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HEELIES.............annoying children

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bandstand · 11/02/2007 15:44

Using them in the shops today,, i was trying to buy a swimming costume, left kids with dh for the pleasure of looking at myself in a full length mirror in a swimming costume, much tears, and then being confronted families of children using heelies in the shops. grrrrrrrrr., and SOMebody run over my toe with her pram

OP posts:
sazzybee · 11/02/2007 18:02

Am I right in thinking you can remove the wheels? So surely parents should make the kids take off the wheels when the kids are in shops?

kimi · 11/02/2007 18:06

Alot of he kids i see are not with parents.
But if i let my children have them (which i wont) i would take them to the park not let them go round tesco.
I went for coffee today at starbucks in my local sainsburys and saw at least 9 children on them and one child on roller blades, he was with his mother. She seemed to think it was quite ok for him to skeat aroung a supermarket.

gingermonkey · 11/02/2007 18:10

No, you are not being unreasonable. I may be though, I want to smack the parents in the face for buying their kids the horrible things in the first place. DD wants some but I told her over my dead body. I think she would prefer a living mother than heelies (but I cannot be sure....)

kimi · 11/02/2007 18:13

Love you name GM

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 18:18

You dont have to take the wheels off for the child to be able to walk. You just have to tell your children that its not acceptable to wheel arround inside shops.

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 18:20

smacking someone in the face V wheeling arround on heelies.....?

LunarSea · 11/02/2007 18:20

Surely I'm not the only one who has seen hypermarkets in France whare they have staff on rollerblades so they can fetch things/check prices quickly?

gingermonkey · 11/02/2007 18:24

thank you kimi, my DS is one, hence the name .

Furcoat, OK, smacking someone in the face is rather harsh and I am a meek sort so I would probably just mutter quietly to myself TBH but they seem to be taking over the streets of my local town at the minute and I find them quite frightening, I have visions of children heelie-ing out in front of my car and getting squished.

sazzybee · 11/02/2007 18:29

I like it when shop assistants have rollerblades but I think it's because they can control them. Most kids I've seen on heelies seem teetering on the edge of control and are a wee bit hazardous

gingermonkey · 11/02/2007 18:39

I've never seen a shop assistant on rollerblades. I think it would scare the life out of me (can you tell I am a little afraid of shoes with wheels, I used to dread roller discos!!! )

SoupDragon · 11/02/2007 18:43

"You dont have to take the wheels off for the child to be able to walk"

but they can't walk properly can they?? whenever I've seen a child try to walk in the things they're clumping along or tiptoeing.

Booboobedoo · 11/02/2007 18:48

I think they're fantastic. I'd have loved a pair when I was a kid.

What a cool toy.

People wheel buggies over my toes/bash into my huge pregnant bump all the time. In fact I've taken to walking with my elbows out and a dead fierce expression on my face to counteract it.

Haven't notice the Heelies making things any worse.

Earlybird · 11/02/2007 18:49

I saw strap on wheels in the Science Museum gift shop this past week for around a tenner. Maybe not as 'cool' as heelies, but maybe not as dangerous either?

Still, I resisted the urge to purchase some for birthday presents, as I thought parents wouldn't thank me...

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 19:08

Yes my dd does clomp arround like the proverbial... she doesnt wear them all the time. She does have other pairs of shoes.

GM - my dd and her friends just seem to have such fun on them and dont wheel in public places, neither have I been run over by unsupervised-manic-wheeling-bratz thats probably why im a zealot on this

As I said before, im just so glad they are'nt round the back of the bike sheds smoking and giving blow-jobs (hopefully not at the same time anyway!)or making uni-bombs or other scary things. - Saying that prehaps they use the wheels to get from the bike sheds to the scary non-recycling-basement flats quicker.....hummmmm?

gingermonkey · 11/02/2007 19:09

furcoat, ah, the bike sheds, I remember those days...

sazzybee · 11/02/2007 19:14

I'd quite like a pair myself really

Booboobedoo - 'In fact I've taken to walking with my elbows out and a dead fierce expression on my face to counteract it.' I'm going to quite miss my legitimate barging into people on the tube ;)

Skribble · 11/02/2007 19:23

They have banned them from our leisure centre thank god, fed up with kids battering into me. Overheard a couple of mums saying how terrible it was to ban them as they had nowhere else to go on them.

The parents were even encouraging them to whizz about the gymhall after they had finished their gymnastic session before leaving, while the next group are trying to get ready, I was so wanting to say do you mind buggering off so we can get the next session started and I am sure wheels scraping up and down the gym hall floor weren't doing it any good either.

Booboobedoo · 11/02/2007 19:24

Being PG gives you such a good excuse to be self-righteous doesn't it sazzy? It's one of the few perks IMO.

Skribble · 11/02/2007 19:24

Yup damm sure it isn't good for their muscles to be walking on their toes.

sazzybee · 11/02/2007 19:29

Booboo - sometimes I think it's pretty much the only one.

moosh · 11/02/2007 19:37

Was in Tesco's yesterday queueing for a coffee in the cafe before I began the big shop, when a girl of about 9 tripped, spluttered and rolled past me about 100 times. Back and forth, back and forth, just when I though "I hope she falls!" She did. She had no control over what she was doing.
They are really annoying. Ds1 wants some, "NO WAY" I told him "NEVER"!

batters · 11/02/2007 21:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batters · 11/02/2007 21:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

angmarie · 12/02/2007 08:19

Sorry but I dont agree with all of things some of you are saying , I think Heelies are great as long as you make sure your children wear them in the right places like the garden , park etc. I would much rather have my daughter playing outside or even in our hallway ( it is laminate flooring ) on her heelies than be stuck playing on a playstation for hours a day . She has worn them to Sainsburys once but she wasnt allowed to scoot around the aisles she had to stay close to our trolley and she was no danger to anyone at the end of the day they are children and want to have fun as long as they are used correctly and in the right places I say every child should have a pair they are fab.

Fattytwoshoes · 12/02/2007 08:26

It's unfair to say that just because the children have heelys that the parent's are stupid. On dd has them, yes she's worn them into town. She's worn them in shops but i make her walk or i threated to take them off. i hold her hand so she don't go heelying off or get in people's way. I knocked an old lady over when i was little for skipping( not with a rope), gonna cut my feet off??

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