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HEELIES.............annoying children

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bandstand · 11/02/2007 15:44

Using them in the shops today,, i was trying to buy a swimming costume, left kids with dh for the pleasure of looking at myself in a full length mirror in a swimming costume, much tears, and then being confronted families of children using heelies in the shops. grrrrrrrrr., and SOMebody run over my toe with her pram

OP posts:
Tirnanog · 11/02/2007 16:21

I did once

tortoiseLikesItNiceAndSlow · 11/02/2007 16:24

furcoatandnoknickers They have put signs up around the town and have fines of upto £500 (iirc)if anyone is caught wearing them.This includes scooters and other skates too.

hercules1 · 11/02/2007 16:25

I really dont like them. Ds wants a pair and he's been told no. How can they encourage exercise? All I see is children using them not actually walking Too risky imo considering their feet are still growing etc [sound like my mother know]

Bugsy2 · 11/02/2007 16:27

Can I have a special badge for being a stupid parent with stupid children?

kimi · 11/02/2007 16:30

DS2 did go all big eyed and say plllleeeeaaaasssseeeee mommy, but was told NO.

Bugsy2 do you let your children run wild on them in the shops?

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 16:30

no didnt do that because my mother would have been vee cross.

But I did however have a complete melt down in M and S arround clacker/space hopper age........... because Mum wouldnt buy me some red shoes (red patent wedgies) I screamed kicked and cried "all I waaanttt is soooome shoesssss"
Poor Mum. Much rather a child ran over my foot in some heelies that made that noise!

lou33 · 11/02/2007 16:31

i was tlaking to my bf about this the other day, saying i expected to start seeing signs on shop doors saying they arent allowed in because of health and safety issues

two days later i was in a local garden centre , and lo and behold there was the sign!

Tirnanog · 11/02/2007 16:31

I was a very indulged child

kimi · 11/02/2007 16:32

I always think they are going to go through a shop window or something like that, then the parents would want to sue someone no doubt.

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 16:36

Tort - Who collects the fines? Can you be let off with a warning if you dont live in the town and didnt know their.............

Am so amazed

ps Im the badge monitor today Bugsy 2.


furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 16:39

Id much rather my children wore really tarty gear, high heels and right dangly earings, than god forbid, wheels on their shoes..........

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 16:40

I forgot to say ...smoked as well......

tortoiseLikesItNiceAndSlow · 11/02/2007 16:40

Good question....
I have no idea of the answers though. When i'm next in town i shall read the signs and let you know. Lol!

Bugsy2 · 11/02/2007 16:42

Well seeing as you asked Kimi, I don't let my children run wild anywhere. Buy hey, I'm sure thats irrelevant because I'm still a stupid parent with stupid children!!!

tortoiseLikesItNiceAndSlow · 11/02/2007 16:43

Report about Yeovil here

kimi · 11/02/2007 16:44

Well if they are not running wild you can not have a badge, if you would like a badge then please send them to wollies at once to try and kill old ladies.

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 16:54

Tort lol at "heelies horror stories"!!!!

Although I prob will be laughing on the other side of my face, when I have a heelie horror story of my own!!!

My dd2 is worried theyh are coming to get her at home "what we cant wear them at home??"

Muminfife · 11/02/2007 17:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

batters · 11/02/2007 17:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

furcoatandnoknickers · 11/02/2007 17:30

batters well said

kimi · 11/02/2007 17:32

Just adding my point of view, as we are all entitled to do.
And speaking from experance.
Not out to win friends and influence people really, just adding my thoughts on the matter.

SoupDragon · 11/02/2007 17:52

"anything that means kids will want to play outside and will want to move around a lot? "

But shops etc are not places to play around are they? And how much exercise do they get skidding along on one heel not actually moving their body? I'd be willing to bet it b*ggers up the tendons in their ankels having to walk inthem too.

SoupDragon · 11/02/2007 17:53

I have an irrational desire to chuch a handful of gravel in front of inconsiderate heely children in shopping centres.

kimi · 11/02/2007 17:53

Well said SD

SoupDragon · 11/02/2007 17:53

When I had rollerboots, the 80's Heely equivalent, I used to skate round the block, not round TK Maxx.

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