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To not like Star Wars

37 replies

Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 19:55

I watched the original when it was released in 1977 when I was 7, then tried again when it was re released in cinemas when I was in my 20s, and have tried no end of times watching the DVD with my teenage daughters and husband who love it. I love Guardians of the Galaxy and really love films in general...... What am I missing, and am I the only one?

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PersonalClown · 30/08/2015 20:02

I love sci-fi and geeky stuff. I'm in heaven with all the Marvel/DC films coming out but I really feel that I need to hand in my Geek Card because I just don't care for Star Wars.
I've already told DP that he's going to see the new one alone. I'm waiting for Phase 3 of Marvel.


Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 20:06

Yay! We're not alone! It feels like committing heresy admitting I don't like it.... Agree about Marvel films though.

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Hassled · 30/08/2015 20:10

I just don't really get it. Never have. It's an averagely exciting series of films - that's the extent of it.


OwlinaTree · 30/08/2015 20:10

Like the original 3 because Harrison Ford is in them and they are pretty easy to follow.

Dislike new 3, too much technical stuff.

Looking forward to the new one and some Harrison Ford, although he is getting on a bit now!


elQuintoConyo · 30/08/2015 20:12

Saw the 1977 one (don't know if it is called Star wars 1, Episode 4... the Original.. etc don't care ) twice: once aged around 8 (1982-ish), and again aged around 11, must've been Christmas or something. I loved it, have fond memories of watching it. But sat down to watch it again the other week... zzzzzzz.

I have zero interest in the other 'episodes' and my brain switches off HmmGrin


borisgudanov · 30/08/2015 20:14

Hmm. Strong in this one the Force is not, I fear.


Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 20:21

Haha! I get that star wars joke!!!

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Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 20:23

I totally understand watching it for H F, though!

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TrionicLettuce · 30/08/2015 20:24

I love the original Star Wars films have a tattoo to prove it and GotG but getting pretty bored with the rest of the MCU offerings. I can't wait for the new film, I might have got a bit weepy watching the trailer Blush

My only suggestion, if you try watching the original films again, would be to make sure you're watching the un-remastered theatrical versions. The remastered versions are dire, they really are. It's amazing how much impact on the story and the films as a whole the changes have.

DH and I are completely torn as to whether we'll go see them if they do a re-release in the run up to the new one. They really are awful BUT it's likely to be the only chance we'll get to ever see anything resembling the originals at the cinema. Dilemma!!


OwlinaTree · 30/08/2015 20:27

Do you really think there is that much difference in the remastered ones? there's the Jabba the Hutt stuff but i wouldn't say it makes that much difference to the story really.


Nataleejah · 30/08/2015 20:30

Bloody boring. Before my dc got interested, i never had patience to sit through them without falling asleep.
Maybe i don't understand the genre but... There so many other sci-fi films which are way more exciting.


Savagebeauty · 30/08/2015 20:31

Me neither
Anything sci fi or fantasy leaves me cold


Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 20:31

Thanks Trionic.. I'll see which version we have.... My husband has also told me about the remastered versions not being very good. I think the girls and my husband are going to try to get opening night tickets.... They're so excited that I must persevere! I agree, its definitely better to try and see films you like in the cinema..... I hope you get to see the original sometime there.

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Hassled · 30/08/2015 20:31

I am grateful to Star Wars though - without it we'd never have had Star Wards Lego. I yearn for a Lego Death Star.


Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 20:34

I, too fell asleep in 2 cinema showings..... The first time I was holding a tub of chocolate ice cream and it melted all over my sky blue flares!!!

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fredfredgeorgejnrjnr · 30/08/2015 20:48

Jaws was never my scene either.


maxxytoe · 30/08/2015 20:54

Crock of shite


elQuintoConyo · 30/08/2015 21:02

Sky blue flares - that's too funny GrinGrin

Jaws rocks! The blood, the fear, the music, the USS Indianapolis story, the Robert Shaw/Richard Dreyfus scar-off was awesome! They truly hated each other in real life.

Durr-dum durr-dum


<br />
That's ^^ supposed to be a shark fin <img loading="lazy" class="inline-flex mumsnet-emoji" alt="Grin" src="">

Isthatwhatdemonsdo · 30/08/2015 22:07

Han Solo is the only reason that I love Star Wars.


PunkrockerGirl · 30/08/2015 22:10

YANBU. Tis an over-hyped pile of shit.


Snowfilledsky · 30/08/2015 22:11

I have never seen any of the films all the way through. Sci Fi is not up my street, and it all seems very overrated.


Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 22:44

Yes elQuint, I've just read Jaws on holiday...... It's different from the film, but just as brilliant. Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus were fantastic, and I've always had a crush on Roy Scheider! In a different league to Star Wars altogether.

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Charlotte27981 · 30/08/2015 22:46

Love the shark fin.....!!!!!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 30/08/2015 22:53

I have never seen any of the Star Wars films.

I like Star Trek though.

A bit.

But only the William Shatner early days ones


AsTimeGoesBy · 30/08/2015 22:56

Saw Star Wars at the cinema aged about 10. Bored the pants off me. Tried The Return of the Jedi about 20 years later - ditto. Also ditto the one with Jar Jar Binks. Gave up after that.

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