuuurrrgh then talks in silly feeble voice ' does it make you feel better talking like that' i ask....grrr rant over sorry!

liquidclocks · 28/02/2007 13:37

Aw! Nemo - have a heart!

(DS1 actually thought it was fabulous fun when mummy was being sick last week - he ran around the bathroom shouting 'mummy cough, again again!' )

Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 13:39

Well thats the thing Ds had the same thing last week and DD1 has it, neither of them make any noise or groaning etc while chucking up yet the biggest kid of all was a nightmare!!

OP posts:
JanH · 28/02/2007 13:43

They are only little though, Nemo - the volume increases with size!

SenoraPostrophe · 28/02/2007 13:45

. yes. very unreasonable.

If dh told me I was throwing up too loudly I think I'd have to save the next retch for his pillow or something.

Spidermama · 28/02/2007 13:47

Throwing up can be a very loud business. The louder it is, the worse the retching IME.

You MUST apologise and make amends.

Spidermama · 28/02/2007 13:47

Do you feel bad enough yet Nemo?

DrumMum · 28/02/2007 13:49

My husbands the same Nemo, I've only known him to be sick once in the 20 years I've known him... and quite frankly you could have heard him at the bottom of the road! and then.. after chucking up just the once.. he went to bed for 3 days!!

so I'm with you on this one...theres no need for extra vomiting noises just the natural wretching ones

Spidermama · 28/02/2007 13:50
Kelly1978 · 28/02/2007 13:52

I get those noises every single morning, when dp cleans his tongue. It drives me nuts, I don't know why he has to make those godawful retching noises so bloody loudly. So even if he was being sick, I would be annnoyed too!

Radley · 28/02/2007 13:54

here you go nemo I went through the same a short while ago

mawbroon · 28/02/2007 14:14

Humph, my DH does the loud sneezing thing too. Trouble is that throwing up is one of the things that sets of a huge sneezing fit so I get it all at the same time!!
If he's sick though, I go and rub his back and get him a drink of water and some dioralyte, because chances are if he's sick then I'm likely to catch it too and the boot be on the other foot in a day or two!

mistressmiggins · 28/02/2007 14:24

I am incredibly loud when Im sick - in fact its a standing joke

I sound like Im dying - doesnt scare my kids but does make them come & give me sympathy

poor DH Nemo - some of us cant help being loud when throwing up

Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 19:45

I never actually said anything to him in my I was just seething inside as I was trying to resettle all 3 children to

OP posts:
Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 19:46

Oh and Radley my dh didnt shut the door either and made a major point of groaning all the way back into bed..pmsl

OP posts:
PrincessPeaHead · 28/02/2007 19:48

Nemo! Are you married to my husband?!

He is SO LOUD when he voms, it sounds like he is actually trying to expel his guts through his mouth. Wearing a microphone. It irritates the crap out of me, as well, I feel like saying "you don't have to SHOUT when you are doing that you know"

SO sympathetic, me

LadyTophamHatt · 28/02/2007 19:50

Bloody hell Nemo....mine does that too.

It sounds like a huge fake comedy retch when he's sick and I always feel like laughing at him for being so pathetic...

Bloody men eh??

NotanOtter · 28/02/2007 19:52

mine too and the damn sneezes

pesme · 28/02/2007 19:58

glad i am not the only one. my sister thought i was really mean and unsympathec bitching about dh vomiting until she was round one day when we all had a sickness bug and she completely agreed. it is like comedy o"h listen to me being sick noises". and don't get me started on his effing coughing

Nemo2007 · 28/02/2007 20:01

pmsl pph

OP posts:
JanH · 28/02/2007 20:03

Do any of yours hum???

I'm sure it would be justifiable homicide.

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