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HEELIES.............annoying children

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bandstand · 11/02/2007 15:44

Using them in the shops today,, i was trying to buy a swimming costume, left kids with dh for the pleasure of looking at myself in a full length mirror in a swimming costume, much tears, and then being confronted families of children using heelies in the shops. grrrrrrrrr., and SOMebody run over my toe with her pram

OP posts:
lou33 · 12/02/2007 23:36

lol my bf said he wanted a pair too

jasper · 13/02/2007 00:15


nappyaddict · 13/02/2007 00:17

i don't think they should be allowed them in shops or town centres. skateboards and rollerblades are banned how are heelies any different? they should be kept for parks.

nappyaddict · 13/02/2007 00:42

i was just wondering, for those of you who have children with heelys what's wrong with ordinary skates? surely these are better cos at least the foot is flat?

OrmIrian · 13/02/2007 07:03

clemster - there is a little button on the back of the heel which clicks the wheels back in when you press it. Which is the advantage I think nappy - they can wear ordinary trainers and then turn them into skates whenever they want instead of having to anything round with them.

My DS loves his and I do have to be quite strict to stop him using them everywhere.

drifter · 13/02/2007 07:58

Not on the actual Heelys make there isn't.

drifter · 13/02/2007 08:02

I think people who were saying 'go to a park' don't understand that the heelies only really work on a VERY flat surface, and THAT'S WHY THE KIDS LIKE SHOPPING CENTRES SO MUCH! Out on the pavement it's just too bumpy.

OrmIrian · 13/02/2007 08:10

Well how do they work then? I thought the whole point was that you turn them into ordinary shoes when you needed to.

drifter · 13/02/2007 08:12

Nope, just have to walk on your toes I'm afraid!

fortyplus · 13/02/2007 09:42

I was out for a walk with a friend yesterday and her son didn't have a problem using his heelies on the pavement. Especially downhill!
I love the way that one or two of the people on this thread who let their kids use them in shops get soooo touchy about being criticised!

You are bad parents - oh yes you are

Enid · 13/02/2007 09:44

oh are they bad?

I thought they looked really good fun

dd1 would love a pair

I saw a little girl using them yesterday in Yeovil! She was holding her dad's hand and didn't seem to be causing anyone any problems.

fortyplus · 13/02/2007 09:59

If your child is happy to hold your hand then I'm sure no one should find it a problem

kimi · 13/02/2007 10:26

MAMFAF, if you are having a dig at MY spelling then carry on i have dyslexia and im used to it.
Both my children can spell very well thank you, in fact DS1 has a very high IQ despite also having Tourettes (feel free to take the piss out of that too if you like) we are used to sad little people like you!

Parents who let their children skate around shops knocking people over are stupid. Sorry if my oppion upsets those of you who fall in to that group.

gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 11:24

you've killed it now Kimi

kimi · 13/02/2007 11:25

Must be my poor spelling

gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 11:29

Nah, you're just stupid

FluffyMummy123 · 13/02/2007 11:29

Message withdrawn

kimi · 13/02/2007 11:30

How would you be spelling that GM?

gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 11:32

genius, like that?

kimi · 13/02/2007 11:36

i was going to go with stooopid1

gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 11:38

hee hee hee

kimi · 13/02/2007 11:40

I think im having an off day

gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 11:42

I need to get a life and get dressed, and ds has had a poo so I should change his bum (but he seems quite happy sat in it!). Mumsnet is evil and stops me from doing anything useful around the house.

kimi · 13/02/2007 11:43


gingermonkey · 13/02/2007 12:56

phew, it took me an hour but I am dressed and looking really quite gorgeous now (if I say so myself!) This cocktail dress and stilleto combo are just perfect for doing the housework in

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