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Hollyoaks. The acting is painfully bad.

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JeremyCorbynsStylist · 17/09/2015 09:51

I know I'm probably the only person on mumsnet who watches Hollyoaks ( I watch whilst waiting for C4 news ) but honestly, with all the talent that must be out there why are the actors so bad?
The guy that plays Harry is the most wooden actor I've ever seen in my life, it's like watching Acorn Antiques.
I know I don't have to watch it but it's just annoying because good story lines are wasted on bad actors.

OP posts:

Lj8893 · 17/09/2015 09:52

I agree. I like watching it, but the acting and even the storylines are bloody ridiculous. But I still must watch it at 6.30 every evening for my fix!


BumWad · 17/09/2015 09:54

I love Hollyoaks. The new Mcqueens are woefully shit at acting, particularly Celine goodness I can't stand her. But it is still so addictive.


MissEeerie · 17/09/2015 09:54

YANBU. I actually cringe for them.


RagamuffinAndFidget · 17/09/2015 10:47

Awful acting, yes. YANBU on that at all. YABU to assume you're the only one who watches it, and also to pretend you only watch it because you're 'waiting for the news' Wink


RagamuffinAndFidget · 17/09/2015 10:48

I love Hollyoaks, btw. I have it on series link on Sky so I can watch it whenever I please. Neighbours too..


IHaveBrilloHair · 17/09/2015 10:50

Terrible acting but I love it and Neighbours and Home and Away


LaurieMarlow · 17/09/2015 10:54

Yes, but that's part of the charm, no?


ChristineDePisan · 17/09/2015 10:57

Are they still pretty to look at though? I thought that was how Hollyoaks actors were cast


JeremyCorbynsStylist · 17/09/2015 10:57

Haha Ragamuffin - & I only read the daily mail because my MIL forces me to. Wink

I like Hollyoaks, but the acting is probably the worst I've ever seen. I'd go as far to say I've seen better acting on CBeebies.

OP posts:

JeremyCorbynsStylist · 17/09/2015 11:00

Yes they're all good looking, but there must be good looking actors who can actually act?
And yes, maybe the bad acting is part of its charm. ?

OP posts:

TheWitTank · 17/09/2015 11:57

Oh god yes, it's bloody terrible. I love it. Though not so much since that Scottish guy isn't on (Cameron). Wibble.


squoosh · 17/09/2015 12:00

I haven't watched it since Jambo was in it but I did see a clip recently and there is a woman in it who has enormous amounts of botox in her forehead. It looks so bizarre.


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 17/09/2015 12:04

Hollyoaks. The acting is so painfully bad. You haven't only just found that out have you .


RedToothBrush · 17/09/2015 12:10

Sorry, YABU.

The bad acting adds to the cheese effect.

It won't be credible with good acting when there is a kidnapping every week, parents routinely can't tell if a child isn't their or simply gets a new head, long lost cousins crawl out of the woodwork so frequently you could mistake them for cockroaches, the murder rate (and death rate of under 30s in general) would cause there to be a public inquiry into policing in the area.

If the acting was good, we would be forced to believe that Tom was indeed the Angel of Death.

Speaking of which, how the heck has Perry survived so long?


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 17/09/2015 12:14

I like your username BTW.


Cerseithequeen · 17/09/2015 12:18

I know what you mean Squoosh. Jambo, Dawn, Kurt....ah yes!
I only watch to check out the Roscoe brothers. Shallow? Yep!Wink

As for Cameron.........Blush


twernip · 17/09/2015 12:36

I love Hollyoaks, iffy acting and all. It's my one guilty pleasure and I can't wait to find out who the Gloved Hand Killer is.... :)


WhoTheFIsJeff · 17/09/2015 13:41

The acting has always been terrible.


Prole · 17/09/2015 15:27

I know someone who was in it in the past. They were cast through a modelling agency no acting necessary. Watched them in it for a giggle - they were terrible. They then asked me what I thought. Errm... 'well, you can only do so much with a terrible script' was as kind as I could bear.


KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes · 17/09/2015 16:30

I love Hollyoaks.

The terrible acting is kind of a gift to us. It makes us immune to it so we can enjoy things more.

My friend was bitching about the shitty acting in Fear The Walking Dead the other night. I hadn't even noticed it... Wink


TheSpottedZebra · 17/09/2015 16:41

I love Hollyoaks too. I dint get to watch it all the time (damp you, children!), but when I can watch it in peace, I am very very happy. It matters not that I don't know what's going on, as none of it makes any sense at all.

I presume that botox woman is grace.
Why is Ste suddenly desired by everyone?
Why does that oldest Roscoe look like a sad bunny?
What does Nancy do to piss off the show's hairdressers?


Cerseithequeen · 17/09/2015 16:45

I knew someone who was in it for a while as a key character. Her over-acting made for most of her personality off-screen and a right Diva!


KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes · 17/09/2015 16:49

I assumed the botoxed woman was Mercedes or Lindsay...


Cerseithequeen · 17/09/2015 16:50

...or Grace?? Man...that forehead...!!


vikingpooboat · 17/09/2015 16:51

My first YABU Grin I love hollyoaks. Can't stand the new loveday family tho Hmm

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